Jody Glidden Net Worth; Early Life, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Daughter & Assets

Jody Glidden Net Worth; Early Life, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Daughter & Assets

Jody Glidden is a business leader and tech entrepreneur in America. He is investing a lot of his wealth in healthcare startups and technology. Moreover, Jody also holds a membership in various companies such as the National Basketball Association and Chicago Bulls. jody glidden net worth estimation is roundly about $10 Million.

Furthermore, with his hard work, Jody is a founder of 3 companies like, icGlobal, and Chalk Media. From his profession and hard work, Jody earns a lot of money and popularity among people.

Who is Jody Glidden?

Jody is a business leader and an entrepreneur. He is also a co-founder of an AI-powered SaaS platform, Introhive. This AI project of Jody helps a lot of organizations to enhance their relationship by understanding their sales graphs and arranging the widespread data of companies. Furthermore, Jody’s entrepreneurial Journey is noticeable because of his remarkable and innovative achievements.

Full NameJody Glidden
ProfessionTech Entrepreneur
Net Worth$10 Million
Age49 year old
Date of Birth9 September 1973
Place of BirthCanada
GirlfriendLisa Hochstein

Who is Jody Glidden?

Jody Glidden Net Worth

The net worth of Jody Glidden is approximately $10 Million. The success of his entrepreneurial business has meaningfully contributed to his net worth. He earns millions by working hard and building his empire. As Jody is the owner and founder of 3 companies which are, icGlobal, and Chalk Media.

Moreover, the software company of Jody is also earning profits above 25%. Almost 10 thousand workers work in this company and help them to earn 7 figures annually. Additionally, Jody is a popular Entrepreneur who earns his name with his hard work and struggles. In his career, Jody builds a Tech Entrepreneur empire worth million dollars.

Early Life and Education:

Jody Gillden was born in Canada on 9 September 1973. for higher education, Jody goes to the University of New Brunswick. At the start, he chose a computer science subject. Moreover, his passion for technology and entrepreneurship takes him on the path that gives him a successful journey. Furthermore, he again started his studies and successfully got a Master’s Degree in IT Management from Harvard University.

The Career of Jody Glidden:

in the software department of technology. Jody starts his career as a teacher. During teaching, he thought that by using his programming skills, he could make software. For the duration of his teaching career, he builds software that successfully guides students in their set of courses and studies. After that, Jody enhances his passion, business, and technology skills by joining the SaaS tech Sector.

The Career of Jody Glidden

Furthermore, in March 1996, Jody grew into the engineering and product leader at in September 1998, was far ahead of the CBT system. In this organization, Jody works as an engineering leader and product for almost 11 months. After leaving CBT Systems, Jody joins icGlobal and becomes the CEO of icGlobal Company.

Personal Life and Girlfriend of Jody Glidden:

According to the news, Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden are dating each other. Both of them are seen on 12 December, on Monday in New York City. Furthermore, people again see the couple having dinner in New York City. But in an interview, Lisa told her fans that she is still single. Well, this might be a rumor that she is dating Jody Glidden.

Personal Life and Girlfriend of Jody Glidden

Daughter of Jody Glidden:

Moreover, Jody has one daughter. Jody’s daughter was born in 2009. He keeps the information about his daughter private and doesn’t let anyone know about her.

Daughter of Jody Glidden

Net Worth Growth of Jody Glidden:

Here is the annual Growth rate of jody glidden net worth:

2020$4 Million
2021$5.5 Million
2022$8 Million
2023$10 Million

Tax History of Jody Glidden:

YearProperty Taxes

How Jody Glidden Made His Money?

With his struggle and skills, Jody Glidden has successfully become an entrepreneurship and tech career by joining a software organization. Moreover, Jody is the CEO and owner of a software company named Introhive. The work of Introhive company is to manage and give support to manage their huge amount of data.

Moreover, in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards, his Software company is on the list of the 10 fastest-growing tech companies according to his LinkedIn Profile. The annual income of Introhive is about 10 Million Dollars. Now, Jody’s company is higher, approximately making $135 Million. Within 2 to 3 years, Jody made almost $100 Million ARR.

Rise of Introhive:

At the beginning of Introhive, Jody earned almost $135 Million and accomplished $10 Million in income. Jody works as a software engineer and solves some data problems. He also runs his company successfully. Introhive company earns the name in the Mail and Globe’s Top 5 Atlantic Canadian Companies.

2019#9 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 List
2020certified a Great Place to Work, MarTech Breakthrough Award for CRM Software Innovation, and Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500
2021named Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces for Youth by Great Place to Work Canada, and Best Workplaces for Startup.

Assets of Jody Glidden:

All of the assets are included in Jody Glidden Net Worth. Jody has a beautiful house in Miami Dade near Miami Beach. His house is spread over 10,500 square feet. Jody’s home size is about 2,798 square feet long that holds 4 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms.

Assets of Jody Glidden

Details of Jody’s Home:

OwnerJody Glidden
Purchase Price$4,220,000
Assessed Value$3,852,610
Property Taxes$77,802

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does Jody Glidden do?

Jody Glidden is a Chief Executive Officer of Introhive Software company. Moreover, he also works as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Chalk Media. Introhive is used for media delivery for both software for desktop and mobile.

Q. Who is the founder of Introhive?

Jody Glidden is the founder of Introhive. He founded this company in 2011. The goal of Introhive is to help other companies to achieve CRM data.

Q. How many employees does Introhive have?

Introhive has 10 thousand employees along with seven global officer locations. It almost supports 250,000 customers from 90 countries all over the world.

Q. How many customers does Introhive have?

Introhive supports above 250,000+ customers. These customers are from all over the world from 90+ different countries.

Final Words:

Jody is a teacher in the computer college and after he realizes how to use his programming skills and build his empire. After that, Jody Glidden becomes the CEO of the Software company. In funding the Introhive company earned above than $135 Million. He is investing a lot of his wealth in healthcare startups and technology which led to Jody Glidden Net Worth of about $10 Million.

Moreover, Jody is also caught various times dating Lisa Hochstein, The Real Housewives of Miami Star. Additionally, the income of Introhive is reported to be over 25% and achieving a 7 figure annually with the help of 10 thousand workers. Furthermore, Jody works as CTO and COO at Chalk Media.

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