Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Controversy: A Downfall Reason

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston Controversy: A Downfall Reason

Limestone Commercial had been a leading real estate tycoon operating in Houston, Texas, United States of America. With a wide portfolio of distinctive properties for buying and selling, Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston had its unique leading approach. However, a recent controversy entangled this real estate agency into a pool of problems that led this company to merge with another real estate agency and lose its separate identity.

Let us find out the details of how things pan out for this real estate firm and who was responsible for a major setback to the company.

A TikTok Video from where it all started:

In a TikTok video, where a girl named Jackie was filming herself while sitting in the stands of a stadium, (not sure which sport) two girls sitting right behind her seat started making derogatory indications to her. One of the girls named Liza Dalondra even showed her middle finger to her while filming. Jackie did not stop filming the video and recorded each movement the girls behind her made. Even people sitting on nearby chairs noticed and disliked this harassing act from the girls.

Those girls were laughing mockingly and bullying Jackie’s looks and TikTok video recording. Later on, Jackie posted the video on her social media accounts where people really disliked the bullying behaviour of the girls.

Cardi B Tweeting on this Video:

Soon, the video caught the attention of a popular American singer, Cardi B, who showed her utter disappointment in the behaviour of those girls. She even tweeted “I would of put that ring to use” while mentioning the video of this bullying act from Liza and her friend. As Cardi tagged this video, it spread like wildfire.

Netizens Response to the Bullying Girls:

People came in support of Jackie and discouraged the act of harassment and bullying with her. Meanwhile, the video received millions of views across the globe and most of them commented and responded harshly to the bullying girls. The video to date has garnered over 97 Million views on Twitter alone and around 60,000 people have commented on this video.

Apology Video from Liza and her friend:

After noticing a backlash from around the globe, Liza and her friend were brutally targeted by the netizens on different social media platforms. So, they decided to record a video in which they were discussing their doings and justifying their wrong behaviour and also apologized to Jackie.

But when they posted their video on TikTok, netizens again schooled them for their behavior while apologizing. People commented that their video was 10% apology and 90% justifying their actions as not wrong and people misunderstood their actions that were clearly visible to everyone. In this video, Liza and her friend mentioned that they were students and did different jobs to meet their expenses.

Jackie posted a video to thank Netizens for standing with her:

Later on, Jackie again posted a video on her social media account in which she confirmed that Liza and her friend had personally apologized for their misbehaviour in the stadiums and they were really ashamed of their actions. She further thanked netizens and people who stood by her side and condemned the behavior of girls.

How did Limestone Commercial come into the scene?

However, netizens won’t go over this matter so easily, someone pointed out the workplace place of Liza as Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston. Soon the internet brigade started posting 1-star ratings to this real estate business on all its social media platforms. This really damaged the integrity and status of Limestone Real Estate eventually leading to their downfall.

When it was confirmed that Liza and her friend worked at Limestone Commerical agency, people started a special campaign in which everyone was asked to target this real estate company to make this incident an example for anyone who does not consider bullying a serious crime and immoral activity.

Limestone Commercial Partnering with J. Beardy Real Estate:

This was the reason, Limestone Commercial also faced backlash from netizens and literally their every social media and internet presence was damaged. Therefore, the CEO of the agency Brandi McDonald, decided to remove their company identity and ready to use J. Beard Real Estate Agency as their new agency.

This J. Beardy is owned by SVN Corporation which is among the top Real Estate and Builders Agency in the World. They announced their partnership with Limestone in 2021 but Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston was still using its separate office and company name until this incident happened.

A Brief History of Limestone Commercial Real Estate Agency:

Limestone Commercial was founded by Brandi McDonald keeping in mind the robust economy and future of real estate in Houston, Texas, United States of America. This firm also used to deal in brokerage of houses, and plots and offering reliable services to all of its customers.

With its excellent services and extensive market knowledge, Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston quickly crafted its own identity and name in Real Estate Business. But in 2021, the company announced its merger with J. Beard Real Estate Company owned by SVN Group.

The mission of Limestone Commercial Real Estate Business:

This real estate brokerage firm laid a solid foundation for its business because of its particular goal and mission statement. The company states its mission as “We are experts in commercial real estate brokerage thriving through incomparable teamwork and innovative thinking. We delight our clients by leveraging our creative market insight and decades of relevant experience to generate customized solutions. Our personal service and proven process are what place Limestone head and shoulders above all alternative companies. Limestone’s Commercial real estate tenant representation is firmly established within their field and has provided services for some of the top business leaders, real estate professionals, and executives in Houston, and we continue to expand our reach. Our team remains on the cutting edge of all the latest commercial real estate strategies and is entirely capable of handling any project, no matter the size or complexity. “

What made Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston so successful?

There were different factors that were responsible for the quick growth of LimestoneCommercial Real Estate Houston. Here are the basic business ethics that the company followed which contributed to its success.

  • Positive Reputation and Trustworthiness of clients.
  • Excellent Negotiation skills that can help in maximizing the profits for the company.
  • Expertise and Specialization in Real Estate and properties.
  • Effective Marketing and Branding to attract new customers.
  • Networking and Relationships with other real estate tycoons and developers.
  • Exceptional Customer Service which ensures the trust of the brand.
  • Market Knowledge allows businesses to make the right decisions regarding selling and buying properties.

Concluding Thoughts:

Limestone Commercial Real Estate Houston came under the radar just because of the bullying attitude of one of its workers and lost its sole identity as a real estate business. Currently, this real estate agency is working with J. Beard SVN Corporation which is one of the largest real estate Firm in the world.


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