Muln Stocktwits Investments, Asset Check, Predictions & Success

Muln Stocktwits Investments, Asset Check, Predictions & Success

In the arena of finance, knowledge holds authority. Investors and traders require fast and reliable data to make sound choices and negotiate the stock market’s complexities. A certain platform that has achieved major support among investors and traders is StockTwits.

StockTwits is an indispensable tool for managing Mullen Automative stock on the US stock exchange. This powerful website provides a lot of information on MULN (Mullen Automotive Inc.), helping shareholders to keep up with the most recent developments, patterns, and analyses. Let’s then dive into the world of MULN StockTwits looking into their current state, reviewing factors leading to its stock decline, and discovering whether a rebound is on the horizon.

Introduction to MULN

Mullen Automotive, Inc. is an electric automobile business that works within the automotive sector. They are famous for their innovative passenger electric vehicles (EVs) as well as a broad portfolio of industrial vehicles. Their goods lineup involves the Mullen FIVE and Mullen FIVE RS, Bollinger B1 and B2, Bollinger B4 Chassis Cab, Mullen Class 1 Van, Mullen Class 3, and Mullen I-GO. By moving public on Nasdaq, Mullen seeks to raise recognition about their business and create more possibilities in the field of electric vehicles. David Michery, chairman and the CEO of Mullen, showed faith that this decision would help ensure a future that is environmentally friendly and the development of electric transportation.

What are StockTwits?

StockTwits is a social networking platform established in 2008 that enables investors and traders to share information, learn from others as well, and gain various viewpoints on stocks. It currently has an extensive population of more than 6 million active members as of June 2023. StockTwits lately widened its services to embrace cryptocurrency trading, resulting in an in-depth forum for traders looking for market analysis and suggestions for investments. By doing its affiliate, ST Invest LLC, StockTwits recently entered the global arena of stock trading as a broker-dealer company under the SEC.

MULN StockTwits Current Progresses

Mullen Technologies Inc. (MULN) is experiencing a substantial drop in stock price, lower by 90% from its peaks. Questions were voiced about Mullen’s economic condition after a negative update from Hindenburg Studies. However, an initial report showed beneficial changes, involving a $99 million cash position, decreased loans, and new financial obligations. Mullen additionally obtained an order for electric vehicles from DelPack Logistics, which is an Amazon shipment partner. MULN Stocktwits debates suggest trading about BlackRock possibly raising its position in Mullen. Regardless of the share’s poor performance, late financial changes and collaborations offer a possibility for Mullen’s future.

Overview of MULN StockTwits


Current Price$0.1782
Prev Close$0.1994
Dividend Yield0.00%
50-Day Moving Average$1.26
Avg. Volume36.68M
PE Ratio-0.01
52-Week High$38.00
52-Week Low$0.155
Market Capitalization$43.4M
Price to Book0.13
Revenue Per EmployeeN/A
Enterprise Value/EBITDA-1.60


5 Day-25.94%
1 Month-79.01%
3 Month-93.76%
1 Year-99.54%

Is MULN StockTwits a Good Investment?

MULN StockTwits is considered a poor investment because of multiple factors. The company doesn’t have reliable technology, depending on potential earnings and unproven technologies. Mullen’s excessive cash burn boosts the risk of future bankruptcy. Their history involves difficulties with initial strategies and dependency on foreign models. The long-term economic viability of electric automobiles in the US is under consideration as automobiles powered by combustion engines are projected to keep a significant share of the market. The expense of recalls along with additional bills poses major obstacles for electric vehicle businesses.

Why MULN StockTwits Headed for Disaster?

  • Lost Confidence in MULN Stocks

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN) is facing difficulties and has lost the trust of large investors. The company permits its biggest investors to resell 2.11 billion shares of MULN assets they had collected, covering the company a small amount of $90 million. The shareholders will get Series D preferred equity and warrants, which can be converted into shares for only as much as ten cents each. This structure shows that these investors are not confident about the future of MULN shares.

  • MULN faces Financial Limitations

Mullen’s CEO, David Michery, sold more than fifteen million holdings of MULN stock, ruining investor trust even more. The corporation is also having financial difficulties, only having $68 million in cash and financing $20 million for a 15% interest rate. This lack of liquidity is significant for an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer aiming to speed up production, particularly when opposed to the considerable reserve funds held by other EV businesses including Rivian.

  • Concerns over Chinese Tech Reliance

Mullen’s most recent attempt focuses on upgrading its energy management systems with the assistance of partners. However, there are worries regarding the company’s substantial reliance on Chinese design and innovation, as other electric vehicle makers have encountered issues with Chinese contract suppliers failing to satisfy quality standards. These aspects add to Mullen’s technological strengths and the long-term achievement of its newest business.

Will MULN StockTwits Recover?

Mullen Automotive shares (MULN StockTwits) are currently trading near zero, and its behavior shows that a swift recovery is doubtful. However, it can be hard to make reliable forecasts about the financial sector because of the market’s unpredictability. While it is expected that MULN stock will be worth $1 through the end of 2026, it could happen for the share price to increase more quickly if additional investors are interested in the company.

MULN StockTwits Asset Balance

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN) has reassured investors by stating that it has enough capital to run its business for the next 12 months. The business’s low debt weight and unrestricted assets, separate from a $7.3 million remaining debt, provide this assurance. With $135 million in money on hand, the amount of debt is thought of as negligible.

Mullen Automotive, an electric car maker, had its stock price climb by more than 15% throughout Wednesday’s trade. To improve its financial condition, the corporation has put a halt to investor funding for the remainder of the year. While the stock has fallen by over 95% since the beginning of 2023, the pace of drop is now slowing down, and at a share price beneath $0.50, additional declines may be restricted. Regardless of this, Mullen Automotive thinks it has succeeded or is on record to meet its previously established objectives.

On June 20, 2023, the stock price it traded at $0.16 per share. As of the 31st of March 2023, Mullen carried $86.7 million in cash to use for processes, compared to a cash value of $0.68 for each share. The company’s net worth per share was listed as $2.08 on that exact date. Mullen Automotive announced two successful purchases, involving a controlling stake in Bollinger Motors and some assets connected to Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS), which brought $253 million in quality and unrestricted assets to its financial sheet.

Long-term Stock Price Predictions

Based on the usual yearly progress of the Mullen Automotive, Inc. shares in the previous ten years, the Mullen Automotive, Inc. shares predict for the start of the next period is $ 0.468614. Using an identical basis, below represents the Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock forecast for every year up until 2030.a


Strategies for StockTwits Success

  • Identifying possible market movers like events and news, is important for staying ahead. StockTwits can be an indicator of current events.
  • Using StockTwits to its fullest ability can be an effective approach to investing, but it ought to be supported with careful research and analysis.
  • Using content created by users, research, and assessment can offer suggestions for investing, however, be careful of pump-and-dump frauds and continually conduct your study.
  • Examining the crowd emotions on StockTwits enables you to figure out market movements and sentiments among investors. Pay focus to the latest hashtags for knowledge about what draws investors.
  • Keep in mind to stay adaptable and adjust your approach as needed. Conduct extensive studies on the business’s fundamentals and company prospects in advance of investment decisions. Investing calls for an accurate approach to reviewing both risks and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the stock prediction for MULN in 2025?

The highest possible Mullen Automotive price seeks for 2025 is $1.42, considering the business keeps its current rate of expansion. Still, under a bearish market situation, the stock price could fall to a low of approximately $0.73. These price targets represent the potential variation in Mullen Automotive’s stock price depending on various market circumstances and growth forecasts.

Q: What is the Mullen Automotive forecast?

The average target price projected by the experts for Mullen Automotive Inc. is $575.00, with an excessive forecast of $575.00 and a low prediction of $575.00. The typical estimate indicates a large gain of roughly +250,882.10% above the previously reported value of $0.23. It is essential to keep in mind that these predictions represent the analysts’ views and are subject to modification based on a variety of circumstances.

Q: Is Mullen Group a good buy?

Mullen Group Ltd. has a Low Buy acceptance rating of about 6 Wall Street experts, suggesting an optimistic future for the business. Investors ought to do their study before they make decisions.

Q: Is MULN in debt?

Mullen Automotive has an overall loan of $0.10 billion on its finances as of December 2022, based on the most recent financial reports.


StockTwits is a popular site for investors to receive news and analysis regarding Mullen Automotive (MULN) shares. The long-term future of electric automobiles in the United States is unknown. Mullen Automotive, an electric car producer, is presently navigating a difficult phase pointed out by a large decrease in its stock price and mounting investor worry. With its stock dropping more than 90% from its peaks and current negative reports affecting investor trust, Mullen’s potential futures have come under review.

While the business has made attempts to resolve its financial difficulties and secure alliances, concerns remain about its technology, financial constraints, and dependency on Chinese technology. However, extra caution is suggested while depending only on social networking sites for investment choices. Thorough analysis, study, and an eclectic investment strategy are important when using such platforms including StockTwits. Investors should think about making investments in MULN or any other company with reasonable expectations while considering the risks in question.

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