NORSTRAT A Northern Strategy : All you Need to know in 2023

NORSTRAT A Northern Strategy : All you Need to know in 2023

NORSTRAT is a consulting firm that provides services in different fields like private companies and government organizations. They help new businesses and ventures to grow in their field according to Northern Strategy. This company has received many awards and distinctions from the government. It is also growing rapidly and their worth is increasing day by day.

Are you searching for this company? What does this company offer? What are the purposes of this company? In this article, we will find all the core information like features, purpose, services, and strategies of this company. So, do not forget to read this blog completely to have a clear understanding of this company.


NORSTAT is a service-providing company in Canada. It provides services regarding different business strategies and plans to private sector companies, government departments, and even the Military. It helps people to plan and implement their strategies in a perfect way to grow their business.

They also provide legal assistance and shape the idea and strategy before implementing any change in the business. Currently, they are working with different government organizations and private companies on different infrastructure projects. They guide those companies and organizations about the technical terms and plans to build the infrastructure.

They are providing these services to implement the Northern Strategy of Canada. This company has a belief that the Northern strategy is basically a vital, challenging, and amazing step that will be very helpful for the growth of Canada in the 21st century.


Purpose of NORSTRAT:

The purpose of NORSTRAT is to help and assist all the people and entrepreneurs of Canada to take their businesses and growth to the next level. Their mission is to help all the businesses that are connected with Northern Infrastructure to develop a sustainable and modern Canada.

This company actually wants all the businesses and organizations to work in a certain pattern that helps to grow Canada’s Northern strategy. They drive this purpose by helping those organizations and companies with their experience and expertise in their field.

They develop different proper programs and plans for those companies to execute. The staff and team of this company are very experienced and dedicated. These qualities enhance the trust of the clients in this company and automatically grow their business.

This company literally wants to take Canada’s Infrastructure, Government organizations, Military, and other businesses to new heights to compete with the modern world.


The Canadian government first gave the idea of the Northern Strategy in 2007. There was an immediate need for expert people who have experience in different fields and professions to implement this Northern Strategy.

Lee Carson felt this gap and founded the company NORSTRAT in 2010. He gathered people who had great experience and expertise in different professions like Aerospace, infrastructure, cultural development, government organization, and many other major fields.

They started to give a consultation with the new businesses and infrastructure companies to implement the Northern Strategy in an efficient way. Since 2010 the company has seen huge growth in terms of business, sustainability, and the positive effect of Northern Strategy.

What is the Northern Strategy?

In 2007, Canada was growing rapidly on the Northern coast. Private companies, Government organizations, and the Military were building infrastructures and buildings in the North of Canada.

So, there was a need for a proper plan to control and develop the Northern part of Canada in a systematic and controlled way. That is where the Northern Strategy was launched by the Canadian government. The Government proposed different limits and plans for the people to grow their businesses and infrastructure.


The Canadian government wanted people to use natural resources in a proper way to derive wealth. So, there should be no chances of corruption or misuse of the resources or loopholes of the strategies of the government. So, these were the risks and responsibilities that were increasing and the government needed to come up with different plans or strategies to manage these risks and responsibilities.

Experiences and Expertise:

The company has achieved great experience over time. It has gained experience in different categories. We will discuss the below;

Northern System Development Experience:

This has a unique and extensive experience in Northern System Development while working on different projects like the IDIAS Sea Ice Mapping system, AIS-Space Arctic Marine Surveillance and Tracking, BAPS Iceberg Tracking System, and Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance projects.

Project definition Experience:

It has gained expertise while working with Joint Support Ship (JSS), Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship, AIS-Constellation, Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, Halifax Class Modernization, and The Arctic Sub-surface Surveillance System.

Subject Matter Experience:

The company has subject matter experience while working on Conference papers and Presentations, Member of the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition, and has Extensive Northern Travel and Contacts.

Business Development Experience:

The company has gained great experience in Business Development because it has been awarded with over $200 Million worth of contracts by the government. Moreover, their bidding proposal management and campaign strategies have worked with the passage of time for many companies.

Major Capital Project Experience:

The company has experience of working with Major Capital Projects like the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, Radarsat Constellation Mission, and Radarsat II.

Services that NORSTRAT offers:

This consulting company provides services to different government organizations, corporate companies, and infrastructure-related firms and contractors.

Private and Corporate Companies:

  • The company offers consultation and strategic advice to new ventures and businesses according to the Northern Strategy of Canada.
  • Moreover, they provide services regarding defining a new project and their support system to comply with the rules and regulations of the Northern Strategery.
  • This company also offers subject matter experience and expertise to the corporate and government organizations of Canada.
  • NORSTRAT also offers a procurement strategy and completely defines it for the clients to implement in their businesses.
  • This company also provides services regarding the Memoranda to the Canadian government’s Cabinet.
  • Furthermore, the company also provides bid management and capture plans to contractors who bid for infrastructure developments in the northern part of Canada.
  • They also provide consultation on the operational requirements that a business will face while operating in the Northern part of Canada.


Government Organizations:

  • It also helps government departments by giving them training on strategic business development processes.
  • It also offers a service of risk management to government projects and lets them know about the potential hazards and disadvantages that the project can face in the future.
  • The company also gives consultation about project management and what changes are required in the management of the project.
  • They also provide the service of project management support to government organizations.

Clients of NORSTRAT:

There are various corporate and private companies associated with it. Furthermore, they also provide their services to some Canadian government organizations. Many industries are associated with this company.

Private Businesses associated with NORSTRAT:

Following is the list of the industries that take consultation from this company.

  • Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Aker Solutions
  • Astrium SAS
  • Aeronautics
  • Calian
  • Cassidian
  • Hill + Knowlton Canada
  • L-3 MariPro
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • Northwestel
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • Ultra Electronics Marine System

Government Organizations:

Following are a few government agencies and organizations that work with it.

  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Aerospace Review


Revenue and Distinctions:

This company’s owner has earned a sum of $200 Million from the contracts and awards to date. The company’s worth is Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. Moreover, it is growing quite rapidly and adding more worth to the owner and company.

The company has received many awards from the Government of Canada. The company has won the Best consulting firm award.


Q. What exactly does NORSTRAT do?

It is actually a consulting firm that helps other businesses and organizations to grow and increase their efficiency. They help these businesses and organizations with unique plans and strategies to execute. The company makes plans and updates keeping in mind the Northern Strategy of Canada.

Q. What kind of infrastructure are you talking about?

The infrastructure includes government-funded big projects and startups. This also includes different space missions like satellites, defense systems, social infrastructure startups, transportation infrastructure, and housing projects.

Q. How can NORSTRAT help me?

This company helps you in growing your business. They will first collect all information about your business and will develop strategies, and plans to execute. The company tells you about the loopholes in your business and how their plans will help you to flourish your business.

Q. Where are you located?

The headquarters of this company is based in Ottawa, Canada.

Bottom Remarks:

The NORSTRAT firm describes the business clients about the Northern Strategy. They clearly define how they can implement and set up their business according to Northern Strategy. The Canadian government also realized that the constantly changing climate and increase in demand for natural resources has given the opportunity to the people and other organizations to explore and colonize the Northern part of the country.


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