Taxi cerca de mi: Best services and Apps to find

Taxi cerca de mi: Best services and Apps to find

while looking for the best taxi base near my location in the USA, you have to look for the best services, mainly cost, the company’s location, and the services it provides. Additionally, passengers might think about things like the accessibility of services like taxi stands, and vehicle rentals. In this digital world, you can easily find a taxi near you with the help of online Platforms or apps such as Google Maps, Lyft, uber, and many more.

Here, I will provide you with all the details about the questions that arise in your mind related to Taxi Cerca de mi. Are you looking for a ride to go somewhere in America? Do you want to go home from the office and market, or do you want to take an urgent ride?

How to find the taxi cerca de mi in America?

By Google MAP

You can use Google Maps to locate a taxi near you in America, by simply opening Google Maps on your chrome on your mobile phone and laptop.

  • Then, search for the keyword “ Taxi cerca de mi” in the search bar.
  • Select the type of ride you want to choose.
  • Allow Google Maps to access your location so that it can show you the available options related to rides.
  • The map will also show you the drivers near your location, and you can select a ride through the app.

If this service is not available, then you can simply use the below mobile application and websites.

By Mobile application

There are lots of applications available on Play Store, and Apple Play Store. Here I discuss a few:


It is a popular ride service provider application that allows you to request a ride.

  • Download the uber application on your phone devices and laptops.
  • Open the app, and create the account, if you don’t have any.
  • Then simply enter your current location.
  • Choose the type of ride like a standard taxi, luxury car, or shared ride.
  • Moreover, view the ride options, arrival times, and fares.
  • Then, you can simply book your ride by simply press the “Request” button
  • You can receive a notification whether the driver has accepted your ride or not.
  • You can also track your ride through your app.
  • Once your ride is completed, you can pay through a credit card or debit card.

These are the general steps to find the taxi near you in the USA, these applications also provide advance booking options.


It is also another popular ride-hailing service that provides taxi ride services. Simply download the app on your available electronic devices, set your pickup location, and request for a ride. The application will show the estimated time of arrival for the nearest available driver and fare prices. And enjoy your journey!

By popular websites

Finding a taxi cerca de mi in America by using websites is a simple process. Here are a few common websites for taking quick services.

This website allows you to book a taxi in advance, and find the taxi rates and services. You can locate taxi companies in cities of America by following the steps:

  • Go to the website and enter your pickup location, either manually entering the address or allowing the website to access your location through your device’s GPS.
  • Then, choose the ride you want like a standard taxi, luxury car, or shared ride.
  • Also, get information about the arrival times and fares.
  • Book your ride, enter the payment information, and confirm your booking.
  • After That, you can track the progress of the ride.
  • You can also take this service in advance.

This website is the largest taxi company in many cities, offering taxi and booking options. You can simply follow the above steps and avail of the booking service of

This allows you to find and book the taxi cerca de mi in most of the cities of America.

Find the taxi cerca de mi by phone numbers:

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, you can also call a taxi company or request a taxi on the street.

taxi cerca di me

Taxi cerca de mi LocationsPhone numbers
Texas(817) 676-3702
Arizona(480) 332-1192
Tucson(602) 300-3000
Utah(435) 656-1500
New Jersey(800) 498-0083
Chicago(847) 303-0303
New York(718) 215 0619
Miami(786) 830-6253
California(888) 481-2345

Most recommended companies for Taxi cerca de me.

There are many things to consider while looking for the best taxi nearby in America, including cost, company location, and services it provides. Additionally, passengers may also think about the services like taxi stands, and vehicle rentals.

The best taxi companies in my area are listed below;

  • USA Taxi:

This taxi accommodates 4 passengers and vans if you need to transport more, it offers its services in southern Utah 365 days a year and offers private taxi and airport transfer services.

  • Independent Cab:

This taxi offers services around the city of Los Angeles, including night tours, transport for events, and even 24-hour taxi booking.

  • American Cab:

American cab is the most popular taxi service in southern California and the Coachella Valley, picking you up at the airport in minivans and the newest models of taxis. It provides mobility for businesses, corporate transportation, mobility for weddings, as well as private taxis and taxis for the disabled.

  • LLH Transportation

It serves as a specialized taxi service in New Jersey and New York, providing executive cab, group transportation, wedding events, night tours, and airport transfers. This will allow you to make a taxi reservation at any time of the day or night.

How much does the taxi cerca de mi drivers cost per KM?

By determining the kind of car you require before hiring a taxi driver. There are many various kinds of cars that can be rented, including:

  • Taxis (sedans):

These are the most prevalent kinds of taxis in the UK. It costs about $2 to $5 or more per KM.

  • Minicabs:

These rides only provide room for one or two people and are smaller than taxis. It is less luxurious, and expensive. It costs $2 to $5 per KM

  • Larger vehicle:

Larger cars typically have a higher cost per kilometer compared to smaller cars, as they consume more fuel and require more maintenance due to their larger size.

  • Luxury cars (Limousines):

In general, the cost per kilometer for luxury or specialized vehicles like limousines (convertibles) or minivans can be significantly higher than traditional taxi or minicab rates. The luxury and minivans accommodate 12 and five passengers respectively. The cost per kilometer for these types of vehicles can range from $5 to $15 or more.

Do you need a taxi cerca de Mi that is open 24 hours now?

Tampa Transport brings the ideal local taxi service for you. It offers services to thousands of residents and visitors. The only way they provide a response is by text or live chat. So, use the chat feature and get your ride.

They serve a wide area in Tampa Bay, Brandon, Riverview, Ruskin, sun city center, and New Port Richey. They provide 24-hour high-quality services. You can also contact me by phone number 14078134675. 24-hour services are provided by Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab, Didi, Grab, etc.


Q. How you can get rid of Uber by phone

You can get the ride by simply dialing the code*8237

Q. How much does a taxi in the USA cost?

Prices vary largely by about $4 for each mile.

Q. Is Uber cheaper than taxis in the USA?

Yes, uber is a little bit cheaper than taxis.

Q. Is there any difference between a taxi and a minicab?

A taxi is a licensed vehicle for hire that can be hailed on the street or at a taxi stand. While the minicab is a private hire vehicle that must be pre-booked. Minicabs have higher prices than taxis and are less regulated than taxis.

Concluding Remarks:

Finally, we conclude our discussion about the Taxi cerca de mi in America. You can choose any of the taxi services in the most convenient way by using different apps, phone numbers, and websites. The cost per KM changes according to location. It is important to read the above guide if you want to hire a cab for a transfer. Hopefully, all your worries are removed, if you decide to go anywhere. Just enjoy your ride!


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