Dimensions of Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Dimensions of Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Toilet paper roll is an important necessity in every household. Therefore, the most important question to be discussed before buying toilet paper is the toilet paper roll circumference. So, the circumference of the toilet paper roll helps you select the right ones according to your holder.

Instant Answer:

You have three things to measure for knowing the circumference of the toilet paper roll like length, width, and dimension. Various types of toilet roll paper have an average circumference of around 12 to 14 inches. However, the dimension depends on the type of toilet paper, brand, and the number of sheets per roll.

In this article, I am going to share with you the easiest way to know the perfect toilet paper roll for your home holder. Let’s talk about them in detail.

What is circumference?

Before knowing the features of the toilet paper roll you understand the circumference. So, the circumference is the distance around the outside edge of the circle. In the case of toilet paper, it’s the measurement around the outer edge of the toilet paper roll.

How to measure the Toilet paper roll circumference?

Using formula:

You can easily measure the toilet paper roll circumference by using the mathematical formula.

  • Circumference: 2xπxr
  • Diameter: 2xr
  • Radius: d/2

While C is the circumference, d is the diameter, r is the radius, and 𝜋 is an irrational number.

Using instrument:

However, if you are confused about using the formula then you can simply take a tap or a piece of string. Now, slightly roll the tape or string around the toilet paper roll. Where the points of the string or tap meet mark it. Yeah, you take a measuring tape and measure the tap or string to know the circumference.

Why does circumference Matter?

To know the circumference matters because there are many reasons that I will discuss below one by one.

Why does circumference Matter?

  • Suitable: Toilet paper holders are designed according to the roll’s specifications. So, before buying the toilet paper roll you must know the details of the holder to adjust it.
  • Usage estimation: You can also know how long it can be used by measuring the circumference. So, you can make a plan accordingly to buy again.
  • Manufactures: The brand analysis that the toilet paper is acceptable globally and suitable with various holders and dispensers.

Dimension of Cardboard tube:

When you are going to measure the circumference of the Toilet paper first you need to understand the dimension of the toilet paper roll core. The core is an essential part to consider. It is also known as the inner cardboard tube. It holds the toilet paper together.

  • Core diameter: Typically has a diameter of around 1.6 inches or 4 cm.
  • Effect the quality: The core size affects the amount of toilet paper on the roll. The larger roll holds the less amount of toilet paper on the other hand the small core holds the more amount.
  • Measurement method: You can measure it by using tape or string. Roll the sting around the roll core and mark a point where the tap meets. Now, measure the tape to know the dimensions of the core.
  • Initial Diameter: The diameter of the roll is larger when the toilet paper roll is new and no paper you use.
  • The thickness of the Core: The core thickness also plays a role in toilet paper circumference measurement. If the thickness is durable it can hold the paper more strongly. A thinner tube can not hold the paper strongly due to weakness.

Dimension according to the types of Toilet paper:

As you know many types of toilet paper are available in the market. I am going to share with you the several types of rolls that are commonly used.

Standard sizes:

One of the most used is the standard size which is easily found in stores. Standard-sized toilet paper rolls are most suitable for all holder types.

DiameterAround 4.5 inches
HeightAround 4 inches
WidthApproximately 4.5 inches
Length of cardboard tubeApproximately 4-4.5 inches
Circumference14 to 15 inches

Jumbo Roll:

These paper rolls are larger than standard rolls. It offers the sheets per roll. However, it is mostly used in homes.

DiameterAround 5 inches
WidthApproximately 4.5 inches
Length of cardboard tube4-5 inches
Circumference20-24 inches

Mega Size:

Mega size rolls are similar to the standard but one of the best options for use in households because reduce the frequency of replacing again and again.

DiameterTypically around 5-6 inches
Widthsimilar to standard
Length of cardboard tube4-5 inches
Circumference14-15 inches

Super Mega Size:

Larger than mega rolls. Also, offer a better quantity. If your family is big then it is suitable for heavy usage.


Diameter6-7 inches
HeightComparable to mega rolls
Widthlonger than mega rolls
Length of cardboard tube4.5-5.5 inches
Circumference16-17 inches

Small Size:

The paper rolls are compact and portable. You can hold it during the trip. Rolls contain a few sheets per roll but are suitable for outdoor use.

Diameter1-2 inches
Heightshorter than standard
WidthNarrower than standard
Length of cardboard tube2.5-3.5 inches
Circumference8-10 inches

Double Rolls:

One of the popular choices for household use. It consists of double layers that are rolled together.

DiameterAround 3 inches
WidthSimilar to standard
Length of cardboard tube4-5 inches
Circumference14-15 inches

Triple Rolls:

Triple-layer rolls contain three layers together and are more suitable for heavy usage in households.

Diameter4-5 inches
HeightLonger than double rolls
Widthsimilar to double rolls
Length of cardboard tube4-5 inches
Circumference14-15 inches

Best Toilet paper roll according to preference:

Toilet paper is needed in every house. When you are looking for the best toilet paper to choose then many of the questions arise. So, here I will be going to help you to locate the perfect toilet paper roll for your needs. Let’s talk about several factors.

Best Toilet paper roll according to preference:

  • Understand your needs: First of all, understanding your home’s needs is important.
  • Holder: Check the home holder dimension then you can easily decide the perfect size of toilet paper roll.
  • Soft vs Hard: Select the soft and gentle toilet paper that is best for everyone.
  • Quality: Ensure the quality of the toilet paper that is safe to use.
  • Toilet paper circumference: Examine the toilet paper dimension to be sure that it is perfect for your home holder.
  • Durable: Look for the best option of toilet paper roll that is durable even in the toughest situation. Check the cardboard thickness and then decide to buy.
  • Eco-friendly: Also, check if the brand you choose offers an eco-friendly option.
  • Budget Friendly: There are many budget-friendly options available without matter the quality. Also, check the discount offers to save money.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the diameter of a toilet paper roll?

The toilet paper roll length can vary by brand. However, on average the diameter is 4 inches and length is 4.5 inches.

Q. What is the circumference of the toilet paper roll holder?

On average the circumference of the toilet paper roll holder is 6 inches.

Q. How many sheets are in a jumbo toilet roll?

The number of sheets in a jumbo toilet roll is 500.

Final Remarks:

The toilet paper roll circumference varies according to the brand and the type. However, when you choose the right toilet paper roll you can consider the factors and measure them including holder dimension, the need for toilet paper quantity, core thickness, durability, etc.




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