15 Creative Pop Smoke Braids Glamming Hairstyles

15 Creative Pop Smoke Braids Glamming Hairstyles


It doesn’t matter if you have short or long curl hairs, and you are inspired by pop smoke braids’ latest hair styling. You can avail pop smoke braids on your hair defiantly. In this article, you can choose the hairstyle which suits your hair texture.

However, pop smoke braid’s popularity increasing day by day in the USA, due to American celebrities. Many pop stars and social media celebrities have this modern pop smoke hairstyle. let’s lets have a look one by one at each hairstyle and what’s made special about these hairstyles.

What are Pop Smoke Braids?

This braids hairstyle name is connected with the late rapper Pop Smoke. Because he is a famous pop smoke rapper and he tries this braids hairstyle on his head. Afterward, this braids style was popular with the name pop smoke Braids.

Although, at present most rappers also avail this hairstyle. There is no age restriction, every age of people can try these unique braids, which can suit their personalities.

This hairstyle is done by a hairstylist or yourself. They do stitches in every knot, the typical style creates four braids in the middle of the head. However, there are many types, you can try those which are suitable for your mood or personality.

Although, your braids can stay in the same presence for more than 6 weeks or longer. It depends on your chosen style and caring process.

Pop Smoke Braids

Tutorial for doing pop smoke braids on yourself

Do pop smoke on yourself is very easy if you watch it one time with all techniques. Because this popular hairstyle is too expensive to do with a hairstylist. They charge up to $170 or maybe more, it all depends on your hair length and texture.

So here is a guiding video and steps (trying by myself) below you can do pop smoke braids on yourself.

  1. Wash your hair, with shampoo and conditioner, and then blow dry it.
  2. It is good to head your head before braids because braids knots are created with stitches. So, it’s essential to do neat braids before you preheat your hair with blow dry.
  3. When you are done with blow drying, now divide the hair from the center of the head into two parts.
  4. Further, divide both sections of hair into 5 parts.
  5. Take a part from the edge and apply the gel on it, it will give an extra neat look to your braids.
  6. Now move the fed one by one into hairs, and stitch the knots tightly, as you move along the braids become thicker.

Apply step 6 on each section of hair one by one and put a rubber band or beads in the last of the braids carefully. For a more detailed look, watch the video below:

15 Most Modern Pop Smoke Braid Hairstyles in 2023-2024

As we know most pop smoke braids are done by dark people in America and other states. So don’t suppose that it’s just for those. Moreover, This air style suits everyone no matter you have a fair complex or a dark.

All ages of people can try to pop smoke braids, kids, women, and men. You can try this hairstyle with different hair die colors, color full rubber bands, beads, and many other accessories.

  1. Classic men’s and women’s Pop Smoke Braids

The classic braids in matching with the style of late pop smoke. This incredible style looks great with some bold and details braids.

Classic men's and women's Pop Smoke Braids
source: Pinterest.com


2. Small Pop Smoke Braids

No need to worry if you have thin hair with short length. These small pop smoke braids perfectly match your hair. Although these braids are thin they look incredibly acute. It’s also perfect for little children. You can do it yourself at home on your kid’s hair as well.

Small <yoastmark class=


3. Long Pop Smoke Braids

It is not easy to carry and take care of long hair. You can try this style it will give you relaxation for 6 weeks or longer.

Long Pop Smoke Braids
source: Pinterest.com


4. Smoke braids with Beads

There are many simple and classic Pop Smoke braids you can try. However, to give a color full and stylish look to your braids you can use beads at the edge of braids. But make sure to use a rubber band before using beads.

source: Pinterest.com

5. Smoke Braids for Girls and Kids

If you are looking braids style for your little one. It’s too easy to apply on long or small hairs. You can use colorful beads and little to give an extra modern look.

Pop Smoke Braids for Girls and Kids
source: Pinterest.com


6.  Smoke Braids with Extensions

Don’t worry if you have small hair. You can use the extension with your braids, it will give extra volume to your hair. Moreover, your braids look trendier as well.

Pop Smoke Braids with Extensions
source: Pinterest.com


7. Smoke Braids with Weave

In the huge list of braids wave braids are also a famous variation.

Pop Smoke Braids with Weave
source: Pinterest.com


8. Kids pop Smoke Braids

Beads braids always look good on kids. Look above and decide whether you want to try it or not! The left pattern mark that this style is unique and perfect for kids.

Kids Pop Smoke Braids
source: Pinterest.com


9. 3 Layer Pop Smoke Braids

It’s a unique increment in pop smoke styling. No worries it is easy to carry regularly. It will a contoured look on your face and also add dimensions in 3 layers to your braids.

3 Layer <yoastmark class=


10. Short Jumbo Smoke Braids

Jumbo braids become a trend on social media. Try the jumbo pop smoke on the short hair with gold and silver threads.

Short Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids
source: Pinterest.com


11. Art Pop Smoke Hair

Try this one! It will give the ideal look to your hair and you can stand out among the crowd of people with more confidence.

Art Pop Smoke Hair
source: Pinterest.com


12. Tribal Feed-In Cornrows

This braids style is a little bit difficult but it looks incredible. Although if you want your head skin show to your friends then it perfectly matches your requirements.

Tribal Feed-In Cornrows
source: Pinterest.com


13. Light Brown Smoke Braids

It’s too simple to carry with trendy hair die colors. You can try this hairstyle at special events. Not only brown, but you can also dye your hair any color you want with these pop braids.

Light Brown Pop Smoke Braids
source: Pinterest.com


14. Dutch Smoke Braid

In Dutch braids your hair braids into two layers on the top of your head. It’s the most famous style among Instagram and other social media celebrities. To make Dutch braids three methods are used.

Dutch Pop Smoke Braid
source: Pinterest.com


15. Butterfly Pop Smoke Braid

This beautiful braids style is more eye-catching and glamming. You can use extensions with this hairstyle as well as beads and different hair colors. Adding extensions adds a thick volume to your butterfly smoke braids.

Butterfly Pop Smoke Braid
source: Pinterest.com


Frequently ask questions:

Q. What are the pop smoke braids called?

smoke braids, sometimes referred to as tribal braids or jumbo feed-in braids, are a protective style from the middle section of the head.

Q. How long should pop smoke braids last?

smoke Braids can stay in the same presence for more than 6 weeks or longer. It depends on your chosen style and caring process.

Q. How much does it cost to get pop smoke braids?

This popular hairstyle is too expansive if you do it from any hairstylist. They charge up to $170 or maybe more, it all depends on your hair length and texture.

Final Words

Pop smoke braids are a gorgeous and trendier hairstyle nowadays. It’s perfect for all kids, men, and women. There are huge variations such as beads, extensions, waves, layers, brown color, and many other which is listed above in brief.


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