Cumbrellas An Artificial Eyelashes – Fact Check Who Invented It?

Cumbrellas An Artificial Eyelashes – Fact Check Who Invented It?

Social media has become a powerful weapon for spreading information all around the globe within a few minutes. But in some cases, misinformation or rumors become viral because people keep sharing them without researching the facts and people agree with these rumors and misinformation without researching. Similarly, a mem went viral claiming a bold model had invented the cumbrellas, long eyelashes for her convenience during the procedure.

So, we will clarify these rumors with proper research data and let our users know about the different perspectives and theories on the inventors of these eyelash fashions.

What about the viral meme on Cumbrella’s invention?

So, recently a post went viral in which the writer claimed the inventor of the long eyelashes. The post reads as “Did you know … that in 1882 London bold model Gerda Puridle invented elongated eyelashes or ‘cumbrellas’ to block semen from getting in working girl’s eyes that are worn today as common fashion?”

So, anyone who posted it on Facebook did not properly research the inventor of long eyelashes. Therefore, it was a fake post, and everything that she told like the name of the bold model, and the year of invention did not hold any basis.

Actually, the picture she placed on that post was an actress and she had nothing to do with the eyelashes. Furthermore, the year she mentioned in the post is totally false keeping in mind the exact year of the invention of eyelashes.

Later on, people fact-checked her post and reported this post as spreading false news. Later, Facebook has also hidden the post. Now if you open this post, you will see a Blurr image and written “False Information. Checked by independent fact-checkers.”

What about the viral meme on Cumbrella's invention?

Who posted this meme on Facebook?

The name of the lady that uploaded this fake post is Magickal Lady Duchess and she posted it back in February 2021. Magickal Lady Duchess faced a backlash on her Facebook post and people commented that there is nothing true about this information. In addition, people mentioned that lady in the pictures was a famous French actress and the name she wrote on the post was nowhere in history.


What are the Different perspectives on the invention of Cumbrella?

There are various theories regarding these eyelashes. Let us discuss each of them one by one.

Ancient Egypt Thoery:

One theory that suggests information about the invention of fake and large eyelashes dates back to ancient Egyptian history. Researchers and historians claimed that these fake eyelashes were first introduced by Egyptian women to protect their eyes from the sun in deserts. Furthermore, they told that those women used real hair to design and make these large eyelashes or cumbrellas.

Anna Taylor, who patented these eyelashes:

However, a Canadian woman Anna Taylor first patented this invention of eyelashes in 1911. So, if we technically see things as they stand, Anna Taylor is actually the inventor of these artificial eyelashes. But historians still believe that Anna just patented this invention because these eyelashes were already in use.

Theory about American Movie Directors:

Similarly, Some people claim that D.W Griffith who was an American Movie director invented these eyelashes. According to this theory, Griffith once asked her makeup artist to enlarge the eyebrows of the actress Seena Owen. Because he wanted to add more charm to her beauty in the movie “Intolerance.” So, this incident dates back to 1916.

Is it safe to use Cumbrella eyelashes?

Usually, there is no harm in using these cumbrella eyelashes for enhancing the beauty and charm of your personality. However, it literally depends on the skin of the person who is using these eyelashes. Actually, there is a need for an adhesive to stick these eyelashes to the natural lashes of the eyes.

A report from a doctor claim that there is no proper information regarding that particular adhesive or liquid that is used for adhering these eyelashes. FDA does not regulate this material. Therefore, it can be dangerous to use this liquid on the sensitive part like eye for those people who have allergic skin.

Are lashes made with real hair?

Eyelashes can be made with different types of materials and real hair can also be used to make these artificial eyelashes. Usually, major brands and salons use synthetic materials to prepare these cumbrellas. It is possible that you won’t find this information on the official website of these brands and salons.

This is because they do not want people to know that they use synthetic materials to add beauty to the customers. People nowadays prefer to use cosmetics that contain natural and organic ingredients. So, if customers know that companies use synthetic materials in their products, they will avoid these products.

Therefore, these brands and salons use natural hair eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes. You can further ask these brands and salons about the material of these artificial eyelashes.

Are lashes made with real hair?

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Q. What’s the definition of a cumbrella?

Cumbrellas are actually artificial large eyelashes that one can adhere to natural eyelashes. But there is a strange rumor about this product, that states these eyelashes were first invented to prevent male bodily liquid to enter the eyes. Therefore, this rumor also states that a bold model invented these eyelashes. The name cumbrella is a mixture of the words “Cum” and “Umbrella”, which means protection from the liquid. However, there is nothing true about this information.

Q. What is the origin of fake eyelashes?

There are different perspectives about the origin of the fake eyelashes. There is a theory about the invention that these eyelashes were first made in Ancient Egypt. But a German man Karl Nessler claimed that he first invented these eyelashes. But the actual patent of these eyelashes belongs to Anna Taylor who patented it back in 1911.

Q. Who invented fake eyelashes and why?

Ancient Egypt was the first place where the concept of artificial eyelashes born. Women from that time designed these eyelashes to protect their eyes from the dazzling rays of the sun to enter their eyes. Actually, Egypt is present in a desert, and the rays of the sun damage the eyes.

Q.Who started Meggi Lashes?

Meggi Morgan is the founder of Meggi Lashes. She started making these lashes with just £200 in her pocket. But her work soon went viral on social media and now she is running Meggi Morgan’ideas successfully and has more than 1 million followers on the TikTok platform.

Q. When was lash perming invented?

Charles Nessler, a German Hairdresser invented these lash perming at the start of the 20th century. This lash perming was a perfect substitute for curling eyelashes.

Final Thoughts:

There are different perspectives about the invention of cumbrellas, like a German Hairdresser, and an American Movie Director, Anna Taylor who actually patented these eyelashes. So, a viral Facebook post claiming that a bold model invented these eyelashes has no factual grounds. This blog has clearly demonstrated the various theories regarding the invention of fake and artificial eyelashes.

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