QVC Host Dies On Air – Know Reality About these Rumors

QVC Host Dies On Air – Know Reality About these Rumors

People are curious about whether any of the QVC hosts passes away on air or not. Here is the answer to your mysterious query.

None of the QVC Host Dies On Air and all of these are false rumors. “Lisa Robertson” is a host of the QVC show, she suffered from cancer back in 2009 but later she recovered. Moreover, there is another QCV Host “Cassie slane” who fainted during a show because of low blood sugar but she is also feeling well.

Let’s deeply discuss the QVC Hosts Dies On Air and why these rumors spread.

Tragic Incident: QVC Host Passes Away On Air

On Sunday, 7 October 2012, one of the QVC hosts named “Cassie Slane” did a live broadcast and welcomed their guest “Dan Hughes”. During the live broadcast, Cassie starts feeling dizzy and starts patting her chest.

She said some words and fell toward Dan. Immediately, QVC stopped the production. After that, another QVC host named “Gracie” replaced Slane and completed the remaining show.

Is Cassie Slane Dies during the live QVC Broadcast?

No, she doesn’t die and is feeling well. Later, she reported on her Facebook that;

“She has fainted a few times because of low blood sugar, but now, she is feeling well.”.

QVC Responded:

“We are glad to know that our on-air guest Cassie feeling well after a short blackout.”

Another Incident – Is Lisa Robertson dead or it’s just a rumor?

No, she didn’t die. All of these are just rumors and false gossip. She didn’t die but left the QVC (Quality Value Convenience) corporation and said she wanted a retirement.

Lisa Robertson is a former and well-known host of a multinational corporation specializing in television home shopping networks.

The news of the QVC host passing away is very shocking. It signifies the unexpected loss of the QVC Community and unpredictable highlights of television broadcasting.

She spent 2 decades with a company and offered her honest services. She started working in 1995 and got retirement on December 12, 2014.

Keep in mind that spreading false rumors over someone’s name may cause a problem for them and ruin their personality. So, avoid talking about any news before confirmation.

Why did the death rumors of Lisa Robertson spread?

In 2019, Lisa Robertson was suffering from Ovarian Cancer which led to a serious surgery and treatment. She bravely faces her diagnosis and takes various treatments and chemotherapy.

Moreover, she also starts raising awareness and educating others about the diagnosis. She shares her own journey about disease and treatment.

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Why Lisa Robertson: QVC Host Dies On Air Take Retirement?

She retired and started his own online retail outlet. At the start of his business, she sells items via email but then she starts an advertisement on her Instagram account.

Why Lisa Robertson: QVC Host Dies On Air Take Retirement?

She posted all the items and as well also posted her pictures in fancy and expensive dresses. Moreover, she even started selling her own jewelry collection and also shows Christmas decorations.

Is Lisa Robertson leaving QVC for any other reasons?

Lisa is a popular host of QVC and people love her. She has dealt with many stalkers over the years. People follow her, come to her house, and also approach other hosts to meet her. Even people start inviting her on occasion and also bring her family with her.

She was terrified and asked the court to give her legal protection so, she could live a happy and fearless life. She said to Judge;

“I need to be able to live my life without fear.”

Is Lisa Robertson Married?

Lisa Robertson recently got Married to “Jeffrey Lawrence” from the show. She had a past relationship with “Eric McGee” and then, they both broke up. Lisa was not married previously but Jeffrey was married and has 4 children; 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Does QVC run a show “QVC Host Dies On Air” or any host really die during the show?

No, QVC does not run any show named “QVC host dies on Air”. However, this phrase refers that the QVC host passes away during the live broadcast.

This type of event is not planned and occurs during a live TV Broadcast. Keep in mind that these types of incidents are rare and unplanned.

What is People’s Reaction about this incident?

People love Lisa Robertson because of her work and this news is very shocking for them. They want to find out what happens with their favorite QVC Host. But later, they come to know that she is suffering from cancer and has not died yet. After working for 2 decades with QVC, Lisa took retirement and started her own online retail business.

Is Shawn Killinger fired from QVC or Not?

Yes, Shawn was fired after the third week of the program. As per reports, she said “Fake it till you make it. Her saying irritated Martha Stewart and they fired her from the show. Martha has given tips and advice at QVC for decades.

Is Shawn Killinger fired from QVC or Not?

Does any of the other QVC hosts die because of Cancer?

None of the QVC hosts dies because of cancer. However, as per reports one of the QVC hosts named “Antonella Nester” was suffering from breast cancer. But later, she gets her treatment and returns to her work at QVC. “Lisa Robertson” also suffered from cancer in 2009 but later recovered.

Which QVC Hosts died recently?

QVC hosts “Kathleen Kirkwood” also famous for “Diva of Shoulder Pads” died at the age of 62 on 5 November. She died in New York at Mount Sinai Hospital. However, the cause of her death is not known and no one knows about any of her illness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why did Lisa Robertson quit QVC?

Lisa Robertson left QVC because of fear. She has a huge fan following and she faces many stalkers every year. They even came to her house and she became terrified. that‘s why she quit QVC and took retirement.

Q. Who is the most paid Host at QVC?

“David Venable” is one of the most highly paid hosts at QVC. As per estimation, David Venable net worth is $1 Million.

Q. How much is Lisa Robertson Net Worth?

As per reports, Lisa Robertson Net Worth IS $5 Million. She collected her net worth through her hard work at QVC.

Moreover, she is also a very popular and prominent figure in the television, fashion, and beauty industries. Now, she is working to boost her net worth by opening an online retail outlet.

Q. Why did Antonella Leave QVC?

Antonella left QVC because she was suffering from Breast Cancer.

Q. Who were the original QVC hosts?

QCV channel was launched on 24 November 1986 with program hosts;

  • Cindy Briggs-Moore
  • Ellen Langas
  • Kathy Levine
  • Bob Bowersox
  • John Eastman

Final Thoughts:

People spread false rumors about the QVC Host Dies On Air. there is no official news coming about any of the QVC hosts dying. However, some of the QVC hosts suffer from cancer but get their treatment.

However, one of the QVC hosts dies in a hospital but no one knows the cause of her death. After doing proper research, we came to know that no one passed away during the live QVC broadcast.

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