Restaurant recommendations in Leicester

Restaurant recommendations in Leicester

It’s always a great idea to gather your family or friends and head to Leicester. This native English city is ready to immerse you in a sea of fun activities, including walking through the historic districts, exploring iconic cultural landmarks, and soaking up the relaxed urban vibe. Plus, travellers find it easily accessible from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Yes, visiting Leicester will give you plenty of pleasant travel moments. However, a long hour of strolling around the city is sure to whet your appetite. And your main question will be “Where to eat in Leicester?”. Fortunately, you will find a full range of dining options. From Asian to British, from Italian to French, cuisines from around the world are available within the city. If you’re looking for value-for-money establishments in Leicester, check out our food recommendations below.

OPPA BBQ Korean Restaurant

When locals think of a place with delicious food, impeccable service, and cheap prices, OPPA BBQ is the first establishment that comes to mind. The restaurant specialises in Korean cuisine with a multitude of vegetarian options, and features all the key ingredients for a mouth-watering dining experience. Their grilled chicken, crab, dumplings, and udon noodles will really blow your taste buds. At the same time, pancakes would be a successful dessert option. OPPA BBQ sits close to West Coast Park, making it quickly reachable from anywhere within the city. The friendly and cosy atmosphere is one more advantage you enjoy in the restaurant.

Price range: £8-£20/person

Address: 70 High St, Leicester LE1 5YP


Want to treat yourself to something tasty and non-standard? Head to Herb for a wide assortment of Indian-based starters. First, order biryani and mushrooms, and continue with the masala dosa. Then, wash them down with a glass of beer, and take something sweet. Doughnuts, pancakes, or ice cream will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Professional staff will do everything possible to make you enjoy the interior atmosphere and food serving. Having a snack at Herb is sure to delight your stomach and is an outstanding way to spend a tasty evening in Leicester.

Price range: £10-£25/person

Address: 96 Granby St, Leicester LE1 1DJ

Merchant of Venice

Head to the Merchant of Venice for a piece of charm. With a focus on Italian cuisine, this authentic restaurant shows how you can go crazy for pizza, spaghetti, ciabatta, and a variety of Mediterranean salads. Of course, your meal would never be as complete as with a bottle of white or red wine. If you drive, replace your drink with espresso, hot chocolate, or tea.

For dessert, order tiramisu, panettone, or maritozzo. The lovely interior, friendly staff, and cosy atmosphere guarantee you a great time with a touch of Italy!

Price range: £12-£45/person

Address: 173-175 Granby St, Leicester LE1 6FE

Steak & Lounge Restaurant

If grilled meat is your long-standing passion, don’t miss the Steak & Lounge. Yes, their juicy steaks, spicy beef ribs, and smoked mushrooms are an obvious reason to stay longer in the city. Also, don’t miss to order a strawberry mojito, which is especially delicious here.

The most sought-after local desserts are halo-halo and brownies. Their signature cookies are also worth a try. You will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and affordable prices. A beautiful view from the window will complete your exciting dining experience.

Price range: £10-£35/person

Address: 43 Abbey St, Leicester LE1 3TE


Kayal is among the top restaurants in Leicester. On their menu, you will find multiple Indian delicacies such as shrimp masala, crab and fish curry. Alternatively, consider tandoori chicken, samosa, and biryani, which will also thrill your taste buds. For drinks, order house wine or beer.

Whether you’re driving or just looking for a healthy lifestyle, prefer something non-alcoholic – tea, lassi, fresh juices, and a variety of refreshing cocktails perfectly fit the culinary spirit of the local menu. Also, you can order takeaway food or home delivery if you don’t want to wait or have higher priority plans. Still, cosy atmosphere, friendly staff, and sociable locals will give you unforgettable moments of communication under the mouthwatering dishes from the Kayal menu.

Price range: £9-£27/person

Address: 153 Granby St, Leicester LE1 6FE

Black Iron

What about eating meat in a refined setting? Black Iron gives you that opportunity! This stylish steakhouse focuses on British cuisine and offers rib-eye, sirloin steaks, and chicken. Be sure to accompany such goodies with Malbec wine, champagne, whisky, or gin.

Finally, trifle, toffee pudding, or crumble will be a great solution for dessert. As always, the establishment of this class boasts of an unobtrusive atmosphere, pleasant staff, and a nice-looking interior. Bon appetit!

Price range: £18-£50/person

Address: Hinckley Rd, Leicester LE3 1HX

How to reach Leicester’s restaurants?

How to reach Leicester's restaurants?

You can use a bus or taxi to get to your desired establishment. However, we recommend that you take advantage of car hire in Leicester. You enter the address of the restaurant into the vehicle’s GPS navigator and drive at your own pace. If you are travelling with family or friends, you will also find more spacious cars for hire at So, a set of wheels is an essential item for your culinary trip. Use our little guide and you won’t miss the best diners in Leicester!



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