Best Car Models for a Road Trip in Puerto Rico

Best Car Models for a Road Trip in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an incredibly beautiful region that is rich in nature and wildlife. A large amount of entertainment is concentrated here, which will be interesting for both adults and children. People come to Puerto Rico primarily for active recreation.

Because of this, tourists have a need to use Alamo car rentals Puerto Rico, because having a car, tourists can move freely. Indeed, a car is always about comfort. In this article, we want to represent you some of the most popular car models for traveling in Puerto Rico.

Subaru Outback Wilderness

Subaru Outback Wilderness is a leader among Puerto Rico car rentals for the tourists who come to Puerto Rico and want to have a great time. This car is a combination of passability and elegance. It is an SUV type vehicle, although it is sometimes also referred to as an economy sedan type. Its consumption is very small, which allows you to significantly save fuel and not have to look for a gas station every time.

Also, this car model is ideal for those who want to combine both cultural recreation in the city and active recreation off-the-beaten path. This allows you to move quickly and conveniently in any place. And a big bonus to other characteristics is the 4WD option, which provides for the inclusion of all-wheel drive when necessary.

Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival is another great option for a trip to Puerto Rico. This car is a minivan, but unfortunately the AWD option is not available here. Instead, this car is known precisely for its interior, because it is quite comfortable and has a lot of space for relaxation. This car model is often chosen for traveling with families, because there are more than 9 seats, which allows you to travel even with animals! Among the main chips that are in this car, the following should be singled out:

  • Powerful V-6 Engine.
  • Folding and automatically adjustable seats.
  • Quiet and calm driving.
  • High-quality interior leather.
  • Heated seats.
  • Built-in navigation so you don’t get lost.

Therefore, if you want to drive comfortably and not fast, you should definitely use cars for rent and choose this particular car model.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a great option for a vacation in Puerto Rico. This car model is a real competitor for the two above-mentioned car models, because it is Santa Cruz that knows how to combine elegant design and massiveness, which makes it the king of the roads of Puerto Rico. This car can be suitable not only for those who go to Puerto Rico on vacation. Santa Cruz is also suitable for those who go to this region on business and want to choose a car close to the executive class.

We recommend choosing the hybrid version of this car, because this Santa Cruz model is the most economical. If you plan to rent a car, you will immediately receive a car with a full tank of gas. Therefore, for several days you will definitely not have to fill up your car.

Salon Santa Cruz is also incredible. Wooden inserts on leather, stylish design, electronic panel, steering wheel and heated seats – and this is not all that this car has.

Ford Mustang Convertible

If you are a real fan of sedans and love speed, then the Ford Mustang Convertible is for you. Ford Mustang Convertible shows the option of automatic AWD, which allows you to move freely both around the city and off-road. This car option is most often chosen by newlyweds or groups of friends for a trip.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the car reaches speeds of up to 310 horsepower, which is ideal for the highways of Puerto Rico. Do not miss the opportunity and definitely rent this car!

Volvo V90

The Volvo V90 is a great option for driving around a region like Puerto Rico. This car is known for its excellent passability and economy, which allows you to drive even in the most remote places. Also, the Volvo V90 has a classic design: leather-covered seats, plenty of space for passengers, comfort for the driver, and more. This model was previously considered “the safest car in the world” thanks to a well-thought-out security system that quickly reacts to unacceptable situations and provides full protection for the driver and passengers.


As you could see, there are many car models that are ideal for conquering the roads of this area. Among them are jeeps, sedans, SUVs, sports cars and many other models, depending on your preferences. In Puerto Rico, you will have to find the option that is most suitable for driving through the intersection as well. Monitor all options and choose exactly your variant.


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