Semantle: How to Play this Game, Modes and Substitues

Semantle: How to Play this Game, Modes and Substitues

Semantle is basically a word-guessing game in which you guess the word and the game provides you with a number. This number is actually a hint of how close your guess is to the mysterious answer word. The game updates the word and after 24 hours it also tells the answer to the previous day’s puzzle. The purpose of this game is not to tell the exact word but how close you get to the meaning of the word.

There is a possibility of a maximum score of 100 if you guess the word. It is a great mind-sharpening game and keeps you active while playing. There are different modes of this game. You can play it alone or with your friends.

What is Semantle?

Semantle is a game with secret words, the answer words are of any type of word, not just nouns. This game has a dataset that includes some names, but it only uses lower-case words for the game. So if you guess the word and it is the same as the answer word but only has a different capitalization, Your word will still count as a correct answer. Therefore, you may ask questions about words with different capitalizations to help you guess the secret word.

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How to get Hints:

When playing the guessing game, you will receive an indicator that tells you how close you are to the secret word. If your guess is one of the 1,000 most similar common words to the secret word, the indicator will show the rank with 1,000 being the secret word itself.

If your guess is not among the 1,000 most similar words, the indicator will show “cold”. The game only considers common, non-capitalized words from a large English word list. You will need more than six guesses to guess the secret word, and a new word is given every day at midnight UTC or 16:00 your local time.

Developer of Semantle:

David Turner has created this game. He got the idea from the wordle game and tried to develop the game like that from a different perspective and angle. So, he ended up creating this game. This game is now a part of “The Word Finder” platform. This platform owns many other games like Wordle Solver and Anagram Solver.

How to play the Semantle game?

There are certain angles and terms to play this game. You need to guess the right word which is the answer. You can get near to that answer word by guessing random words. When you guess a word, the game shows you a number like 55 or 67 or something like that. These numbers are actually hints of how close your guess is to the answer. These numbers show how close the meaning of your word is to the answer word.

Modes of Semantle Game:

There are multiple modes of this game that you enjoy while playing the game.

1. Solo Mode:

In the solo mode, you can play the game alone. You just go to the official website of this game and at the homepage, you will see the space where you need to put the guessing words. Just follow the steps and methods that I discussed above and play the game.

2. Play with Friends:

To play with your friends you need to click on the “Play With Friends” option and then you will be directed to a new page. On that page, you will see the process of joining your team. If you are the creator of the group, then click on the option of “Get code” on the screen. After clicking on it you will see a code.

For the joining of your other friends, you have to share the code with them. They can join you after clicking on the “Join the Team” option. They have to put the code in the bar that you shared with them. After that, your team will be created and now each one of you can discuss the hidden word.

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After guessing any word, you will have a number that shows your approach towards the answer word. If the number shows that you are quite near to the actual word and its meaning. You have to discuss with your team about different ideas and suggestions pointing out the actual number. Playing in a team can solve the mystery quickly just because there are multiple ideas and guesses.

Play Semantle Junior:

Semantle Junior is another mode of this game. This game has a relatively easy mode and the words are quite simple. This is mainly for kids and young boys. The remaining tricks and rules of playing the game are similar to the original mode of the game.

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Stats Sharing:

You can also share the stats of your game by registering through Twitter. You need to log in to your Twitter account on this game platform. After completing registration, you can share the results by clicking on the share option.

Your result will automatically be shared on your Twitter account. You should not worry about your Twitter account privacy because the game only has access to your name and ID. They do not access your personal Twitter account.

Other Substitutes of this game:

Following are a few substitutes for the game that you can also try.


Wordle is basically a word puzzle game where the players have to find out the hidden word in certain attempts. This game is also quite popular and people of any age can enjoy the features and gameplay of Wordle. It is not quite similar to Semantle in terms of gameplay but yes the idea is similar to guessing a mysterious word.

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In Ghost, players take turns saying letters to create a word. The goal is to not complete a word, as the player who completes a word loses the round. If a player thinks that the word being formed is not a valid word, they can challenge the previous player.

If the challenged player cannot provide a valid word that includes the current string of letters, they lose the round. This game has a similar idea to the Semantle game.


In Jotto, one player thinks of a secret word and the other player tries to guess the word. The first player responds with a score for each guess, indicating the number of letters that are in the correct position and the number of letters that are in the word but in the wrong position. The second player continues to guess until they correctly guess the word.

5-Letter Word Game:

In this game, players take turns guessing a five-letter word. After each guess, the other player gives his feedback. The feedback actually indicates which letters in the guess are in the word and whether they are in the correct position. The game continues until you guess the answer correctly.


Q. Can I play Semantle in a different language?

Yes, there are multiple options for playing the game in different languages. You can play this game in Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, German, French, English, Korean, Dutch Spanish, and Russian Language.

Q. How to get help from Hint Option?

If you need help in the guessing game, you can click on the “Hint” button located below your list of guesses, to the left of the “Give up” button. The hint provided will be a word that is closer to the secret word than one of your previous best guesses unless you have already guessed all of the nearest thousand words to the secret word, except the secret word itself.

Final Thoughts:

Semantle is a perfectly fun game that keeps the players engaged. You can take part with your friends and play in a team. You can also play this game alone. One has to get the right answer by randomly guessing words and taking hints from those words.

These hints are in the form of numbers that tell you how close you are to the right word. If this game is quite hard for you, you can play the Junior version of this game. This mode of the game is relatively simpler than the actual game.

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