Smile Dating Test: A viral Tiktoks craze to check Romantic Life

Smile Dating Test: A viral Tiktoks craze to check Romantic Life

If you enjoy taking personality tests or love puzzles, today’s test is for you. Do you ever notice what your smile tells about your romantic life? Probably not, you might be interested to check out a smile dating test.

The smile dating test is a viral TikTok craze that uses smileys to identify your romantic personality. This entertaining quiz can also allow you to determine how you connect with other people. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Keep reading to learn more about this smile dating test.

What is Smile Dating Test?

The smile dating test is a relationship quiz that uses smileys to identify your dating type. The test was developed by a South Korean company Cookie Rocket Co. Ltd. The main effort of the this test, which structures 16 different colored smileys representing 16 different characters, is to answer 12 love related questions to learn about your “dating style with a smiley face”. You would generate a smiley at the very end of the quiz that likely revealed your smiling nature.

In smile dating test each smiley describes a unique MBTI’s lover personality. MBTI is the short form of Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This tool is used to help people to understand the method of their communication. This also helps to know then how they are involves with other people.

In case you have any doubts, the Test does not ask for any personal information like emails and contact numbers. However, if you come across any quizzes that do, you should avoid them.

How does the smile dating test work?

You answer plenty of relationship related questions that represent your thoughts on love throughout the Smile Dating Test. The quiz then analyses your answers in order to get your MBTI type and smiley. Some people match with extremely lovely smiley face. On the other hand some of people watch with almost non-romantic ones.

You should remember that the this test is not a test for your love. This does not describe if you are romantic or unhappy with your romantic life. All test does is reveal your sentimental side of seeing someone.

Smiley face colors and MBTI types

The smile dating test is created on MBTI typing that put every personality into some different category. Use the table given below to find your MBTI type.

Smiley Face

MBTI types

Blue SmileESFJ (Extraverted Feeling Sensing Judging)
Gray SmileINTP (Introverted Intuition Thinking Perceiving)
Red SmileESTP (Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving)
Purple SmileENFJ (Extraverted Feeling Intuition Judging)
Black SmileISTJ (Introverted Thinking Sensing Judging)
Orange SmileESFP (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving)
Pink SmileENTJ (Extraverted Thinking Intuition Judging)
White SmileISFJ (Introverted Feeling Sensing Judging)
Yellow SmileENFP (Extraverted Intuition Feeling Perceiving)
Navy SmileISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving)
Silver SmileINFJ (Introverted Feeling Intuition Judging)
Green SmileENTP (Extraverted Intuition Thinking Perceiving)
Brown SmileISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving)
Sky SmileESTJ (Extraverted Thinking Sensing Judging)
Gold SmileINTJ (Introverted Thinking Intuition Judging)
Beige SmileINFP (Introverted Intuition Feeling Perceiving)

Smiley face colors and dating persona

Each smiley face has a different dating character that probably can be expressed into four different words. When it comes to relationships and love life, these words describe each type’s main features and their desires.

Smiley Color

Dating persona

Blue SmileLoyal, Caring, Helpful, reliable
Gray SmileDoubtful, Logical, Inventor, Innovative
Red SmileDaring, Playful, Passionate, Impulsive
Purple SmileInspiring, idealistic, warm, Fascinating
Black SmileTraditional, Reliable, Responsible, In-depth
Orange SmileGenerous, Optimistic, Affectionate, Spontaneous
Pink SmileBold, Ambitious, Leader, Strategic
White SmileConsiderate, Nurturer, Gentle, Protective
Yellow SmileCreative, Curious, Passionate, Sociable
Navy SmileAnalytical, Independent, Adventurer, Practical
Silver SmileAnalyst, Insightful, visionary, Mystical
Green SmileWitty, Energetic, Observant, Smart
Brown SmileKind, Peaceful, Flexible, Artistic
Sky SmileAssured, Organized, Confident, Decisive
Gold SmileOpen, Steady, Direct, Stable
Beige SmileDreamy, Poetic, Romantic, Noble

How to take smile dating test?

  1. The steps are follows:
  2. To access this test, go to
  3. Check “Going to do a test”.
  4. Answer all the given questions by selecting the answers that more accurately describe you.

After you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be led to a results page that will tell you what type of smile you have and explain why. You may also check which smiles you would and would not be matched with if you scroll further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the dating smile test?

The smile dating test is a quiz program that describes your dating personality with the help of smiley faces.

Q: Is the smile dating test accurate?

According to the reviews of the users, the smile dating test is nearly accurate.

Q: What is the smile dating test for MBTI?

This test is a quiz program that helps people describing their relationship personalities with the help of some smiley faces. Each smiley face describe a unique MBTI personality.

Q: Which MBTI type did BTS use?

The results of MBTI test of BTS given below:

BTS Members

MBTI Personality

Kim Nam-joon (RM)ENFP
Kim Seok-jin (Jin)


Min Yoon-gi (SUGA)


Jung Ho-seok (J-hope)


Park Ji-min (Jimin)


Kim Tae-hyung (V)


jeon Jung-kook (JK)



Smile dating test in an online relationship quiz program that describes your relationship personality with the help of some colorful smiley faces. Each face describes a unique MBTI lover personality. This test was programed by a Korean company. The test was translated into different languages including English. That’s why it goes viral in all over the world. Similarly, The test is free of cost. You can also try this test and share the result with us.


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