Today Jackpot Result? How to play and claim Winning Prize

Today Jackpot Result? How to play and claim Winning Prize

There are multiple options for the Jackpot Triple Play winners to claim their prize after winning it. They have the option to claim the prize in a single payment, like a one-time cash option. On the other hand, they also have the option of claiming this prize in 25 annual payments.

If these draws take place on a holiday or the business day before the draws. You need to provide the options of payment on the day of draws. This is just for funding the application of winning prizes for more than 25 years.

Following is the list of Today jackpot results. You can check whether your ticket has the same matching number on it or not.

Prize LevelWinnersPrize Amount
Combo425,939Free Ticket
Today Jackpot Result
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How To Play the Jackpot Triple Play?

Now, we will discuss the playing procedure of the Jackpot triple play. To play, you need to ask the clerk for a ticket. You can also get a triple-play payslip from a registered lottery retailer. On each play slip, there are five panels from A to E. Now, In every panel:

  1. First of all, You need to choose or pick the first six numbers from 1 to 46. After that, With the help of Quick Pick, your second and third numbers will automatically be selected. Every set of these numbers prints on its very own line and you can play the game separately.
  2. To increase your chances, you can also buy a Combo box for just $1. Now, you have the chance of winning an amount of $10,000 either through winning number matches by combining all your three sets of numbers. Once you buy the Combo box, you cannot refund or exchange your Combo ticket.
  3. To play the same numbers for more than one draw. You can also choose the frequency of draws that you wish to play in another game section. This game section is the Advance Play section of your payslip. You can also ask the retailer how many advanced draws you wish to play.
  4. Now, after selecting the number, you have to pay the price and play slip to the retailer. The retailer will give you a ticket on which your selected number will be printed. Further, you can see the date of the draws.
  5. If you have played the play many times, you will get separate tickets for each single play.

Important Points to consider:

The draw process usually takes place on Tuesday and Friday nights. The time of this draw is 11:15 p.m. Eastern Time. You can purchase the tickets until 10:55 p.m. Eastern Time on the night of the draw. If you purchased a ticket after that time, that ticket is applicable on the next day’s Draw.

Here are some important points that you need to consider.

  1. Always check your ticket before leaving the retail store. You are solely responsible for your tickets and the number’s accuracy.
  2. You now have to check the drawing results to see whether you are the winner or not. For this purpose, you can visit the official website of authorized Florida Lottery retailers and click on “Today jackpot result”. One can also call on the numbers that the retailers provide. For your comfort, you can also watch the drawings online.

Today Jackpot Result

How to Claim a Winning Prize?

Similarly, if you have won the winning prize on the ticket that you bought before a complete draw, You can get a continuation ticket for the leftover draw with the similar playing numbers of your original ticket. You must collect your prize money within 180 days of the draw date.

Methods of Claiming Prize after Today Jackpot Result:

There are multiple prizes which are other than jackpot prizes. You can also claim those prizes from any Florida Lottery Office. You should keep one thing in mind all the winning prizes should be claimed from Florida Lottery Headquarters.

This company has also put a rule that from May 25, 2022, the winners who have won any prize of $250,000 or greater, their names are not made public temporarily until 90 days from the date of prize claiming. If the winner declares his name, that is up to him.

Methods of Claiming Prize after Today Jackpot Result:

There will be fewer applicable taxes. The lottery or prize winners that are looking forward to claiming the winning prize in a single cash method, should claim the prize in 60 to 180 days after winning prize day. There are certain taxes that the winner has to pay on his winning amount.

These taxes are withdrawn from his winning prize amount. Whether he is claiming the prize single cash method or 25 yearly installments.

How to Win a Jackpot?

The official Jackpot Triple Play drawings will be held by the Florida Lottery. In this drawing process, six numbers ranging from 1 to 46 will be drawn randomly. If you have bought the tickets, you will have three chances of winning the jackpot triple play on single tickets per ticket by matching the winning numbers with the numbers that you selected and printed on your ticket.

You need to check whether your lottery or ticket number is matching with any 6 numbers on a single line. You will compare your numbers with the winning numbers that came out after the draw’s end. Now, you go to the website and click on “Today Jackpot Result” You can see the results.

How to Win a Jackpot?

If there is no number the Triple Play ticket gets similar to all of the 6 six numbers that are winners, and the pool of this top prize moves on to the next draw. It will keep moving like this until it moves up to the prize amount of $2 million.

After this Triple Play jackpot moves up to $2 million, still no one is the jackpot winner, for this, there is a simple procedure. The extra money in the pool of winning prizes jackpot of the funds that you need for a $2 million annuity will shift to the smaller awards. As a result, the prize money of the lower tier cash prizes will increase.


Q. How much do 3 numbers pay on Florida Lotto?

In the Pick 3, the players participate to win prizes from $50 to $500. This game is played twice a day. In this Draw game, players select three numbers and the winner gets the prize.

Q. What is the jackpot triple-play combo?

It is a new game that has recently taken place in the Lucky Money game. This game is quite popular in Florida. For $1, players get three different sets of numbers. It means the players basically have 3 chances of winning the lottery. The players can also add a Combo to get an extra chance of winning by combining matches on their tickets.

Q. How much is a jackpot game?

The jackpot Triple play game can cost you just $1. To increase your chances of winning, you can add a combo of $1. This gives you extra chances of winning a prize of $10000. Anyone can avail of these jackpot triple-play tickets from more than 13,000 Lottery retailers in Florida.

Q. How is the Florida Lotto jackpot paid out?

There are two different methods of paying the prize amount to the winner. If the winning prize is lower than $250,000, then the winner can receive this prize amount on the same day as winning the lottery or jackpot. However, if the winning amount is more than $250,000, the winning prize is paid through bank transfer within two business days.

Final Thoughts:

We have provided the list of the latest winning numbers and their relative winning prizes. You can further check on the official website of Florida Jackpot by clicking on the “Today Jackpot Result” option. Furthermore, there is a detailed discussion on the playing process of the Triple Play jackpot. Moreover, we also discussed the process of claiming the winning prize of the jackpot.


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