Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not in Use

Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not in Use

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. People who use vape can experience some hissing noises or Strange sounds from the device when it is not in use. Sometimes it happens because of improper Air Flow Adjustments, E-Liquid Quality, Coil Issues, Battery, and Electronic Issues.

However, people wonder why Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not in Use. In this article, we will shed light on all the phenomena that become the reason for this issue and also address the solutions for it.

Why is Vape Making a Hissing Noise When Not in Use?

Here are some common reasons that you should know that become the reason for making hissing noises and strange sounds from your vape. However, this sounds weird when you hear a noise from your vape when you are not using it. Let’s explore the reason behind this.

Condensation Buildup:

Condensation happens when your vape cools down and starts releasing a liquid state in the vape. This liquid can leak into the airflow and coil of the vape and start making hissing sounds. This one is the most common cause of producing hissing sounds in your vape.


  • Clean your Airflow system and coil of your vape regularly.
  • Remove all the excess condensation from your vape.
  • Place your vape into an upright position that helps to minimize the risk of storing liquid polling in your vape.

Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not in Use

Adjustment in Airflow:

Vape devices can come along with adjustable airflow settings. A too-open and too-tight Airflow Setting also becomes the reason for making hissing noises when your vape is not in use. You have to check and make sure that the airflow setting of your vaping style is appropriate.


  • To reduce the hissing sound, keep your vaping airflow setting consistent.
  • To match your preferred vaping style, Adjust the airflow setting.
  • Ensure that the adjustment is not too tight or too open.

Temperature Fluctuations:

A sudden change in your vape might affect your vape device. It can also affect the viscosity of your vape e-liquid. However, when your vape makes a hissing noise when not in use, you have to address this issue.


  • Keep your vape in a cool place.
  • Minimum temperature fluctuations can cause a consistent environment.

Coil Issue:

The coil issue in a vape can affect your vaping experience and can be frustrating. The hissing noises might be caused because of a coil issue. Moreover, the coil can be finished over time and as a result, it might start causing abnormal sounds.


  • If the coil is finished or wears out, then replace it with a new one.
  • Make sure that the coil is installed properly and tightened.

E-Liquid Quality:

Always use a high-quality E-Liquid in your vape device. The low-quality e-liquid might contain contaminants and impurities. All of these things become the reason to make hissing sounds. To prevent and stop these sounds you have to address the issue.


  • Use an E-liquid from a reputable brand.
  • Make sure that the E-liquid you are using is a high-quality liquid.
  • Make sure that there are no contaminants in the e-liquid.


Electrical and Battery Issues:

However, along with other vape device issues, there is also an electronic issue that occurs with your vape device. These electronic issues lead to battery problems, malfunctioning control chips, and loose connections.


  • Check your vape completely and secure all the components in place.
  • Check that your battery is good and not damaged from anywhere.

Dust and Debris:

When your vape making hissing noise when not in use, it might be because of dust and debris present in your airflow system. Dust and debris might cause hissing and taunts in your vape device.


  • Make sure that your vape device is free from all the dust particles.
  • Maintain and clean your vape on a regular basis. Dust and Debris

Faulty Tank or Atomizer:

When your atomizer or tank is damaged, it might start making unusual noises in your vape. You have to address this issue to stop these weird and hissing sounds.


  • Look at your tank and atomizer to resolve the issue.
  • You can also replace the components of the tank and atomizer.

Final Remarks:

When your vape is making hissing noises, this can be caused by a variety of factors. You have to check your vape to stop the issue and address it with proper solutions. Moreover, you need proper care and regular maintenance to keep your vape working. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a good vaping experience.

It is an essential thing to maintain your vape on a regular basis. However, we enlist many of the issues that occur with your vape along with their solution. If you still haven’t resolved an issue with Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not in Use, then, you must consult with a professional or can buy a new one.

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