Vivamax – Watch Free Movies, TV shows, Comedy In Philippines

Vivamax – Watch Free Movies, TV shows, Comedy In Philippines


Vivamax is a subscription-based platform that offers you Filipino-made foreign and Pinoy movies, documentaries, stand-up comedies, TV series, concerts, sports, fitness, and workout shows. You have to subscribe to watch movies and other content. The subscription fee for Max 2-1 Month Subscription fee is 2,400, Viva Max+One Plan 2-1 Month within 3,500, and Max 2-1 Year within 22,900.

This platform also introduces its app so you can watch any of its content whatever you want. Currently, this platform offers its services to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Middle East, Japan, and Singapore. you can watch all of the top hit and blockbuster TV series and movies on this platform. Let’s explore the world of entertainment and how you can watch movies on it.

What is Vivamax?

Vivamax is a platform that offers content such as movies, TV series, comedy shows, and other content. You can easily watch any of the blockbusters and hit movies on this platform. this platform also introduced its app, so you can use it on your mobile phone. Platform is like 1 movie Hd.

What is Vivamax?

Moreover, this has its subscription fee, so before enjoying its content. you have to first pay to get a subscription. One thing about this platform is that it offers you a free trial and gives you access to all of its content for a limited time.

Is Vivamax legal to use?

Yes, this website is totally legal to use. The reason is that you have to pay a subscription fee to enjoy its content. That’s why this website is lawful and has all the legal authorities. On the other hand, some websites that do not offer paid services are not legal and safe to use. So, whenever you want streaming, always choose an authentic platform because you don’t have to face any legal action while using these authentic platforms.

Is Vivamax legal to use?

Is Vivamax Safe to Use?

Yes, as we mentioned you can get access to this website after getting the subscription fee. So, all the websites that offer their content with a subscription fee are safe to use. Moreover, you might know some platforms that offer you their content without any cost, be aware while using them. There is also a case that these free sources might contain malware that might harm your device or system. All of these types of platforms are not safe to use.

Does Vivamax offer its App?

Yes, Vivamax has its own app and gives you all the deals and services that it has on its website. just like its website, where you can get all the hit and blockbuster movies. Make sure that you are going to download the original app. Try not to use third-party downloading sites because it might harm your device and system.

How to download the Vivamax app?

You can easily get the app for Android users on the Huawei App Gallery and Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you are an iOS user then you can get its app from Apple App Store.

For Android, open the Huawei App Gallery and Google Play Store, and for iOS open the Apple App Store.

  • Click on the search bar and type “Vivamax”.
  • Click on “Install”. An app will start downloading to your device.
  • Wait till the installation is complete.
  • After the installation of the app, click to “Open the app”.

Here are some links that will help you when you need to download any of the apps.

Huawei App Gallery –

Google Play Store –

Apple App Store –

How to Log In on Vivamax?

Follow the steps to Log In to the account.

  • Open the official website of Vivamax.
  • In the upper right corner, you will find a “Log In” Option.
  • Now, enter your Email and Password.
  • Click on the continue and here you go.
  • You are logged in to your account, now enjoy the online streaming.

How to Log In on Vivamax?

How to Sign up for Vivamax?

Follow the steps to sign up for this account.

  • Open the official page of this website or click on
  • On the right side, you will find a Log In button, click on it.
  • After clicking on it a form will appear.
  • Now, you will see the “Sign Up” Option. Click on it.
  • Fill out all the details such as First Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, and password.
  • Agree to its terms and conditions and also agree to receive updates via email.
  • Lastly, click on “Continue”.
  • Your Sign Up account will be created. Enjoy the movies, TV series, and many more things.

How to Sign up for Vivamax?

What happens if you forget your Vivamax account password?

Sometimes, you may forget your account password and don’t remember it. follow the steps to recover your forgotten password.

When you are logging in to your account. you will see a “Forget Password” after the email and password.

  • Click on it and a new page opens in front of you.
  • Now, enter your email and click on “Send Email”.
  • A link will be sent to your account.
  • With the help of the link, you will “Set your new password”.
  • Now, use your new password whenever you want to log in.

What happens if you forget your Vivamax account password?

How to Subscribe to Vivamax?

Follow the steps to get a Vivamax subscription.

  • Create an account on Vivamax.
  • After creating an account, choose the subscription plan according to your needs.
  • Set up your account, and make your payment.
  • There are different subscription plans available.
  • After getting the subscription, you can get access to its huge library of content.

How to get a subscription to the Vivamax App?

Follow the steps to get the subscription on its app.

  • Download the app onto your device.
  • Click on the title “Outside Free”.
  • Hit an arrow on “Watch Now” and then, on “Subscribe”.
  • Check all the subscription details. Click on “Continue”.
  • Analysis of all the details of subscription on Google Play in-app Purchase.
  • Hit an arrow on “Subscribe” and verify the purchase via fingerprint or password.
  • Wait till the message appears “Thank you! Transaction was Processed Successfully”.
  • Click on “Continue” then you will have to pass on to the homepage and now enjoy the title you need to watch.

What are the subscription plans and offers available on Vivamax?

Here are some subscription plans for Vivamax and all of its offers.

Max 2 -1 Month:

Subscription: Fee – 2,400

Offer you will get;

  • You can connect 5 devices.
  • It will offer more than 2 accounts.
  • At a time, 2 devices easily stream.
  • You can download 2 of its content per week.
  • On each account, you can enjoy the streaming for 3 more days.
  • Cast content to TV.

Viva Max + One Plan 2 -1 Month:

Subscription Fee: 3,500

Offers you will get;

  • Cast content to TV.
  • You can connect almost 5 devices.
  • You can log in to 2 accounts.
  • At a time, you can stream on 2 devices easily.
  • In one week, you can download 2 of its content.
  • On each account, you can enjoy the streaming for 3 more days.

Max 2 -1 Year:

Subscription Fee – 22,900

Offers you will get;

  • Viva one access does not include.
  • You can access 2 accounts.
  • Easily download 5 content per week.
  • On account, you have 9 more free days.
  • You can connect almost 5 devices by using 1 subscription plan.

How to cancel a Subscription on Vivamax?

Now, we are going to tell you how you can cancel your subscription on different platforms and devices.

Sky Cable Unsubscription:

  • Click on
  • Log in to your Sky Cable account.
  • Now, follow all of their instructions to unsubscribe from the subscription.

Android Unsubscribe:

  • Open “Google Play App”.
  • Click on your profile.
  • Now, click on “Payment & Subscription” and then click on “Subscription”.
  • Choose the subscription and click on “Cancel Subscription”.

Apple iOS Unsubscribe:

  • Open your App Settings.
  • Click on your Name -> Subscription -> Vivamax.
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

Huawei OS Unsubscribe:

  • Open the setting.
  • Tap on Huawei ID and then open “Account Center” and then on “Payment and Purchases”.
  • Tap on “Subscriptions/Password-free payment”.
  • Now, click on “Vivamax App”.
  • Lastly, Click on “Cancel Subscription”.

In-App Unsubscription:

  • If you get the subscription via its app then you can cancel the subscription whenever you want by using the app store.

Voucher Unsubscription:

If you activate a subscription via retail partners or a website, then it will automatically cancel your subscription when it completes.

In which countries is the Vivamax app available?

Currently, the app of this platform is available in some countries. Here we are going to enlist some of their names.

  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Middle East and some other regions of Europe

Does VivaMax Work with VPN?

Currently, this website and app are available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Middle East, Japan, the Philippines, Europe, and Singapore. then, keep in mind that if you use a VPN for streaming then you can only enjoy the streaming where you can get the subscription.

If your app and website are not working then, make sure and set the region where you get your subscription. If you don’t know how to use a VPN and whether your VPN is working or not, then check with your internet service provider and network administrator.

How can you Redeem your Vivamax Voucher?

In most countries like Japan or the Philippines, you might avail of a subscription through voucher purchase. On the other hand, you might avail of a subscription through in-app purchases. Follow these steps to redeem your voucher.

  • Click on
  • sign up and enter all of your details.
  • Agree to its Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • Hit an arrow on “Continue”.
  • After clicking on it, you will see “Complete your Subscription”. Click on “Proceed”.
  • Now, you can clearly see the voucher Redemption page. Hit an arrow on “Redeem”.
  • Wait for a while, a message will pop up in front of you “Thank you! Voucher is redeemed successfully”.
  • Then hit an arrow on “Proceed to Vivamax”.

People who already have an account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and Click on “Continue”.
  • Now, click on any paid movie and click on “Watch Now”.
  • After that, click on “Complete Subscription”.
  • Snow, you will see “Complete your Subscription”. Hit an arrow on “Continue”.
  • Hit an arrow on “Redeem” on the voucher Redemption Page.
  • Wait until a message appears in front of you “Thank you! Voucher is redeemed successfully”.
  • It will take you to the homepage of the website. Now, choose the movie that you want to enjoy.

How to cast Vivamax on your TV?

Follow these steps to cast to your TV by using AirPlay-compatible devices, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

  • First, you need to connect both of the devices on your mobile and Chromecast / Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi Network.
  • Now, choose the content on your mobile, you want to watch.
  • Choose the Compatible / TV device name you want to cast.
  • When the AirPlay or Cast changes its color, it means the devices successfully connect.

How to cast Vivamax on your TV?

What services did Vivamax Offer?

Here are some offers that you can enjoy on this platform.

  • You will get a free Trial to get access to its complete library for a specific time.
  • Anyone can get access to this platform via many devices.
  • You can also enjoy renting content for on-demand viewing.
  • There are a lot of subscription plans and you can get them as per your choice.
  • Moreover, you can also cancel your subscription plan whenever you want.
  • A vast collection of content is available on this platform.
  • You can easily enjoy a huge amount of content on this website.
  • It only gives you access to English movies.

How to Download any movies or content on Vivamax?

Follow the steps to download the content from this website.

  • First, log in to your account.
  • Select the movies or series you want to watch.
  • Now, click on “Watch Now”.
  • When the movies start, you can also see the “Download” option. Click on it.

Keep in mind that, it will save the movie or series into the account. So, if you want to download the movie on your device then use a third-party downloader.

How to download movies or content on the Vivamax App?

  • Follow the steps to download any movie or content on its app.
  • Open the app and select any of the movies or series of your choice. Click on it.
  • In the right bottom corner, you will see a “Watch Now” Option.
  • Click on it and along with them you can also see a download option.
  • Click on “Downloading” and it starts downloading.

Keep in mind that it will save the data in your app account. you can see it whenever you want even when you are offline.

Alternatives for Vivamax:

Here is some best alternative for you that has a lot of similarities like Vivamax.


CONtv offers a lot of content such as television series, digital comics, and cult classics from Wizard World Comic Cons. Furthermore, to watch flawlessly you can get a subscription and enjoy the content without any ads. CONtv also offers you its premium subscription to enjoy its unlimited content.


Netflix is one of the most popular and widespread streaming platforms. it offers you a huge amount of content to enjoy. Get a subscription, start online streaming and enjoy a variety of its content. Moreover, it offers you ad-free content so you don’t have to face any trouble and annoying situations while watching any movies or TV Shows.

You can stream all of your favorite Tagalog, Buhaypirata, Pinoy, and many other types of movies on this platform. This website is the newest and biggest site for entertainment. You can easily get the content of your choice and watch it whenever you want. Moreover, you will get the latest and newly released Philippine content on the big screen and small screen.


YouTube is one of the best legal and authentic platforms where you can get huge content of your choice. Along with short movies, you can also enjoy full-length movies. Moreover, you can buy or rent any of the movies from YouTube because many of the entertainment and major film studios offer their content on it.

Amazon Freevee or IMDb TV:

Amazon Freevee is also widely known by IMDb TV which is Owned by Amazon. It offers a lot of films, movies, Licensed Content, TV shows, and live entertainment shows. Moreover, Freevee is available on many devices and platforms such as Fire TV, PlayStation, Google TV, Android Phones, Xbox, Roku, iOS, and Apple TV.


Hoopla will offer you its services for free of cost and you can enjoy its limited content. you can also rent ten titles at one time and watch them within 72 hours. To enjoy the ads-free content you have to sign up to get its premium subscription and watch them without any trouble. Keep in mind that Hoopla offers its services only in Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.


On Popcornflix, you can get a huge variety of the latest hits, classic movies, and TV Shows. You can get a huge range of many types of genres such as drama, horror, documentaries, crime, action, sci-fi, and many other types of genres. This website only offers its services in Canada and the United States, you have to use a VPN to enjoy its services in other countries.


Kanopy is the most demanding movie platform along with 30,000 educational, documentaries, movies, and videos. You can get access to this platform from iOS, Android TV, Roku, Fire Tablet, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. You can enjoy their content free of cost but these are limited. To enjoy unlimited and ads-free content, you need to get a subscription.


Tubi offers more than 30,000 movies and TV series or shows. On the other hand, along with movies anyone can get access to K-Dramas for free of cost. To enjoy the content with ads you need to get a subscription. You can open this site on various platforms such as Mobile Devices, Streaming Devices, Web Browser, and other streaming devices.

The Roku Channel:

Roku Channel is also a streaming site where anyone can get a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and Live news channels. On Roku Channel, along with enjoying free content, you can also get its premium channel services. The premium channel will offer you unlimited content and ad-free content.

Before You Go!

Vivamax is a platform that offers its services with a subscription. You have to sign in or log in to enjoy the streaming on this platform. Moreover, it also offers monthly and yearly subscription plans to enjoy the streaming. You can get a huge variety of content on this website and enjoy it whenever you want.

On the other hand, this website is available in limited regions, so, if you also want to enjoy its content then you can use an authentic VPN for its online streaming. Get a subscription as per your choice and enjoy the streaming. You can also cancel the subscription whenever you want. as you pay for watching its content this website is legal and safe to use.

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