who owns gamersupps? Jonathan Schlatt or Someone Else!

who owns gamersupps? Jonathan Schlatt or Someone Else!

Gamersupps is a company that offers energy drinks to gamers. So, during the playing, they play well and focus on their game for hours. Well, who owns Gamersupps is a big question nowadays due to the controversy.

Instant Answer:

The company is owned by a popular YouTuber Johnathan Schlatt. He is well known due to his YouTube content and Twitch streamer. He bought the Game Supps company in 2022. He confirmed his ownership in May 2022 in a tweet.

In this article, I will share with you the ownership of Gamersupps in detail.

What is Game Supps?

Game Supps is a popular brand in the gaming community that produces and sells multiple energy drinks, teas, accessories, protein shakes, etc. Eric Frayma, Ryan Morrison, and Ryan Garvey developed Game Supps. The company gained fame due to its advertising on the famous gaming YouTube channel. The company’s energy drinks are beneficial because of its sugar-free, colorful, eye-catching, keto-friendly, and long-lasting.

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HeadquartersBrick, New Jersey US
Employes51 to 200
CategoriesManufacturing, Tobacco & Beverages, Energy, Sustainability, Renewable Energy,
OwnerJonathan Schlatt

Who owns Gamersupps?

The well-known company Jonathan Schlatt owned. In 2022, in his tweet, he confirmed his ownership. Jonathan Schlatt is the YouTube content creator. Where, he said in his tweet that Schlatt is the owner of Gamersapps. So, now you can use this code and get any product at a 10% discount.

Due to this tweet, the public started scrolling to see who owns Gamersupps.

Who is Jonathan Schlatt?

Jonathan Schlatt was born on 10th September 1999. He is an American YouTuber, online streamer, twitch gamer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He became famous for his videos like Elon R u OK, The Best Schlatt 2019, and A Tribute.

He started his career in July 2013 as a YouTuber. Currently, he is the owner of 4 YouTube channels. Mostly he played online many games including Minecraft and Cities Skylines.

Who is Jonathan Schlatt?

What is Jonathan Schlatt Net Worth?

Jonathan Schlatt Networth is around $200,000. He is a well-known podcaster and YouTuber. He also works with different brands to promote through his strong social media presence. YouTube earnings are one of the big sources that contribute to his wealth.

Is Game Supps under the controversies and lawsuits?

Last year the Game supps were under controversy due to the collaborators and health concerns.

  • Health Concerns: Controversy revolves around Gamersupps products due to their safety and efficiency. Experts claim that the high use of caffeine in supplements causes many health risks like blood pressure, heart rate increase, and potential addiction.
  • Transparency: One of the other issues is that it raises the ingredients. Experts and users demand that they mention the ingredients clearly to ensure safety then they can easily make decisions about usage.
  • Unethical Practices: The sponsors of the company claim that they have not got their influence to work and contribute. Hence, the company is under controversy due to its ethical practices.

Is it safe to drink Game Supps?

Game Supps offers energy drinks for gamers. So, mostly the drinks suit the game players according to their ingredients. Well, it is important to make the drinks safe to use. Here are some of the considerations that I am going to share with you.

  • Caffeine: The Game Supps drinks contain caffeine. So, the insufficient use of caffeine can be harmful to the youngest’s health and can cause anxiety, heart rate, insomnia, and other effects.
  • Sugar: Some of the drinks contain too much sugar which can cause health effects, weight gain, and tooth decay.
  • Safety: If the child and adolescents use the drinks they may be at a high risk of adverse effects due to their different metabolisms.
  • Moderation: If you use the drinks then it is necessary to make sure that you will use them in moderation and avoid too much use. Also, you must use energy drinks according to your diet.
  • Consult Doctor: You must discuss this with the specialist doctor. They will guide you with the best suggestions according to your body requirements, age, health, and individual needs.

Note: If the children use these energy drinks you must make sure that they are healthy for them or not. Also, use these drinks in moderation to enjoy your health.

What are the Healthy Features of the Game Supps drinks?

The goal of the company is to offer healthy drinks to gamers to help them perform well.

  • Keto friendly: Drinks are keto friendly due to its low carb and ketogenic diet.
  • Nootropics: Drinks are more reliable to sharp focus and suitable to increase reaction time.
  • Zero Sugar: More suitable for health due to the zero sugar.
  • Caffeine: To increase energy levels and endurance companies include caffeine in drinks.
  • Ingredients: To enhance the performance level they use the 5 vitamins and minerals.
  • No fillers: For better nutritional value they decrease the level of fillers.

What are the best Game Supps energy drinks for gamers?

When we talk about health then the best thing is to note down the perfect energy drink for gamers. Here are some of the best that are most recommended due to its ingredients.

What are the best Game Supps energy drinks for gamers?

  • G Fuel
  • Monster Energy
  • Red bull
  • Game fuel
  • Bang Energy
  • Regn Energy
  • Xtend Energy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Game Supps a private company?

Yes, it is a private company.

Q. How much does Gamer Supps make a year?

Approximately he earns $111,971 to $120,764 per year as a talent manager for a partnership manager.

Q. Is Games Supps safe for kids?

No, GG drinks are not safe for kids due to the high caffeine.

Q. Is Game Supps FDA approved?

Game Supps offers dietary supplements. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proved the drug’s products. So, dietary supplements do not need to be approved.

Q. Who is the CEO of the Game Supps?

Jonathan Schlatt is the CEO of GG company.

Wrapping Up

Game Supps is a popular brand that offers energy products for the gaming community. Well, the company was developed in 2016 and Jonathan Schlatt tweeted in 2022 that he is the owner of the company.

Due to the Schlatt tweet, the question arises about who owns Gamersupps. Also, the company is under controversy due to the health risks of its products and the ethical issues with the sponsors and workers.

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