Best Baby shower dresses: 12 Styles & Buying Guides with Prices

Best Baby shower dresses: 12 Styles & Buying Guides with Prices

Do you want to think of a baby shower celebration? So, congratulations mama! And I know you did not get an idea which dress is suitable for the celebration. You may also think of how to buy these dresses. What colour does the mother wear on this occasion? You are looking for baby shower dresses but you did not want to spend the extra money? So, don’t worry, be happy and also be patient, just take a quick glance at the discussion below:

What are baby shower dresses?

Obviously, you know very well about dresses that’s why you are reading this article. After a short description of these dresses, we will move towards the aspects which you actually want to know. Baby shower dresses are worn on baby shower occasions which is an outstanding occasions for a couple, and also for relatives. So, it is important to become special and look attractive and not wear casual dresses like at weddings wearing jeans and shirts. There are lots of dresses, but these dresses come in a variety of colours, styles, and materials.

12 Styles of baby shower dresses

There are different styles of baby shower dresses some are discussed below: You can just view the styles of given dresses and choose the one according to the factors which are discussed below:

  1. White mini dresses
  2. Pastel mini dresses
  3. Off-shoulder short skirt
  4. Midi dress
  5. Pattern blazer
  6. Sweater dresses
  7. Lace
  8. Floral
  9. Pastel
  10. Off shoulders raffles
  11. Turtle neck
  12. Jumpsuits and solid colours


How to pick the best baby shower dresses?

Such dresses are mostly worn on baby shower occasions, all have eyes kept on you. So, you must have to choose the best dress while keeping these steps in mind:

  • Personal style:

You choose the style of the dress, according to the aesthetic. Because such dresses come in different styles like sultry slip to Oversize smock dresses

  • Comfort material:

You stand on your feet for a long time, trying to pick the dress which is comfortable made of materials like cotton and rayon. The dresses made of spandex are mostly not suitable

  • Easy to wear:

Choose dresses which are easy to wear. You can use the same dress more than once like on occasions which are held during pregnancy, like birthdays, and weddings.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing:

While choosing such dresses, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration like theme, formality and season.

  • Theme

The most important factor to choose baby shower dresses is the theme and event of the celebration. As the occasion is held for you, you choose the dress that makes you different. For a simple baby shower, you must go in a white dress. Because purity and innocence symbolize this colour. Some families select the colours according to the gender of the baby. In this way, pink and blue are the colours of the party theme.

  • Comfort

The dress should be comfortable to wear, especially if the mother is in her later stages of pregnancy. Look for a dress that is made of soft, breathable fabric and has a good fit.

  • Size

Make sure to choose a dress that accommodates the mother’s changing body shape. If you’re not sure what size to get, consider buying a dress that can be adjusted or that has a flexible waistband.

  • The formality of event:

The dress should be appropriate for the formality of the event. If it’s a formal event, a long dress or evening gown would be suitable. It’s a more casual event, a shorter dress or a maxi dress might be more appropriate.

  • Season:

If the event is taking place in warm weather, look for a dress made of light, breathable fabric. If the event is taking place in cooler weather, look for a dress made of warm, cosy fabric.

  • Jewellery and other accessories:

Consider what jewellery accessories would complement the dress, such as rings, necklaces, and bangles and other accessories like purses and shoes.

Remember to take into account the mother’s comfort and personal style, as well as the formality of the event when choosing the best baby shower dress.

Importance of baby shower dresses

These dresses are important because of the following reasons:

  1. First of all, wearing a special dress can make the mother feel extra special and celebrate her pregnancy.
  2. The wearing of such dresses may feel self-conscious about their changing body shape, but wearing a dress that fits well and makes them feel good can boost their confidence.
  3. A baby shower is a special event that marks an important moment in the mother’s life. Moreover, baby shower dresses can serve as a lasting moment of the special event, which the mother can look back on in future.

Online market stores for buying baby shower dresses

There are lots of stores that offer such dresses. In this article, we provide this detail just to provide easiness and comfort for a “would be mother”. Instead of going to the market, save your time and energy and enjoy your function in the prettiest baby shower dresses.


For buying such dresses go to and create an account, or you can also login to an already available account. On the search bar, type the keywords “Baby shower dresses”. You can also browse through the “Wedding & Parties” category and look for dresses under the “Baby shower” section. You can filter your results by price, colour, and size by choosing the filters on the left side of the page. Browse through the selection and look at the pictures to get a better idea of the dresses. Once you have selected the size and colour. Add the dress to the cart and proceed to check out. Also, add the shipping information and choose a payment method. Review your order and click on “Submit Order”. You will receive your purchase on time and as described.


Amazon is the most popular and common platform Worldwide. You can just go to the website and login to the account if you do not have a simple account. Browse your dress selection after searching the keyword in the search bar “Baby shower dresses”. Then, follow the above mentioned steps of online shopping through websites.


Go to and create an account, or log in if you already have one. Use the search bar to find baby shower dresses by typing in keywords such as “baby shower dress”. Follow the above steps of Etsy. Keep in mind that AliExpress is a marketplace and the products are sold by different sellers, so it’s important to check the seller’s rating and reviews before making your purchase. Be sure to communicate with the seller for any questions or if you need any customization on the dress. Also be aware of the shipping time and possible customs fees, as some of the sellers are based in other countries. This platform is available in Pakistan also.

Prices and different brands:

Prices of dresses for mothers celebrating the baby shower can vary greatly depending upon the brand, quality, and the styles.

BrandsDresses offerWebsitesPrice range
SeraphineComfortable and stylish dresses$70-$200
ASOSMaternity and Non-maternity options$30-$150
MotherhoodNursing dresses and Maternity$30-$100
Pink blushMaternity and Non-maternity options$50-$150
Seraphine LuxeElegant and stylish dresses$150-$400
Ingrid and IsabelComfortable and fashionable maternity wear$50-$100

These are just a few examples of many brands that offer baby shower dresses. It is worth checking to visit the department stores and boutique shops.


  • What is the best outfit for a baby shower wearing?

Maxi and mini dresses are preferable options for outdoor functions.

  • What colour to wear for a baby shower function?

White, beige, and blush are the most commonly worn colours

  • Are baby shower dresses available for husbands?

No, these dresses are traditionally for women and girls. Although they are part of the function, they simply choose outfits with matching colours with wives.

  • What colour do you choose for such dresses?

Black is related to funeral occasions. So, don’t choose it.

Final views:

In conclusion, baby shower dresses can be a great way for expecting mothers to celebrate their pregnancy and feel special on this special occasion. They come in a variety of styles and prices, from affordable options to luxury brands. It is important for the expecting mother to choose a dress that makes her feel comfortable and confident. Ultimately, the most important thing is that the mother feels happy and celebrated her special day. “To be moms” hopefully this article provides you with beneficial information regarding these dresses.


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