What Does Emphasized an Image Mean in IPhone, IOS?

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean in IPhone, IOS?

The power of images cannot be excessive and inflated in this digital world. Images hold a powerful means of evoking emotions, and conveying information, and also leave long-lasting effects for viewers. You might wonder about what does emphasized an image mean.

However, Images are one of the important aspects that tell a specific story, increase the overall experience for viewers, and also emphasize to draw the viewer’s attention. In this blog, we will know the concept of emphasizing an image, and also discuss the technical and artistic aspects.

What is the importance of Emphasizing an Image?

Emphasizing an image is the practice that helps to direct the attention of the viewer to an element and specific subject within a graphic or photograph. The power of emphasizing an image deceits and lies to convey a message, create a focal point, and also guide the viewer’s attention, and also create a focal point that leaves a long-lasting impact and impression. Moreover, the images are also used to show the impression of anything.


In composition, the emphasis on images is the foundation. Along with composition, in design and photography, the rule of thirds is the fundamental guideline. This concept consists of dividing the frame into 9 parts by 2 equally vertical lines and spaced horizontally. On these lines, the points of intersection are called PowerPoints. On the other hand, it also encourages the viewer’s eye towards the emphasized subject.

Selective Focus:

Using selective focus is one of the important aspects and powerful techniques. Moreover, for range of distance, you can also use depth of field. By using depth of field, you can keep the image subject in focus and keep the background blur. Moreover, you can also achieve the aperture settings on a camera like f/1.8 or f/2.8.

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean

Visual Storytelling:

When you think about what does emphasized an image mean, then, visual storytelling is used to create a pretty and attractive picture. Effective visual storytelling evokes reactions or emotions to guide the viewer.

Contrast and Lighting:

You can use Lighting techniques like rim lighting, side lighting, and spotlighting to get the focus on a subject. Furthermore, contrast can also draw the attention of both color and brightness. You apply the lightning and contrast effect; you can adjust your image brightness.

Color Theory:

While muted or desaturated colors can make the subject pop or subtler emphasis. To emphasize an image, the use of color is one of the potent tools. On the other hand, when you understand the theory of colors, it will help to select the right color scheme that points in the right direction to gain the attention of viewers effectively.

Leading Lines:

Leading lines are natural and compositional elements such as rivers, tree branches, roads, or man-made elements. These elements include architectural features, railing, fences, etc. You guide the importance of the subject and viewer’s gaze within the frame.

Post Processing Techniques:

Post Processing Techniques use image editing software such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop which offers a huge range of tools to emphasize and enhance the specific elements of images. These techniques and tools hold editing, burning, and dodging. When you use these tools, you can mask to tone down or bring out the image area.

Post Processing Techniques

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean in Graphic Design?

Emphasizing an image in graphic design is used to design a website, a poster, and a social media graphic. Whenever you want to grab the attention of the viewer, you have to convey your message efficiently. Have a look at some of the commonly used techniques.

Hierarchy: While emphasizing an image, you have to establish a clear hierarchy like placement of colors, size, headlines, or messages. When the image is completely managed, then, it is clearly visualized.

Color Strategy: To create a visual interest or area, you have to use a proper color strategy to highlight the area. Moreover, the colors in an image also play an important role in images.

Layout: The text and font styles of the image must have a distinctive and bold typography that can easily create a strong focal point and also draw a viewer’s attention.

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean on Web Design?

Here, we will take a look at some of the techniques that emphasize an image in web design.

Appearance: The appearance of a prominent image that captures the attention of visitors immediately uses a large heroic image.

CTA Buttons: CTA Buttons are often known as “Call-to-Action” Buttons. The eye-catching and distinct CTA Buttons help the users to take desired and sought-after actions.

Whitespace: Separating and highlighting the whitespace content is an effective technique. On the other hand, whitespace also focuses on key elements without any distractions. These key elements help you to make the image operational.

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean on Web Design?

What Does It Mean When iPhone Says Emphasised?

It means that the person who has seen your message is excited about it or thinks that this message is important to them. On the other hand, iPhone messaging has always been one of the reasons why users of iOS can’t switch to Android Phone. This is because the function of its app is very engaging.

What Does Emphasized Image Mean on iPhone or Android Phone?

The process of drawing attention to or highlighting specific elements is emphasizing an image on iPhone and Android Phones. Now, we will discuss how you can emphasize an image on your iPhone and Android Phone.


You can crop the image and cut the additional parts by removing it. Moreover, you can also use built-in photo editing tools to focus on the subject of the main point by cropping it. remove the extra areas in your image by cropping it.

What Does Emphasized Image Mean on iPhone or Android Phone?


Smartphones allow you to create attractive images by using a lot of advanced software and multiple cameras. By blurring the other image process, focus on the specific area. On the other hand, after taking photos, you can blur the background and create focus on a specific subject. By focusing on one element, you can focus on one specific spot.

Contrast and Brightness:

You can create attractiveness to the image by adjusting brightness and contrast. You can use many editing tools on both iOS and Android devices. Use the features of these tools to adjust the exposure, brightness, and contrast of an image for clear cognitive analysis.

Color Adjustment:

You can adjust the color by increasing and decreasing the color patterns. These adjustments of colors can make your image more vibrant and vivacious. Moreover, Color plays an important aspect in emphasizing an image. Now, adjust the color and also increase and decrease the efficiency.


There are a lot of filters that you can use such as dark, black and white, bright, etc. By using different filters, you can easily change the color scheme and adjust the colors as per your requirements. Moreover, you can use a filter and apply it to your image to create a visual effect.

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean on iMessage?

When you have a conversation with iMessage, it can emphasize an image. Keep in mind that iMessage is an Apple App used for messaging. Have a look at its emphasis and image.

Animated Effects:

The animated effects can make your image more eye-catching and smart. You can apply a lot of animated effects on iMessage such as Spotlight, Laser, and Echo. You have to open the image and click on the “Effect” button. After clicking on the effect button, you can easily select the desired effect as per your choice.


Along with this feature, you can also use many other tools to add text, arrows, shapes, and draw. You can use the markup feature while using iMessage by tapping on it. The markup feature also looks like just a pen tip.

Text Size:

to signify the image text, you have to large the text and also bold it for clear visualization. Moreover, What Does Emphasized an Image Mean refers to emphasizing the image size and you can also adjust the size and formatting of your text of the message.


Similar to other social media apps, you leave reactions on various messages such as Thumbs Up, Haha Emoji, Heart, and many others. to leave a reaction, simply hold the message, and a pop-up of reactions will appear. Now, select the reaction of your choice and tap on it.

What Does Emphasized an Image Mean on iMessage?


The ability to create a focal point and to guide the viewer’s attention is essential for effective visual communication in web design, photography, and graphic design. You can also emphasize the images on Android Phones and iOS devices. Emphasizing an image combines technical expertise and skills that are used to create a multifaceted art.

However, on iMessage, you can also emphasize the image for a messaging conversation. So, don’t worry about what does emphasized an image mean, it just transcends or resonates with words that are used to express the visual language. Keep in mind that with the help of emphasis power, the image will be more clear and speak loudly.

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