CBSE Training Portal: How to Login? Step by Step Guide

CBSE Training Portal: How to Login? Step by Step Guide

All the instructors who teach in Central Board of Secondary Education schools have a strong educational background. Not anyone can train in secondary school without qualifications. However, keep in mind not only education works for teaching. Teachers will have to be skilled in each part of the info related to schooling.

CBSE training portal made a 50-hour virtual training program to improve teaching skills. In this article, we will provide complete information about the training portal.

What is the CBSE Training Portal?

CBSE is a virtual teacher training portal that provides complete Teacher Training. Central Board of Secondary Education introduced the Teacher Training Platform at the online site Training Portal of CBSE. CBSE virtual Training website is designed for Institute head teachers, chiefs, and secondary-level teachers.

CBSE gives all these services on their portal such as CBSE Teacher Training Login, CBSE a free-of-cost virtual schooling Preparation Package, a Workshop for teachers, guidelines for attendance marking, and much more. Let’s make a brief appearance on the CBSE training portal.

CBSE Training Portal for Virtual Teacher Training Platform

In the Central Board of Secondary Education, system teaching skills matter and it is most important for making the best nation, as they perform an energetic role in the growth of the nation. One of the most important goals of the  Training Unit is to establish different ability structures and authorization plans to fill in the qualified experience of the professors.

CBSE Online Training Portal 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education has updated its teaching method with the time period. Nowadays, CBSE has introduced the Virtual Training Portal to provide instructors with the top virtual teaching training. All the applicants can now roll for the online Teacher training meeting with the school consultants.

Many different courses for teachers are displayed on the training portal of CBSE. Now, in this article, we talk about all the main matters like the Training Portal of CBSE, Online Registration for Free Meetings, Certificates, Salary Expenses, and the Comment System.

Programs Offered on the CBSE Training portal website

Now, we will give the details of programs that are offered on the training portal website of CBSE.

  • Download E-certificate
  • Register For the Teacher Training Programmes
  • Individual Participate Login
  • Registration for online courses
  • Login site for management

Steps to Online Registration for Free Teacher Training Course:

Below is the detail of the steps for online registration.

  1. Visit the website or click for registration on the navigation bar.
  2. After clicking registration page will open. Then double-click on the register for the free online session.
  3. You can choose the time, date, and title of training, now click on the registration.
  4. Next, click on “Register”, nine choices display on the site login as:
  • school management
  • Individual Participants
  • Center of excellence
  • Training headquarter
  • Training Administrator
  • Head Coe
  • DDO login
  • Recourse person
  • Venue director
  1. Choose the 2nd option (individual registration), If you are doing the registration procedure for the first time.
  2. After completing this step registration form will be open. To fill out the form you must enter these three information points: personal information, school information, and login information.
  3. By using this user ID or password you can attempt online training sessions by logging in.
  4. In the end, Click on the submit button.

Login CBSE Training Portal

After registration user needs to log in:

  1. Click on the log-in as shown in the picture below.
  2. After clicking on the slide navigation bar to display a list of login portals, once you click on Individual Participant the log-in page will be shown.
  3. Enter your personal details in the login form, user password, or ID, and set the security pin or click on the login button.
  4. After submitting you will successfully login into Training Portal.

The login process for Individual Applicants

  1. Go to the CBSE home Page and click on the login Individual Participate option.
  2. Fill in the Right User ID and Password.
  3. Fill in the code which is displayed on the screen.
  4. Press login.

How to Join the CBSE Training Portal?

Conduct an online session in 2023 on the training portal of CBSE which is specially designed for beginner teachers, and anyone who wants who increase their teaching skills.

  1. Go to the website of the training portal, and click the certified link provided by CBSE ”
  2. Find your training program offered in your area location. You can also search on the search bar.
  3. Choose your training program from the given selection.
  4. Register for the program that you selected for training.
  5. Enter your personal information like ID, user password, and email for registration.
  6. Enter the payment method in the given format for the registration process.
  7. Attend your online training program on the given schedule.
  8. Catch the basic feedback and documentation from the panel.

How to take the certificate from CBSE Training Portal

Candidates who need to take the CBSE Teacher Training Certificate can download their diploma after finishing the full training. Candidates must attend an online teacher training program to get the diploma and have completed the presence for their diploma.

Teacher Training Diploma can be taken from the Training website. Look into these steps to take the Online Teacher Training Program diploma.

  1. Open the official website of the raining portal and click on download training program.
  2. You have to specify the training program in which you want to take the diploma.
  3. Now add your email, and user pin, and click on login.
  4. Double-click on the download certificate button.
  5. After filling out the form correctly click on the download button, and your diploma will be downloaded.

2023’s Today’s CBSE Teacher Training Programmes

  1. Visit the CBSE website and click on today’s training option.
  2. A slider bar is shown when you point the cursor on today’s training program. Now select the program or COE from the list of today’s training.
  3. After choosing the program-wise all today’s programs will be displayed.

Steps for Presence CBSE Training Portal

In the CBSE training portal, applicants tick their presence during the class. On the online session, an applicant can mark their presence at one time.

Feedback process for CBSE Training Portal

After completing registration candidate needs to fill 2 forms. Uncertainty applicant isn’t familiar with how to fill out the CBSE Training Portal feedback form. The flowing steps will help you:

  1. When you open the official website login page will appear.
  2. After login click on the feedback portal.
  3. Fill out your personal info, pin, user password, and ID, and click on login.
  4. After login applicant Dashboard will be displayed. You will see all details in this portal such as your training class record, your attendance record, your fee record, and your feedback summited record.
  5. Now click on the COUNT Button.
  6. Choose an online training session and click on submit feedback.
  7. Choose an online training class from your topics.
  8. After selecting your feedback form will appear.
  9. After this selection process, you will fill in the feedback form and write your quires.
  10. At the end submit a feedback form by clicking on the submitted button.

Does the CBSE Training Portal PIN Forget?

If you forget your PIN or user name and don’t know How to recover the PIN then the following steps will help to recover your password:

  1. Go to the CBSE website and click on forget pin/password.
  2. The next step is to fill the box with the ID and pin.
  3. A smartphone option will show add the contact or submit.
  4. You will receive an OTP code on your phone, enter this OTP and click the submit button.
  5. Now you can change your pin and enter a new password.

Final Thoughts:

CBSE training portal is designed for tutors. In this platform, excellent tutoring methods are present. Other education panel looks to develop the skills of tutors to convey the best teaching system to students.

The rules are set down in the Countrywide Course Outline for Coach training or best of students feature. In 2009 board of the Education highlighted these strategies for teachers because teacher training plays an important role in the schooling system.

Hopefully, you understand this article you got complete info related to the portal. Uncertainty if readers need some help with the CBSE Online Teacher Portal. Feel free to write to us in the comments section and we will respond to you shortly.


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