Talbon Premium Construction Company Detail Overview 2023

Talbon Premium Construction Company Detail Overview 2023

Talbon is basically a construction company that has expertise in building commercial and residential infrastructure. The company was founded in 1965, and since its foundation, It has completed hundreds of big infrastructure projects.

The company has built a great reputation over time because of its focus on quality and understanding the nature of projects. The project size does not matter for this construction company. They deliver quality work in a proper time frame.

Talbon Company Profile:

Since its formation in 1965, Talbon company has completed hundreds of projects of all sizes while facing complexity at all levels. The company has built a great reputation in central and eastern Canada because it achieved all its assigned projects brilliantly.

The company always puts emphasis on quality workmanship. This company has a goal to get recognition as the most reliable Canadian construction company in the areas of work quality, project management personnel, and quality control.

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The company’s reputation for dependability and reliability is due to the ability to keep a stable team with a competent and dynamic workforce at all levels. All the project managers, site managers, foreman, job superintendents, and team members, whatever their field of work.

The company uses the method of proper knowledge sharing and skills from more experienced employees to younger employees. This process allows the company to succeed, year after year, in hiring the most qualified and productive workforce possible. The workforce has the most motivation since the company offers long-term career opportunities.

Values Added:

Construction Talbon has always been at the forefront of the market and is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, techniques, and innovations that allow improvements to services and solutions offered to customers.

It is also through its workforce that the company finds itself as an excellent value added. A team has carefully evaluated the development process of construction. The result is that the reputation of this company is dependent on the available quality workforce.

The company hired skillful and experienced persons to maintain quality. Cost and quality optimization and customer satisfaction are the top priorities of all construction team members.

Services that Talbon Constructions offers:

This Construction Company specializes in civil and architectural works and equipment installation in the industrial, Commercial, and institutional sectors. Our services cover the following:

  • Contract administration
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Conception and design
  • Scheduling deadlines
  • Quality management
  • Cost and deadline supervision
  • Project management
  • Feasibility study
  • Supervision of sites
  • Equipment installation
  • Construction management
  • Building maintenance
  • General and specific construction
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Why should you Join Talbon?

If you are looking to join this construction company, you must keep in mind the benefits that you will receive while working with this construction company. Let us discuss a few advantages of working with this construction company.

1. Good Salary:

If you are looking to join this construction company, then it is a great opportunity for you. Because the company is receiving CVs for the jobs of workers and staff. The salary package that this company offers is quite better than other jobs. Moreover, there are different bonuses and increments in the salary after getting a bit of experience in the construction field.

2. Flexible Routine:

The company’s operating and working hours are quite flexible. The infrastructure company often works day and night to build different projects. You can work multiple shifts while working for this company. The work timing that perfectly suits your life routine is available in Talbon Constructions.

3. Learning & Experience of Construction work:

The best advantage of working with such a reputable company is to get an invaluable experience on the job. You will learn a number of things that can help you to excel in your field of construction. Moreover, you will get to learn from top engineers and builders in the country. This will really add great value to your CV after working on big and quality projects.

4. Health and Safety Standards:

Health and safety standards at this construction company operate at the next level. There is a complete process, and all the workers need to follow the health and safety instructions at the working site. Every worker gets training regarding health and safety.

There are certain rules and regulations in the health and safety culture of this construction company, and each worker has to comply with the rules.

Image source: occupational health and safety blog

In case any incident happens on the site, a complete investigation of the incident is carried out. If the company is at fault, then it will pay the complete medical expenditures, leave pay, and a compensation amount to the injured worker.

How to join Talbon:

There are different vacant posts in the company. If you want to join this, follow the steps to contact the company for a job.

  • Go to the official website of Talbon Construction.
  • Go to the option of “Jobs” and click on it.
  • On the next page, you will see the benefits of working for this construction company.
  • You can also see the number of vacant posts in the company. The details about the required person are also mentioned.
  • If you are qualified and meet the requirements of the job, you need to send the CV by clicking on the “Send the CV” option.
  • The website will ask the basic details like your email address, Name, Phone Number, and message. You need to attach the file of your CV in the below section.
  • The company can keep your CV for 6 months, and if you are compatible enough, they will hire you.

Benefits of contracting Talbon Constructions:

You can get certain benefits from contracting this construction company. The company offers great features for working on their projects. The following are a few benefits of this Construction Company;

Quality of Work:

The company provides great quality work. If you give the contract of building a project to this company, you will not be disappointed by the service of this company. This company never compromises on the quality of work. They have great experience in building projects that are sustainable and have great stability. This makes the company more trustable in the eyes of people.

Experienced Staff and Workers:

Furthermore, the staff of this company is very experienced. They understand the nature of the job quickly and make a great design and working plan. The workers are also very skillful and have expertise in this field of construction. You will get great quality work from highly qualified technicians, workers, and staff. The construction work will be reliable and sustainable.

On-Time Completion:

The best thing about this company is the timing and punctuality of the work. They complete the work on pre-determined dates and do not take any extra time to complete the tasks. Therefore, this company has become a trustable company in Canada in the field of construction.

Major projects completed by Talbon:

There are many commercial projects that this company has completed over the years. Let us discuss a few major projects.

  • Concessionnaire Thibault Chevrolet
  • Restauart le Moulin Noir
  • Concessionnaire L’Ami Honda
  • Location Blais
  • Uniprix
  • Center Elizbeth Bruyere
Image source: Dignified Living

On Going Projects:

The company is currently working on multiple projects in different parts of Canada. Let’s discuss the big projects that are carried on through this company.

  • Goldcorp Eleonore
  • Foundation of the mill, Osisko
  • Crusher, Osisko
  • Broyeur, Agnico-Eagle, Division La Ronde
  • Chevalement, IAMGOLD- Division Westwood
  • Osisko
  • Chevalement, Agnico Eagle Division Goldex
Image source: Tablon.ca



Q. Where is the headquarters of Talbon Construction?

The headquarters or we can say the head office of the company, is located at 203 Boulevard Industriel

Rouyn Noranda (Québec) J9X 6P2. If you want to contact them, you can also visit their official website.

Q. How to apply for the job at this company?

You apply for the job at this company by visiting their official site.  Also, You need to go to the Jobs Section And click on there to send your CV to the team of this company. You can get information about applying for jobs by completely reading the article’s “How to join Talbon” section.

Q. What are the services that this construction company offers?

The construction company offers multiple services, which are;

  • Contract administration
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Cost and deadline supervision
  • Scheduling deadlines
  • Conception and design
  • Quality management
  • Project management

There are more services that the company provides, and I have discussed them above in the article.

Bottom Remarks:

Talbon Construction is a Canadian-based company that deals in the construction of buildings and other projects. The company provides great quality work from the hands of experienced and skillful workers. There are many projects of this company in the running. And it has completed many big projects already.

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