20 Different Faux locs Hairstyles Ideas in 2023

20 Different Faux locs Hairstyles Ideas in 2023

Faux locs are taking the hairstyling industry by storm in recent years. It has become a trend in the world of hair styling, taking the hearts of celebrities as well as people looking for a stunning and easy-to-maintain style. This protective hairdo is a flexible and trendy option for those who want to change up their look without having permanent locs.

Faux locs offer a beautiful way to achieve the look of traditional dreadlocks without long-term commitment and maintenance. It also provides the opportunity to embrace the beauty of locs without the lengthy process of growing natural locs. In this article you will learn the creativity and significance of faux locs, exploring their origins, process, cultural impact, and benefits. Whether you are a curious trendsetter or thinking about getting locs yourself, this complete guide will provide you with valuable visions.

The Origins of Faux Locs

To fully enjoy the beauty of faux locs, it is useful to understand their history. These locs, referred to as fake or temporary loc extensions, have a history in the ancient dreadlocks tradition. It became popular in the late twentieth century as a fashionable option for permanent locs. Dreadlocks have historically been connected with different cultures, especially ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Ethiopian civilizations,

Furthermore, hairstylists and fashion-forward people began to experiment with making temporary locs using various procedures and materials, which led to the cultural importance and beauty of traditional locs. Faux locs began as a modern take on this classic period, offering a temporary option that allows for experimentation and flexibility. The unique method enabled a copy of the classic look as well as the feel of locs with no need for a long-term commitment.

Types of Faux Locs

Faux locs are available in many different styles that suit everyone’s style. Each form of these locs has a unique appeal, allowing people to explore and find the right style that fits their personality. Locs that are trendy include the following:

  • Goddess locs
  • Boho locs
  • Distressed locs
  • Yarn locs

Goddess locs stand out by their wavy ends and natural texture that match the appearance of natural locs. With their loose, wavy ends and bohemian-inspired accessories, boho locs provide a more carefree and romantic image. Distressed locs have a natural and raw appearance, whereas yarn locs are lighter and more colorful.

Types of Faux Locs

The process of creating Faux Locs

Faux locs are made by braiding extensions combined with natural hair to give the appearance of real locs. To make amazing locs, skilled hairstylists use many techniques including the crochet method, interlocking method, wrapping method, and individual braiding. The extensions used can range from artificial to actual human hair, providing a variety of options that fit individual preferences.

Faux locs need skill and attention to design. To replicate the style of traditional locs, the hair is divided, braided, and wrapped in either synthetic hair or yarn. This method allows for customization regarding thickness, length, and color, providing limitless opportunities for personal expression. Even while the crochet approach is quicker (it usually takes four or six hours), the wrapping method is more flawless, giving you a more natural look.

Process of Goddess Faux Loc

The Goddess Faux loc steps are as followings:

  • Begin with recently washed and braided hair.
  • Choose a braid, to begin with, and then add braiding hair to it.
  • Braid them together.
  • Finish with a few inches of normal braiding.
  • Pull a faux loc at the top of your braid.
  • Pull the remaining loc through the loop.
  • Wrap the braid in the faux loc.
  • Put the hook through the faux loc.
  • With your hook, catch the braiding hair.
  • Pass the braiding hair through the faux loc.
  • Continue with the rest of your hair.

The process of creating Faux Locs

Cultural Impact

Faux locs have cultural meaning and represent empowerment in addition to their look. Not only the style has become famous as a kind of cultural respect but also an expression of African origin. These locs allow people from every stage of life to connect with and enjoy the rich history and beauty of African hairstyles.

Cultural Impact of facux locs

Faux locs are additionally a sign of freedom and self-expression. Many people select this hairstyle to rebel against cultural standards, embracing their specific style and uniqueness. Especially, their adaptability allows users to experiment with multiple colors, décor, and jewelry, causing in a unique look that reflects their taste.

Furthermore, the rise in popularity of faux locs has helped in the acceptance and praise of natural hair in popular culture. This look has been key in breaking traditional beauty standards and building diversity. They have served to build awareness of inclusivity besides acceptance by showing the beauty of natural hair, allowing people to embrace their natural selves.


Faux locs have many advantages in addition to their look. The flexible nature of these locs is one of their main features. They allow you to experiment with a bold and rare hairstyle without committing to the endless care required by traditional dreadlocks. People may easily mix up their style with locs, trying different lengths, colors, and textures without risking the health of their natural hair.

Another big advantage of these locs is that they’re also protective. This style protects natural hair, avoiding damage from external sources such as heat treatment, severe weather, and excessive manipulation. These locs can act as a barrier, maintaining moisture and improving hair development, making them a perfect choice for those who wish to protect their hair while keeping a stunning appearance.

Furthermore, their low-maintenance nature is another advantage of faux locs since they require no daily styling and can last for a while with proper care. Because of this, faux locs are a time-saving option for people who lead busy lives. Additionally, this makes them a simple solution for people looking for a temporary yet attractive style for a particular event or change of appearance.


Faux locs could be quite heavy, causing neck strain along with breaking in sensitive parts of the scalp. Installing time might range from two to six hours or more, depending on the level of detail of the style. For the majority, the advantages of locs outweigh the disadvantages.

Dos and Don’ts

If you have decided to try faux locs, then following the dos and don’ts will help you to ensure that your locs look stunning.


  • Begin with clean, moisturized hair.
  • Take your time during installing locs to make sure that the locs are tight and long-lasting.
  • Wrap your locs around enough times to hide the braid underneath when using the wrapping method.


  • Don’t make your braids too tight. Braid loosely enough to make space for the attachment of crochet faux or extension hair at the root of each part.
  • Attaching a lot of extension hair to a single braid might make the locs feel uncomfortably heavy.

Removal of Faux loc

There are three simple methods to remove faux loc. These methods include:

  • Cut and Unravel
  • Gentle-pull method
  • The moisture-friendly method

Removal of Faux loc

Cut and Unravel Method

If you don’t plan on using the same locs on your hair again, the cut and unravel is the best choice. It is a quick and simple method of removing locs.

  • Cut the locs at the ends and unravel them to the top.
  • Use conditioner.
  • Rotate the loc in the opposite direction.
  • Separate and cut the crotchet hair.
  • Pull out any remaining crotchet hair and take it off gently.

Gentle-pull Method

To remove locs with the gentle-pull method, follow these steps:

  • Take off any hair decorations.
  • Loosen the hair loop on top.
  • Pull the hair out gently through the top loop.
  • Take out the dread and check that the braid is secure.
  • Untangle the hair

The Moisture Friendly Method

Here’s how to remove locs using a moisture-friendly method:

  • Begin with washing and conditioning your hair to make sure that it is moisturized before taking it down.
  • Grab the base and trim the faux loc end
  • Take out the loc by pulling it down your hair braids gently.
  • Repeat until all locs are removed. If your hair is already dry, moisturize it before you start unbraiding it.
  • When all braids are in place, apply extra conditioner and finish by washing your hair.

Golden tips

  • Do wait to begin combing or brushing your hair after removing locs
  • Moisturize before installation
  • Do not maintain locs for a long period.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair overnight.

Different Styles of Faux Locs

  • Butterfly Style Locs

Different Styles of Faux Locs

  • Space Buns

Space Buns

Wrap and Go

Wrap and Go

  • Neck Length Bob Style

Neck Length Bob Style

  • Half-up Half-down Style

Half-up Half-down Style

  • Messy Faux Locs Style

Messy Faux Locs Style

  • Style with Accessories

Style with Accessories

  • Shoulder length Style

Shoulder length Style

  • Bangs


  • Top Knot

Top Knot

  • Triangle Parts

Triangle Parts

  • High Tail

High Tail

  • Messy Bun

Messy Bun

  • Gypsy Style

Gypsy Style

  • Undercut Style

Undercut Style

  • Sideway Style

Sideway Style

  • Bohemian Gypsy Style

Bohemian Gypsy Style

  • Locs with Strings

Locs with Strings

  • Classic Cornrow

Classic Cornrow

  • Twist n Shout

Twist n Shout

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do faux locs last?

While faux locs are designed to last a long time, you shouldn’t wear them longer than the suggested period, which is normally no more than eight weeks.

Q: What are the disadvantages of faux locs?

When your stylist is done, you will not like them. As they will be very tight and hard on the head and will not be as relaxing. However, it can also be very heavy, giving neck pain and harm in open scalp areas.

Q: How many months can you keep faux locs in?

Traditional locs are made to last for a lifetime; however faux locs are made to last six to eight weeks.

Q: What is faux vs butterfly locs?

While faux locs are normally straight and clean, butterfly locs have wavy loops in their locs that give them the familiar butterfly hair look.


Faux locs have become a popular hairstyle choice, giving plenty of options for creativity. Faux locs, which have their origins in past cultures, are growing into a sign of cultural approval, and self-expression. They are growing popular for those who want a temporary but impactful haircut due to their multiple benefits, starting from creativity and ease to hair protection.

Faux locs, not only provide an amazing style but also allow for healthy hair growth. They are an ideal choice to consider if you want to make a strong fashion choice or an easy-to-maintain style. However, they are set to remain a famous and loved style, boosting creativity and admiring natural hair in all its different forms as the trend gains popularity. So accept your uniqueness, highlight your hair with locs, and take in the path of self-discovery and levels that this hairstyle provides.

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