Hearde Family History & Origin: All you need to know

Hearde Family History & Origin: All you need to know

Do you want to know about the Hearde Family? Where does the word Hearde come from? Why has this word become very rare nowadays? This article will disclose all the details about this family, their History and where they are currently residing. So make sure you read this article to find all the necessary information about this family.

Where does the word Hearde come from?

The name hearde comes from an ancient tribe in Britain. The tribes had a great legacy of the Anglo-Saxons. The name “hearde” is derived from the word Herd. Those tribes used to have many herdsmen. The tribal people used to call them Herde. The word Herde is written as Heird in ancient English.


This tribe’s History takes us back to the 13th century. The word Hearde is a surname which was first used in Shropshire. Shropshire is a little landlocked state in England that shares a border with Wales. The Assize Rolls enlisted Thomas Hord in the year 1221. The Assize Rolls were the court sessions that used to run in England between 1215 and 1972. Later, in 1971 the court act of England replaced the Assize Rolls name to Crown Court. The Britain Government did this to modernize the Justice and court system of the State.

In 1243, the Assize Rolls recruited another judge named Reginald Le Herd. He was appointed in Somerset. In 1296, another person named Richard Le Hurde was appointed Justice in the Assize Rolls of Sussex. After that, Hundred Rolls appointed judges with this surname but had different spells. They were Richard Le Herde, David Le Hyrde and Robert Le Hirde. Robert was appointed in Suffolk, David Le Hyrde was established in Norfolk, and Richard was appointed in Cambridgeshire.

In the 14th century, Alanus Hyrd was appointed to the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls. Two other names, Johannes Hird and Nicholas Hyrd were also designated there with Alanus. Later on, the Family Hearde also stayed at Woodhouse Grove, Rawdon. This place is situated in the West of Yorkshire.

In Scotland, Hird word was used instead of Herd. It was according to their pronunciation of herdsmen. The records in the National Museum show that W. Dictus Hyrd was appointed as attorney of their court in Bernad. John Hird was a famous tenant of the Douglas in 1376. He was known for his renowned land records and was given this job especially.

Recognized Members of Hearde Family:

John Herd was a famous English Historian. He was born in 1522 in Surrey, England. He became a King’s College, Cambridge scholar on August 16, 1529. John studied at the Eton institute. He was admitted to B.A. in 1534 and later postgraduate and M.A. from the same institute.

Hearde’s Family Migration:

England was changing very quickly in the 17th century. The industrialization started. People were moving to different places for their betterment and standard of living. This modernization of the industry in England saw a huge migration of people from other areas around it. The people started leaving the new world, and they travelled to far places. They used to get sick, and even many deaths were also recorded. People died of hunger and starvation. After settling in England, they built colonies and improved their living standards.

Those colonies are still the culture of England and the British people. The people that migrated from different places contributed greatly to modern England. Hearde Family is one of them. The family surname later became this before they were other people with different Hearde spellings like Herd. Hyrde, Heard, etc. The Heard family migrated from England to North America. Many famous and notable names like William Heard 1671 settled in Plymouth of current America. Luke Heard, in 1630, resided in the present State of America, Massachusetts. In 1620, John Heard later settled in Maine.

The Motto of Hearde Family:

The family also used to have a slogan for them. The saying then evaluated to be their motto. They first showed their motto in the 14th and 15th centuries. The slogan or motto was less famous in the early centuries. But in the 17th century, the motto start to get recognize. The hearde family also served in the British Army at that time. They used this motto to motivate and inspire their younger generations. The coat of arms was also related to their motto. Many families started to display their motto on the coat of arms. Later on, it became a trend in families. Their motto was “Recte et Sapienter,” which translated into Rightly and Wisely.

What is Assize Rolls?

In Assize Rolls, usually, the criminal and murder cases were judges. This court system was particularly for this purpose only. This court system solved only criminal cases only. In certain special cases,  this court recieved only a few civil cases. Those cases were quite relevant to the criminal cases. People used to call the Justice of Assize the judge of this Assize court system. The information and data of the cases solve in this court is still protect. The National Archives Museum has saved all the records and knowledge of that court system.

What is the Current situation of this family?

The family is still in America. They now use their surname as “Heard.” A famous case that recently conclude of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This is the same surname that comes from the 12th century. It evolved with time and is finally use as Heard.

Final Thoughts:

The Hearde word is the surname of the American Families. This word has a rich history starting from 13 th century. The term use with many other synonyms like “Herd,” “Hyrde,” “Hurd,” “Hird” and the final word that is commonly use is “Heard.” The family did produce some notable names in British History. Moreover, They served in the Judiciary, Army, and Education sectors for centuries. Finally, The family migrated from England when industrialization was evolving and reached their new destination, the United States of America.

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