High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com: Detailed Info

High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com: Detailed Info

Businesses come across many challenges especially when it involves payment processing in the chaotic world of e-commerce. These are companies that work in industries where chargebacks, financial or regulatory difficulty, or reputational issues are more likely. However, one company, HighRiskPay.com, stands out as a source of light for these merchants. High risk merchant highriskpay.com specializes in serving high-risk businesses and offers a solution to what you require. In this article, we’ll look at high risk merchant HighRiskPay.com primary advantages and features, as well as the way it helps high-risk companies manage the complicated world of online transactions.

High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com Overview

  • Company Name – High Risk Pay
  • Founded – April 2, 1997
  • Type – Private
  • Industry – Accounting, Financial Services
  • Headquarters – Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US
  • Website – Highriskpay.com
  • Email ID – Sales@highriskpay.com
  • Contact Number – (800) 956-1277

What is a high-risk merchant?

Before getting into the benefits of HighRiskPay.com, it is necessary to understand what high-risk businesses are and why they face certain challenges. High-risk merchants work in businesses that are bound to increased refunds, legal and governmental restrictions, or reputational problems. High-risk merchants generally operate in areas with a high risk of chargebacks and legal attention, such as online gaming, the adult industry, travel services, debt collection, medicines, gambling, and others. Many regular payment processors are unable to provide services to these businesses because of the higher risk they see. This is where high risk merchant HighRiskPay.com comes in, providing specialized payment solutions made to these unique businesses.

The High-risk business accounts are thus required for companies of this type. High-Risk Pay, for example, specializes in dealing with high-risk companies and provides business accounts that are specifically designed for this purpose. Additionally, High-risk businesses can continue to accept non-cash payments from clients using these merchant accounts, such as credit and debit cards, ACH, and E-Checks.

How does it work?

Many merchant service providers set harsh limits on the types of businesses and items they will accept, leaving businesses left to account for terminations, suspensions, and cash freezes. A merchant account will be issued so that merchants can run their companies without fear of being canceled by a financial service company with knowledge of high-risk industries. A high-risk merchant highriskpay.com accounts are established specifically for high-risk businesses to accept payments.

A high risk merchant highriskpay.com account is designed specifically to help high-risk companies with payment processing. Every payment processor has unique requirements known as a credit policy that controls which business industries they can handle. The key difference between these credit policies is the processor’s ability to do broad financing, research, and backing from their host bank. Processors with stronger financing capabilities can take on more risk, allowing them to approve more business types that are classified as high-risk.

High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com

High-risk merchant accounts, like regular merchant accounts, can be connected to virtual terminals, payment gateways, as well as additional payment technology networks. Regardless of why a firm is classified as high-risk, whether it is due to its industry, activities, or processing history, these businesses can now gain access to the strong payment processing features they have previously been refused easily by getting a high-risk merchant account.

Need of High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com

Because of the larger financial risks related to your industry, choosing a payment processor who knows how to handle your unique demands is important as a high-risk merchant. High risk merchant highriskpay.com comes out as an excellent choice, with various features designed to the demands of high-risk merchants.

  • Multiple Payment Options

The platform accepts a wide range of payment methods, like ACH, credit cards, e-checks, and others. The range of ways to pay enables high-risk merchants to serve more customers and take payments from all around the world.

  • Fraud Prevention and Management

High-risk businesses are less secure from criminal acts including identity theft and stolen credit cards. This website provides fraud detection and handling services to assist high-risk merchants in protecting themselves from scams and minimizing the chance of financial loss.

  • Experience in High-Risk Industries

High risk merchant highriskpay.com has a long time of experience working with high-risk businesses. They have become experts who recognize the unique problems and needs of high-risk businesses as a result of their experience. Because of their knowledge, they can provide customized payment solutions that fit the unique demands of each business.

  • Chargeback Prevention and Management

Chargebacks can be a serious problem for high-risk merchants, causing lost sales and possibly the cancellation of merchant accounts. High risk merchant Highriskpay.com provides chargeback detection and management services to help high-risk merchants in reducing their chargeback risks and manage them when they happen.

High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com

What is considered a high-risk merchant?

If a payment processor decides that your business account is at a higher risk for chargebacks, fraud, or a high amount of refunds, they may classify it as high-risk. The higher the risk, the more difficult it is to locate an ordinary bank or financial service provider. You are not lacking choices, however, since many companies specialize in serving high-risk companies.

Reasons Your Business Considered High-Risk

A payment processing company may classify your financial account as high-risk for a number of reasons. Here are all of the facts that payment processors normally consider when deciding if your company is high-risk.

Types of Products and Services

Products like tickets, software, or seasonal items can show a company with unusual or irregular revenue. Payment processors view this as a major red signal and a mark of financial insecurity.

Recurring Payments

Some industries with a high rate of crime or chargebacks can alert payment processors. Regular or subscription-based providers are a popular example, with a greater risk of chargebacks, fraud, and account mergers.

Fraud and Chargeback Rates

Payment processors and banks automatically label businesses with a high loss or fraud rate as high-risk. Businesses having a chargeback ratio of more than 1% are usually classified as high-risk businesses. Chargebacks can happen for a number of reasons, including clients misunderstanding they signed up or receiving payments without their knowledge.

Monthly Transaction Value or Sales Volumes

If a company regularly accepts high-value transactions, financial institutions could label them as high-risk businesses. This is a major issue for B2B businesses.

Reputational Risk

Companies that manage sensitive client information risk losing their reputation. This includes businesses within the adult and technology industries.

Credit Score

If you have poor credit scores, your company may be considered high-risk.

Still, having problems checking whether your company is high-risk? Following are some questions to think about:

  • Do you have a record of financial insecurity?
  • Is your company at risk of chargebacks?
  • Do you have a high usual ticket or sales volume?

If you replied yes to any of the previous questions, you may be classified as a high-risk company by various payment processors and banking institutions.


Finding an ideal merchant account when you run a high-risk business might be hard. Due to the perceived dangers involved with your business, you may have been knocked down by bankers or other financial organizations. A high-risk merchant can enable you to accept debit and credit card payments, allowing you the freedom to run your company the way you choose.

Reasons Your Business Considered High-Risk

There are numerous advantages of having a high risk merchant highriskpay.com account, such as:

Flexible Payment Options

Using a high risk merchant highriskpay.com account, you will be able to provide your clients with a variety of payment options. They can pay using a credit or debit card, or they can use a digital payment platform such as PayPal.

Improved Cash Flow

A high risk merchant highriskpay.com account also enables you to receive transactions faster. Rather than having to wait for clients to mail in checks or come into the store for payment, you will be paid immediately. This may help in the improvement of your entire cash flow.

Increased Sales

When you take debit and credit cards, you’ll have access to an entirely new set of customers. Those who do not have cash or payments with them will be capable to buy from you, boosting your sales.

Enhanced Security

A high-risk business account includes extra security protections for either you or your clientele. You can relax knowing that your payments are secure and safe.

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com Serves

It is important to know whether or not your business is viewed ahead of time so that you can prepare accordingly. Some examples of companies that often fit within this category are:

  1. Continuity Subscription Merchant Account
  2. Credit Repair Merchant Account
  3. Dating App Merchant Account
  4. E-commerce Merchant Account
  5. Adult Merchant Account
  6. Bad Credit Merchant Account
  7. CBD Merchant Account
  8. Debt Collection Merchant Account
  9. Firearm Merchant Account
  10. High Volume Merchant Account
  11. MLM (Multilevel Marketing) Merchant Account
  12. Online Pharmacy Merchant Account
  13. Startups Merchant Account
  14. Tickets Brokers Merchant Account
  15. Travel Merchant Account
  16. Tech Support Merchant Account
  17. Drop the shipping Merchant Account
  18. Nonprofits Merchant Account
  19. Sportsbook Merchant Account
  20. Nutraceutical Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com Serves


Here are some facts about high risk merchant highriskpay.com that you should be aware of:

Instant Approval

One of the most attractive features of High-Risk Pay is that it approves applications very instantly.

ACH Processing

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is another of High-Risk Pay’s top features or skills since it allows the smooth processing of electronic transactions. Businesses in high-risk industries should pay special attention to the value that ACH processing offers.

Chargeback Prevention Program

You can decrease chargebacks by approximately 86% with a little help from High-Risk Pay. They send out instant notifications when cardholders send an issue with businesses. This is also an excellent approach to fighting fraud and scams and recovering lost sales.

High-Risk Means Higher-Fee

Each credit card payment platform is unique, but high-risk merchants will face higher rates across the board. Processing costs for every sale will be higher in general, sometimes more than twice those for low-risk merchant accounts. While low-risk merchants must pay the chargeback fee, high-risk merchants must pay a larger chargeback fee.

A high-risk merchant could be required to seek additional agreements, an early termination fee, or an annual or monthly charge. High-risk accounts can also be subjected to a rotating reserve, in which the payment processor keeps a percentage of your earnings until it can verify that your payments were not illegal or chargeback-prone.


Pricing of high risk merchant highriskpay.com is given below:

TypeTransactions FeeLowest RateMonthly Fee
Internet Bad Credit$0.252.95%$9.95
Internet Good Credit$0.252.19%$9.95
Retail Bad Credit$0.252.49%$9.95
Retail Good Credit$0.251.79%$9.95
Phone/Mail Bad Credit$0.252.95%$9.95
Phone/Mail Good Credit$0.252.19%$9.95
Adult Merchant$0.502.95%$9.95
International$0.503.50% – 6.95%$9.95

How to get started with High Risk Pay

It is quite simple to get began with high risk merchant highriskpay.com. To get started with this platform, take these steps:

  • Highriskpay.com can be reached by phone or through its website.
  • Provide them with all relevant information about your company, such as its type, estimated chargeback, processing volume, and fraud rates.
  • Work with High-risk pay to modify your payment solutions to the special needs of your high-risk company.
  • You can start receiving payments from your clients once you have customized your payment solutions.

High-Risk Means Higher-Fee

Required documents

If you plan to apply for a high risk merchant highriskpay.com account, be prepared to give firm documents as well as information about your company. They may require the following crucial information and documents:

  • Business Information – Name, Address, Contact Number, and Website URL
  • Business Bank Account Information – Bank Name, Account Number, Routing Number
  • Professional License – A copy of your business license
  • ID Documents – Like Driver’s Card or Passport
  • Financial Statements – Cash flow statements, Income statements, Balance sheets
  • Processing History – Processing history for the past three to six months
  • Chargeback History – Chargeback history for the past three to six months

High-Risk vs. Low-Risk Accounts

Keep in your mind that the risk classification may change as your company grows. A merchant’s risks to a payment processor are determined by a few general features. Low-risk traders usually have:

  • One Currency
  • Average Transactions under $500
  • Low Transactions Volume
  • Zero or very Low Chargebacks
  • Low Percentage of Returns
  • Industries Labeled Low-Risk
  • Operations in a Country Labeled Low-Risk

The Best Payment Processors for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

  • SBM Global – Best for International Merchants
  • Payment Cloud – Best for Overall
  • Durango Merchant Services – Best for Highest Risk Merchant
  • Soar Payments – Best for US-based Businesses
  • Host Merchant Services – Best for Large High Risk Business
  • Payline – Best for Overall
  • Inovio – Best for Online Payments
  • High Risk Pay – Best for Adult-Themed Business

How to Choose a High-Risk Account, Service Provider

Keep the following factors in mind as you search for the greatest high-risk merchant account services provider:

  • Higher Fees – Sellers typically charge higher fees in order to cover their risk in providing your business than a low-risk merchant would.
  • Credit Score – A business owner’s or a company’s low credit score might leave an impact on the approval of a merchant account. If you get turned down for a merchant account, you probably need to improve your credit score.
  • Who does the vendor accept? – Even account providers specializing in high-risk merchants do not accept any company. Look for sellers who react directly to your conditions if you are an offshore business, have very poor credit, or operate a very high-risk business.

When you apply for a merchant account, you need to provide company and tax documentation. Following the processing of your application, your payment provider will determine if you are a low-risk or high-risk merchant and adjust your plan appropriately.

Methods to Find the Best Payment Processor

Businesses in high-risk industries will have different requirements than others. As a result of this, you were seeking only providers who supply solutions to these merchants. The following is an overview of the categories that might be used to rank the top providers on the list:


Different companies will have different levels of demand. Companies that provide a wide range of solutions to meet those demands scored higher. A monitoring screen, billing, data trade, chargeback monitoring, swift deposits, and contactless payments are all important features to look for. Furthermore, when things go wrong, having trustworthy, available help, especially overseas account support, is important. Companies with many means of communication available were ranked higher than those with only a few.

Expert Analysis

To get your expert score, examine the popularity and excellent performance of a high-risk business service provider as reported by genuine customers.


Many customers enjoy a clear fee policy. Companies that express this information openly were ranked higher than those that require contacting an official.

Third-Party Reviews

Analyze customer and third-party reviewer feedback and recognition to learn what actual customers think of the services. Companies were graded based on both their usual rating and the number of ratings they received.


Q: What does a high-risk merchant account mean?

A high-risk merchant account shows that networks and payment processors believe the organization is more likely to default on payments, experience a high rate of refunds, or even commit fraud.

Q: Who is a high risk merchant?

A merchant is usually considered high risk if the industry has a higher risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Q: Is high risk pay legit?

High Risk Pay now holds an A+ rating according to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has gotten no negative feedback in the past three years.

Q: What is a high-risk payment gateway?

A high-risk payment system is designed for companies that pose a high level of risk to payment processing organizations.

Q: Why is my payment blocked due to high-risk Stripe?

Payments with this level of risk are automatically rejected.


As a high risk merchant highriskpay.com, you are aware of the importance of working with a processing company that is aware of and capable of handling the specific requirements of your business. High risk merchant HighRiskPay.com has established itself as a market-leading network for high-risk merchants, giving them the knowledge as well as tools needed to successfully travel the difficulties of accepting payments online.

HighRiskPay.com helps high-risk businesses in solving the difficulties related to accepting payments by providing customized solutions such as merchant user accounts, payment processors, and security technologies. For high-risk businesses looking for reliable and safe payment processing solutions, HighRiskPay.com shines as a ray of light thanks to its expertise in the field, quick introductions, customized pricing models, and excellent customer service. High-risk merchants can rapidly start getting payments from customers thanks to the platform’s simple setup.

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