How to Clean Air Stone? 5 Easy Methods to Follow

How to Clean Air Stone? 5 Easy Methods to Follow

For people who have hydroponic and aquarium systems, cleaning and maintenance of an air stone is an essential task for them. A lot of people are wondering about how to clean air stone. It can be simply cleaned by using only Hydrogen Peroxide.

Air stones are an important thing in the hydroponic and aquarium systems that provide circulation and oxygen into the water. But with the passage of time, these are clogged with algae, debris, and mineral deposits. That’s why it is important to clean them.

In this blog, we will guide you properly with each and every step of how you can clean air stones at your home by yourself.

How to Clean Air Stone?

You run into this problem when you use a heavy nutrient solution like an organic quick level when you use an organic solution or something that is not fully synthetic. Then, it will eventually clog up the pores on your Air Stone.

Follow the steps to clean the air stone.

Unhook Air Stone:

First, you need to remove or detach the air stone carefully from the tank or where you installed it.

Unhook Air Stone:

Dip into the Water:

Take your air stone and dip it into the water tab for almost 1 to 2 hours.

Dip into the Water

Clean air stone:

Take a toothbrush or any other brush. Simply, clean the air stone by using a brush and wash it off.

Clean air stone

Dip into the Hydrogen Peroxide:

After that, take a tab and simply put the air stone in it. Now, pour Hydrogen Peroxide. You can see some quit it but you are going to spill that water.

Dip into the Hydrogen Peroxide

Bubbles coming off:

You can clearly see all the bubbles coming off. It is actually cleaning all the pores in there. The Hydrogen Peroxide is a DES Breeder and it will clean all the stuff and dirt. Now, leave your air stone in the Hydrogen Peroxide and wait until it stops bubbling. It might take almost half, one, or two hours. Wait for a while and after that, we will see how it goes.

Bubbles coming off

Hooked it up:

After it stops bubbling, hook it up with the line and put it into the clean water solution. Now, wait for almost 5 to 10 minutes so that the hydrogen peroxide comes out that is still left in the stones.

Hooked it up

Pros and Cons of using Air Stones:

When you use an air stone it will keep the aquarium fishes or plants alive. All the things that have pros also have some cons as well. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of air stones.

Pros Cons
  • Air Stones in the Aquarium help to exchange the oxygen process and make sure that the plants and fishes get adequate oxygen.
  • If you place the Air Stones or pumps close to the tank. It will make noises.
  • Because of the water movement, many fish species reduce stress and mimic their natural habitat
  • If you are going to install a big aquarium system, then, the costs of air stones might be costly.
  • These Air Stones help to prevent stagnation, maintain water circulation, and promote a healthy environment.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary for their function effectively.
  • Air Stones boost the dissolution of nutrients that help or promote the faster growth of plants.
  • Air Stones might cause the aquariums to disrupt the substrate.
  • It also causes an oversaturation of oxygen particularly in well-planted and aquarium systems.

What are the Harmful Effects of Air Stones on Fishes in Aquariums?

Now, we will discuss some of the harmful effects of air stones on fish when you install them in the aquarium.

  • Too much turbulence can cause stress for fish and weaken their immune system. It will put fish more at risk and might cause illness.
  • The bubbles will be uncomfortable for fish that live at the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Rapid exposure to air can change the carbonate hardness and pH Levels of water. The sudden change in water quality can stress fish.
  • If fishes make direct contact with air stones it might cause injury.
  • If you install many air stones it can cause a gas supersaturation, which can cause a potentially fatal condition. What are the Harmful Effects of Air Stones on Fishes in Aquariums?

What are the Ways to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Air Stones on Fishes?

You can also reduce the effects that are harmful to fish. Follow the steps to lessen them.

  • Adjust the airflow of air stones so that the air bubbles are created in a gentle amount.
  • Maintain and check the water parameters on a daily basis like temperature, ammonia, and pH level.
  • Place some hiding spots and areas in aquariums where fishes can calm themselves.
  • While purchasing an aquarium, select fish species that are suitable for the level of aeration.
  • Use some air-driven or sponge filtration that helps to offer exposure to air.

How much cost occurs when you clean air stones?

The cleaning cost of air stones is typically clean with minimal costs. You can easily clean air stones with your household utilities and supplies. If you are wondering about How to Clean Air Stone, then you do this by using these things;

  1. Bleach
  2. Pipe Cleaner or Toothbrush
  3. Container or Bucker
  4. Water
  5. Gloves

How much does it cost if you change the Air stones?

Air Stones start losing their efficiency and value after 6 weeks. People also clean the air stones regularly to maintain their effectiveness. If you want to replace your old air stones with new ones you can also do it. in the table below we will provide you some of the costs of Air Stones.

Product NamePrice
Danner Manufacturing, Inc. Supreme Aquarium, Air Stone$299
Penn Plax Add-A-Stone Air$624 – $1203
Penn-Plax AS6Q 4-Pack Aqua Mist Air Stone Cylinder Aerator for Fish Tank$299
Simple Deluxe 4 x 2 Inch Large Air Stone for Aquarium$799
Penn-Plax Aquarium Mist Sphere Air Stone$766
Elite 1-Inch Cylinder Air Stone$284

What are the Difficulties Arising from Neglecting to Change Aquarium Air Stones?

If we don’t clean the air stone and keep neglecting it. This causes various problems and difficulties. The maintenance and cleanliness of the air stone do not affect the overall health and aquatic life. Now, we will discuss some of the issues and difficulties you might face with How to Clean Air Stone.

  • Air Stones can be clogged with algae, mineral deposits, and debris. This can reduce the oxygen in the aquarium which is harmful for fishes.
  • When debris and algae clogged into the aquarium. Then, it can cause poor circulation into the water.
  • Reduced oxygen and stagnant water can increase harmful substances such as nitrites and ammonia.
  • When the air stones didn’t work properly and caused poor water circulation. Then, it might result in algae growth in the aquarium ground.
  • Poor water circulation and inadequate oxygenation can cause and weaken the fish.


Cleaning up your air stone is not as difficult as you think. Everyone should know how to clean air stone. This is the way that we found and it works really well. You can see your Air Stone condition before cleaning it. You can clearly see the difference when you clean it.

The condition of the air stone definitely improves after soaking it in Hydrogen Peroxide. So, before you are going to put it back into the system, you probably rinse it off really well and then put it back into your system. Now, you can clearly see your Air Stone working properly.

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