Snapchat Planets and Planets List Order Details

Snapchat Planets and Planets List Order Details

In the constantly changing realm of networking sites, Snapchat keeps going to develop and drawing in its users with distinctive features. Snapchat Planets, an exclusive display for Snapchat Plus customers, gained popularity and created fascination after its launch in late June 2022.

It enables people to create specific solar systems describing their friends. Snapchat Plus clients receive a planet for each companion, which they can modify with colors and patterns. These solar systems appear on the person’s profile, providing a dynamic means to exhibit friendships. Users can explore solar systems, browse friend-specific material, and connect with other people. Only Snapchat Plus members who pay for the additional subscription service have access to this function.

What is Snapchat App?

People can share temporary clips and photos called “Snaps” using Snapchat, a handheld software program. The program offers accessibility for both iOS and Android devices. When viewed, Snaps disappear bringing an unusual feature to the site. Snapchat includes a Chat feature, like other messaging activities, but once seen, chats vanish. Users can configure their chats to expire after twenty-four hours. The software prioritizes privacy and transient visual information exchange.

snapchat planets

Snapchat Plus

Snapchat+ is an upgraded membership that customers can buy, providing extra features for an ongoing fee. While Snapchat+ offers advantages including altering the app icon, spotting who revisited your story, along with naming specific companions as BFFs, it’s necessary to remember that membership doesn’t remove advertisements. Jacob Andreou, Snapchat’s executive vice president, said the company would look at commercials as an important component of its future revenue strategy.

Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Planets

Snapchat has launched a new feature titled Snapchat Solar System, that is only accessible to Snapchat Plus members. The sun shows its subscribers, with planets signifying their closest friends based on streaks. The first planet signifies the person who has the highest number of streaks. While the other planets appear in order based on streak statistics. This feature allows Snapchat Plus members to show off their app-based connections exclusively and entertainingly.

Meaning of Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets is a characteristic that improves the user connection of Snapchat and is being popular among worldwide users. Snapchat Plus allows users to choose their nearest eight buddies and keep them depicted as planets orbiting the sun. This approach enables a more linked interaction with close companions on the social network. Snapchat Plus adds a fun twist to user connections by assigning different graphical features to each planet, including hearts.

It separates normal companions and “Best Friends,” highlighting the value of individuals in the last category. Furthermore, the premium edition not only allows you to select eight best friends but also includes certain special features like the following:

  • Customizable Chat Wallpapers
  • Pin Your Contact as BFF
  • Story Re-watches Count
  • Ghost Trials

Accessing the Snapchat Universe

Upon establishing the Snapchat mobile application, it sends you to the camera screen, which acts as the main center. From here, you can get to any of the various components of Snapchat called “Snapchat Planets.” This involves Stories, Snap Maps, Memories, Discover, Chat, and Explore Games. Within these areas, you can take part in tasks like capturing material, interacting with friends, seeing material from advertisers, expressing your location, maintaining memories, and enjoying games.

Visibility and Requirements

If you cannot locate a gold ring near your best friends’ position on Snapchat, it might look like the solar system’s display is not functioning. Nevertheless, there are two potential causes for this. First of all, you have to be on the top of their buddy list to see where you’re located inside their solar system. Furthermore, both you and your companion require an identical Bitmoji to be able to use the friend’s Solar Systems. To completely use and enjoy the solar system’s display on Snapchat, you must satisfy these requirements.

Working on Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Plus members will notice a ‘Best Friends’ or just ‘Friends’ mark with a gold ring on a person’s Relations Profile. ‘Best Friends’ shows mutual affection as between the other’s eight most important friends, whereas ‘Friends’ represents being one of a person’s eight nearest companions, however not the other way around. Tapping on the mark shows the planet indicating the user’s position in the other people’s Solar System. Each planet reflects a distinct spot in the Best Friends chart, with the Sun corresponding to the friend and the member’s planet showing their spot in that list.

Working on Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat+ includes exclusive functions like Snapchat My AI, as well as previously unpublished and testing features. Being a Snapchat Plus participant, you get accessibility to these exclusive features and can discover the parts of Snapchat you’ll usually choose. These features object to improving and personalizing your Snapchat know-how actively. Additionally, as a Snapchat Plus customer, you can try out fascinating new features before they become accessible to the whole world, being among the very initial ones.

  • Best Friends Forever
  • Custom App Theme Editor
  • Priority Story Replies
  • Story Timer
  • Friend Snapscore Change
  • Gift Snapchat+
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • Snapchat+ Badge
  • Post View Emojis
  • Capturing Color
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • Story Boost
  • Custom App Icons
  • Friend Solar System
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds
  • Custom Notification Sounds
  • Custom Capture Buttons
  • Map Appearance

Snapchat Plus Planet Order

Created as a playful depiction of connections within the application, the Snapchat Planets provide an original take on how we relate with those we love. The Snapchat Solar System Planet Order actively puts companions in a person’s Snapchat account in ascending order, signifying the ranking. Users receive eight planet-shaped spots to allocate to their pals. The order is based on the system of planets, with Mercury indicating the closest companion and Neptune signifying the most distant buddy. Each planet is recognizable visually by its particular color and features. Mars, for example, seems reddish. The Snapchat System of Planetary Order is an illustration of the app’s connection structure.

Snapchat Plus Planet Order

Friend Connection and Ranking

The position of friends on the Snapchat Planets indicates their position in the friend structure. Giving a specific planet demonstrates the level of respect and the location a friend retains in their Snapchat area. It enables people to visually convey and celebrate the richness of their connections with an engaging and interactive format. The following order specifies the Snapchat Solar System Planets:

  • Mercury

In the Snapchat Planetary Order, the planet Mercury symbolizes one’s closest companion, identical to its spot as the planet that’s closest to the sun in the solar system’s orbit. Being given Mercury shows that, you are an excellent friend of the other person on Snapchat. The features of the Mercury planet involve a pink color as well as red hearts around it.

Friend Connection and Ranking

  • Venus

If your buddy places you on the planet Venus in the Snapchat solar system, it indicates that you hold the spot of the second-best partner in their closest friends’ lists on Snapchat. The characteristics of Venus’s planet involve a beige color along with hearts in yellow, blue, and pink shades. These visual features separate Venus from other stars and present its special place in the friend structure.


  • Earth

Giving the planet Earth in the Snapchat Planetary Order indicates that you or your buddy is the third-best companion on the list of characters. An array of blue and green shades symbolizes the planet Earth keenly in the Snapchat solar system representation. Decorated with red hearts and going along with a moon, the planet Earth actively stands separately from all other planets within the Solar System in Snapchat. These qualities represent its importance and position in Snapchat’s friend structure.


  • Mars

If your friend provides you with the planet Mars in the Snapchat Planetary Order, it indicates that you hold the rank of the fourth best friend in their group. In the Snapchat planetary Order, the planet Mars actively symbolizes a red color and actively decorates itself with both purple and blue hearts. These characteristics separate it from all other planets belonging to the Solar System from Snapchat. While some customers may be unhappy with their place, Snapchat actively creates the planet to show the position of friends based on their connection.


  • Jupiter

In the Snapchat Planetary Order, giving a buddy as the planet Jupiter represents the fact that they secure the fifth spot throughout eight other buddies. In the Snapchat Planetary Systems Order, the fifth planet in the Solar System’s orbit, Jupiter, actively represents a bright orange shade. Designed with yellow, pink, and blue stars, Jupiter actively appears apart from any other of the planets in the Snapchat Planetary Order. These appearances symbolize the friend’s position and value within the friend structure on Snapchat.


  • Saturn

In the Snapchat Planetary Order, placing the planet Saturn with a buddy places them sixth out of the eight planets. The Snapchat Planetary Order actively shows Saturn, with its amazing rings, as a yellow star bounded by a golden ring. Covered with blue, yellow, and pink stars, the planet frequently splits itself from its other planets in the Snapchat Planetary Order. These visual elements represent the friend’s position within the Snapchat friendship structure and add to the solar system’s order’s stylistic value.


  • Uranus

In the Snapchat Planetary Order, Uranus reflects the seventh position between the eight spaces for friends. As the planets find far enough from the sun, the companions in the list get more distant. The Snapchat Planetary Order actively shows Uranus beautifully as a green planet surrounded by yellow stars. These characteristics separate Uranus from any other planet in the Snapchat Solar System. It indicates the spot of a friend who stands in the seventh spot in the friendship structure on Snapchat.

  • Neptune

In the Snapchat Planetary Order, Neptune stands the 8th and final spot. If you receive eighth place or the star Neptune in the Planetary Order system, this implies that you appear as the eighth friend in your buddy’s listing on Snapchat. Neptune appears aesthetically as a blue planet surrounded by blue stars. These unique features set Neptune apart from all the other stars in the orbit of the Sun. It denotes the friend’s position at the bottom of Snapchat’s friend structure.

Subscription Plans

Snapchat Plus provides three payment options for customers to use the Friendship Solar System characteristic:

  • Monthly Subscription – $3.99
  • Six Months Subscription – $21.99
  • Yearly Subscription – $39.99

Members can pick any of these packages to take advantage of all the features of Snapchat Plus, such as accessibility to the Friendship Solar System function. Additionally, Snapchat offers new clients a seven-day free trial time to try out Snapchat Premium before doing to a membership, completely allowing them to try it firsthand.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat Planets offer an amusing and creative way to convey and mark connections within the application’s interface. By placing friends to separate planets according to their placement, people can effectively convey the nearness and importance of their relationships. The vibrant and specific nature of this feature characteristic adds an aspect of laughter and imagination to the networking experience. So, let your relationships shine like celestial structures as you get around the Snapchat Planets while discovering deeper connections that deliver you nearer to each other.

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