How to destroy a car without leaving evidence? Silently

How to destroy a car without leaving evidence? Silently

Sabotaging a car without letting anyone know about it is quite difficult as it includes a lot of skill and manpower. While doing so, someone might notice you, or it is quite possible you may leave some traces behind. So, How to destroy a car without leaving evidence or traces so that no one could ever know about it?

Let us discuss some of the possible scenarios where a person can destroy a car completely and no one would get a hint of it. Furthermore, we will go through the details regarding the difficulty and chances of tracing back in each scenario.

Determining the type of Damage & How to do it?

Before you move on to the idea of How to destroy a car without leaving evidence, first of all, determine what kind of damage you want to pose. It would be quite easy for you to point out a particular way to damage the vehicle if you pick the right destruction type.

Let us discuss some of the types of damages a person can do to a car and the procedures to follow to a damage undetected for each case.

How to destroy a car without leaving evidence

Destroying the Paint of a car:

It is among the easiest ways on How to destroy a car without leaving evidence. There are different types of acidic sprays available in the market that can wipe off the paint from the car’s body. If you are thinking of damaging a car’s paint simply spray it on the car’s body and slowly the acid will react with the paint and remove it from the car’s surface.

An acid has a very low pH value and is highly reactive in nature. It will instantly react with paint and will diffuse it.

Precautionary Measurements:

However, make sure your body is properly covered while spraying this acid on the car. In case, it falls on your skin, it will react with your skin and burn it.

Therefore, take all necessary precautionary measures to keep yourself away from acid contact. Otherwise, you can easily be tracked down by the car owner if he is suspicious of you.

Damaging the Engine:

The next way of destroying a car is by damaging its engine. There are different methods to destroy the engine of a car but here we will discuss the ones that can be applied without being detected or caught.

If you somehow manage to hood off the car, you can Put bleach inside the engine. It will slowly destroy the inner parts of the engine. So, this will cause the engine to not work properly, and slowly it will blow up. In this way, no one will be able to detect you.

Besides putting bleach, you can pour any other oil or liquid inside the engine. That will liquid wild definitely harm the engine to some extent. However, the extent of damage depends on the liquid you pour into the engine.

Precautionary Measurements:

However, make sure you do not make any noise while opening the hood. Cover your body while putting bleach as it can affect your skin on contact. Furthermore, make sure no one is around when you are doing this activity and it will be good if you commit this act at night.

Destroying the Paint of a car

Breaking the Glass and Window Panes:

The next method on how to destroy a car without leaving evidence is breaking its window panes, front glass, back glass, and side mirrors. You can use a heavy object that when thrown or hit with some power could break the glass and window panes. During this process, noise will definitely come out. So, you need to do it when the car owner or anyone else is not roaming around.

Precautionary Measurements:

While destroying a car’s windows or glass pane, you should not use any hammer or other object that can be tracked. Therefore, prefer a stone or any other rock that can cause serious damage and you do not have to pick it up after smashing the glass. Furthermore, wear gloves and other clothes that do not leave any fingerprint or evidence at the accident site.

Flattening the Tyres:

One can simply destroy the tires and rims of a car using various types of tools. This won’t take much time and pose expensive damage to a car. Again you should do it when the owner or public is not around you.

Sharp tools like a knife, or awl can help you burst a tire. The same tools are usable for damaging the rims also or you can take any stone to crack the rims of the tyre. This is another way How to destroy a car without leaving evidence.

Precautionary Measurements:

While smashing an awl or a knife in the tires, the reaction can be disastrous. As the tires have pressurized air inside them, pinching an awl may result in a sudden explosion. Therefore, it is quite risky among all the damaging methods. You may get caught while doing so and even you have to be admitted to the hospital for any unfortunate incident.

Putting Dent on the Body of Car:

You can simply damage a car by smashing stones, or any other hard objects on the body of the car. A powerful smash will result in more damage and this will surely make a heavy noise also. Doing this in public or in the presence of the car owner is not a good option.

To make sure, you do not leave any evidence behind, use stones and when damage is done, leave the place as soon as possible. The owner would have no clue whatsoever about the culprit who has damaged his car.

Precautionary Measurements:

In case you are looking at how to destroy a car without leaving evidence, you should hit the body of the car with solid objects. Wear the necessary equipment that can help you hide your face and other identities. Furthermore, observe the location to make sure there is no security camera there to record you.

Destroying the Headlights and Backlights of a Car:

Finally, a major damage to the car is breaking its front and backlight. These lights are very costly and breaking them will pose serious damage to the owner’s pocket. Like other damages, you have to use heavy stones and rocks to leave no clue behind. If you do it with any metallic stick or tool, there are chances that some traces leave there.

Precautionary Measurements:

Hit the headlights with the stones and leave the place quickly so that no one reaches there after listening to the breaking of glass. Use protective gloves and cover your face so that no fingerprint or camera recording can help in recognizing you.

Destroying the Headlights and Backlights of a Car:


All the methods that we have discussed in this blog are possible scenarios. But we would recommend you to not follow any of these steps to someone’s car. There is nothing good in doing so and if you have any personal grudge, you should try to solve it through the talks.

Moreover, none of the methods ensures that you will not be caught or recognized. There are some evidence and traces that can help the authorities to reach you sooner or later. Therefore, you need to avoid using any such technique to damage a threat to someone’s car.

On a Final Note:

Destroying a car for any reason can make noise and it is difficult not to leave behind any evidence. There are different methods that we discussed in this article and are solely for information purpose if someone commit any method it is on his own thoughts and ideas.


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