Why is my Oculus blinking red? Reasons and Solutions

Why is my Oculus blinking red? Reasons and Solutions

Oculus is a VR device that takes us from the real world to the world of virtuality where one can enjoy different scenarios while sitting in a room. However, you might notice issues like Why is my Oculus Blinking red? Possible reasons are problems with the Battery and Charging components. A tiny LED on the Oculus device is for the purpose of telling the charging status of the device.

Let us go through the details of the various reasons for this biking red light on the Oculus Device and then discuss what can be the possible solutions to avoid blinking red light on Oculus.

Basic Reasons & Solutions for Blinking Red Light on Oculus:

There are various possible reasons for the blinking Red LED on the Oculus device and usually all these are related to charging and battery. Here is a brief description of all possible reasons.

Low Battery Signal:

If the battery status of the VR device is low and it needs immediate charging, the device will start blinking red. This is the most common scenario in which there is nothing to worry about the working of Oculus VR devices.


The only simple solution of Why is my Oculus blinking red is to charge the device with its original charger that comes with its accessories. As you plug in the charger, the status of the LED will change from Red to Orange. The Orange color of the LED shows that it is charging and under 95%.

Using Protective Cover of Oculus when not in use:

A protective cover also comes with the accessories of the Oculus device. This protective cover actually protects the lens and device from accidental damage or spills.

Usually, we keep electronic devices like mobiles, headsets, etc inactive for a few minutes, they will automatically go to sleep mode to save the battery of the device.

But in the case of VR headsets, the lens keeps reading and analyzing the writing on the protective covers and this keeps draining their battery.

That is why the Oculus may start blinking red. Doing this mistake repeatedly may cause a permanent blinking issue to the LED.


Whenever you are going to do any other task, you should turn off the Oculus VR headset. Then put the protective equipment on the VR headset for optimal safety. This will prevent the lenses from analyzing and reading any random writing on the protective cover and it will not drain your battery. In case there is permanent blinking due to this issue, you must visit a technician to change the LEDs.

Why is my Oculus blinking red

Faulty Charger:

A faulty charger can also be a reason why is my Oculus blinking red. If there is a problem in the charger like the output voltage or current is not up to the standards, this will not charge the Oculus device properly.

The imbalance in current and voltage values can be due to transformer or capacitor malfunctioning.

Why is my Oculus blinking red due to faulty charger


This problem can be solved by repairing the charger or buying a new one that can provide optimal power output with proper voltage and current. Usually, a 20 watt charger is compatible with this device.

Faulty Cable:

Another Possible reason for Oculus blinking red for not properly charging is poor charging cable. Therefore, the device does not get the necessary power input because of line losses in the cable’s internal wires.

If the wire is lengthy or its material is a poor conductor that results in line losses in the form of heat. Therefore, the necessary voltage and current do not charge the batter of the oculus effectively, and blinking does not stop.

Why is my Oculus blinking red due to faulty cable


A possible solution to this problem and Why is my Oculus blinking red is replacing the cable with high quality wiring material with very less line losses to provide maximum output power. This will automatically improve the charging efficiency and blinking will disappear.

The problem with the charging Jack:

With the passage of time, the charging port of Oculus may get slightly displaced or there is damage in the inner components of a port. Due to this issue, the charger won’t fit the port properly and won’t be able to charge the Oculus device with maximum efficiency. So, the LED will keep blinking until you provide proper charging.


The solution to this problem is repairing the old charging port of the device or replacing the old port with a new charging port. You need to contact a technician who has the necessary equipment and skills to replace or repair the charging port.

Oculus Battery Issue:

Besides the external factors and reasons that we discussed earlier, another reason is the battery problem of the Oculus device. A battery may not be holding the charge properly and that is why this blog does not stop. If you have every other accessory in perfect condition, then the battery can be problematic,


The solution to this problem is force charging the Oculus device until the LED stops blinking and turns its color. Plugin the charger starts charging the device for at least 3 hours continuously.

The possibility is that the blinking disappears and the device shows an orange or green color. Now, after that remove the charger and turn on the device. Then, shut the drive again and plug the charger again for at least 35 to 40 minutes. This force charging might activate the battery properly and it starts working in a better way.

If the problem still persists, the other solution is to replace the battery with a new battery for this device. However, it is quite difficult to order VR system batteries online from any store. However, the production company might help you in this regard.

LED fault:

Among all the basic reasons, another common and possible reason for Why is my Oculus blinking red is the malfunctioning of LEDs. The LED in the Oculus device works under programmed algorithms. It receives signals on the basis of battery status and it just reflects those signals by just showing different colors or blinking.

If there is any problem in that particular algorithm or PCB board or LED, it may malfunction and you will be worried why my Oculus is blinking red.


Only a technician is able to resolve this problem by checking the circuit on PCB. If there is such an issue, he will repair the circuit or install a new one.

If the problem is still there, you need to contact another technician who has programming knowledge and can fix the algorithm problems.

On a Final Note:

If you are facing issues with your VR device like Why is my Oculus blinking red, there are different reasons for this problem. This blog mentioned all possible reasons for the false blinking of LEDs with their relevant solutions.


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