Is basic industries a good career path?

Is basic industries a good career path?

There is a question that often comes to mind: is basic industries a good career path? The answer in short is Yes. Because this sector deals with the basic needs of humans. It means that it will further grow and you can have a great career in this sector.

There are various job opportunities that are available in the sector of agriculture, chemicals, oil & gas, textile and steel industry. We will now discuss this question in detail and provide you with all the information about this industry.

Is basic Industries a good career path?

Making a career in basic industries is a good option because it offers a good salary package, good benefits, and job security. Basic industries are important for giving important raw materials to other industries, and the opportunities in this sector are vast.

The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics predicts growth in sectors like mining and agriculture, meaning there will be plenty of job opportunities available. Basic industries include manufacturing, construction, and agriculture which are the foundation of any economy.

Types of Basic Industries:

Let us discuss the different types of basic industries that play a major role in the economy of a country. These industries actually provide the basic and necessary raw materials to other industries. These types will also discuss the answer to the question: is basic industries a good career path?

1. Agriculture:

The agriculture industry is critical because it directly or indirectly affects many people. It’s the most important of all basic industries, and it dominates in underdeveloped and developing economies. Agriculture provides raw materials and drives the country’s food supply. Also, a nation’s economic status is closely tied to agriculture. Agricultural products are also a significant part of a country’s imports and exports.

2. Jobs in Agriculture:

There are various job opportunities for young students and businessmen to grow in this industry. Let us have a quick overview of the jobs that are easily available and have good salaries.

3. Horticulturist:

A Horticulturist’s job is to grow eatery raw materials like vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You need to have specific studies to get this job. These Horticulturists can earn an average of $40,000 per year. They also have to meet the demands of the increasing food shortage.

4. Agronomist:

Agronomists work with commercial crop growers, advising on soil management, fertilizers, irrigation, and seeds. They also use market analysis and management skills. Agronomists make an average salary of over $60,000 per year.

5. Mining:

The mining industry is an important activity worldwide because minerals are essential components of many industries. There are two primary project phases in the mining industry. The first is the exploration and feasibility stage, where mineral anomalies are located and sampled.

The second phase is the construction and planning stage. Permits are obtained, and mine plans are refined at this stage. The reserves of ore and other resources are the main assets in this industry. But people often search for that: is basic industries a good career path?

Jobs in the Mining Industry:

There are many job opportunities for the young students to grow in this basic industry. Let us have a quick overview of the jobs that are easily available and have good salaries.

Mining Engineer:

A mining engineer has the job of providing important information about the mining location and process to the miners.


Metallurgists work in mines and have knowledge of metals’ properties, extraction, and alloying. They earn over $100,000 annually.


The chemical industry transforms raw materials into chemical solutions and gases that are utilized in other sectors. The industry produces basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and consumer chemicals. Basic chemicals include subcategories such as petrochemicals, polymers, and inorganics.

Specialty chemicals include paints, dyes, and crop protection chemicals like pesticides, and their production involves research and development. Consumer chemicals are everyday chemicals available to the public, including detergents, soaps, and bleaching powder.

Jobs in the Chemical industry:

There are many job posts for young students to grow in this basic industry. Let us have a quick overview of the jobs that you can take and have good salaries.

Chemical Engineer:

Chemical Engineers develop new valuable compounds for various industries and earn an average of $80,000 per year.

Health and Safety Officer:

Occupational health and safety professionals investigate and document accidents, implement safety protocols, and manage overall safety strategy, earning over $77,000 per year on average.

Oil and Gas:

The oil and gas industry is one of the world’s largest industries, divided into three main segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream companies focus on finding and producing oil or gas. While midstream companies concentrate on transportation, processing, and storage. Finally, the downstream company’s job is to refine the oil and produce consumer products like gasoline.

Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry:

Many opportunities are there for young students to grow in this industry. Let us check a few of the jobs that are easily available and have good salary packages.

Petroleum Geologist:

Petroleum geologists search for oil and gas deposits by studying the earth’s surface and suggesting drilling sites to companies. They need a degree in geosciences and can earn about $100,000 annually.

Drilling Engineer:

Drilling engineers are responsible for natural gas and oil operations and maintenance, as well as supervising the rig staff. They make an average salary of $100,000 per year.


The paper and pulp industry is growing quickly. It consists of many firms that produce various types of paper products, including packaging materials, tissues, and hygiene products. Pulp, a material made from wood, is even used for textile applications. The industry also produces graphic papers used for newsprint.

Jobs in the Textile sector:

Many job spots and opportunities are available in the textile sector. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world right now. You can have a bright future and career ahead in this sector.

Textile Engineer:

Textile engineers need to have formal education in their field. There are a few positions that do not require a degree in textiles. They can earn an amount of $ per year.

Paper and Wood Manufacturer:

Wood and paper manufacturers process raw wood with fibers to make paper, and high school education is essential, along with technical knowledge of woodwork machines. These jobs offer physical work options outside of desk jobs in various industries.

Steel Industry:

Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, is crucial in the construction of vehicles, bridges, ports, and more. The steel production process is highly specialized and is carried out in steel mills. Steel is primarily used in construction projects, such as pipelines, railroad rails, and beams. It means that the answer to the question: is basic industries a good career path, in short Yes.

Jobs in the Steel Industry:

There are various job posts for young students to get into this field and grow. Let us have a quick overview of the jobs that are easily available and have good salaries.

Steel worker:

Steelworkers need physical stamina. Because the cutting and molding of steel is not an easy task to do. They can earn over $50,000 annually because of the effort that they put in their work.

Steel Fabricator:

Steel fabricators use special tools to turn steel material into different shapes. They do these modifications while building and installing steel components in structures.

Pros and Cons of Jobs in Basic Industries:

Let us discuss a few pros and cons of this field. This will tell if basic industries are a good career path to follow.


now, we will discuss some of the pros of this industry.

  • Basic industries provide job options and lots of opportunities. Those who are willing and have passion can benefit from these opportunities.
  • There are many jobs in basic industries that don’t require higher education. They want practical experience or certifications. It means the entry-level is simple.
  • Workers in basic industries have many opportunities for training and learning new technologies.
  • There are many opportunities for growth and advancement within basic industries. This tells the answer to the question: is basic industries a good career path?


Let’s have a look at some of the potential drawbacks of this industry.

  • Basic industry jobs can be physically and mentally demanding and may require long work hours.
  • The job market in basic industries is often tied to the economy, which can lead to layoffs during economic downturns.
  • Some basic industry jobs can have hazardous working conditions that are dangerous for both personal and environmental health.


Q. What does a basic industry do?

Basic industries are important because they create raw materials and energy that are necessary for making other things. These industries produce things like oil, steel, and chemicals. They usually sell their products to other companies to produce more specific objects and products.

Basic industries give different kinds of job opportunities that pay well and are in high demand. This tells the answer to the question: is basic industries a good career path?

Q. What is the easiest industry to get a job in?

There is no job that you can get easily. But there are few industries where you can get a job with fewer qualifications and with no proper skills. But for a good salary job, you need to have a great portfolio and studies.

Q. What companies are in the basic industries field?

Many popular and renowned companies are in the basic industries field. A few of them are John Deere, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, DuPont, PPG Industries, Procter & Gamble, and Cargill. These are among the top companies in this basic industry sector.

Q. How many jobs are available in basic industries?

As we know, it is a growing sector, we will have so many jobs in future also. However, according to the reports of the US Labor Bureau, there are currently around 24 million jobs available in this field.

Final Thoughts:

Basic industries are the industries that make raw material which is used for basic human needs. These industries provide this material to other factories and industries to make new products. Agriculture, oil and gas, Mining, textile, and chemicals industries are some of the basic industries that provide basic things to people for a living.

One can pursue a successful career in these fields by getting a good salary and other benefits. We make sure you will get your answer of Is basic industries a good career path after reading the entire blog.

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