What Do Energy Jobs Pay? Best Paying Engineering Jobs

What Do Energy Jobs Pay? Best Paying Engineering Jobs

Most people often search for What Do Energy Jobs Pay. However, there are multiple fields in the energy sector. All the fields have different salaries. In the energy sector, usually, an engineer can earn up to $71000 per year on average. The energy sector has more salaries than the other sectors. This is because of the risks and work pressure that the workers face while working there.

They often search for high-paying sectors and industries to earn their living. They often look for What energy jobs pay in various search platforms.  In this article, we will explain all about the pay of energy jobs.

What do Energy Jobs pay?

According to the reports of ZipRecruiter, as of March 2023, the average annual salary for energy industry jobs in the United States is $71,376 per year. This is the answer to most people’s questions: What do energy Jobs pay?

ZipRecruiter is a website that helps estimate salaries based on job postings. We convert them into hourly rates, about $34.32 per hour. But if we convert this salary into a weekly rate, it becomes $1,372 per week. However, the salaries of the people working in the energy sector can fall in the range of a minimum of $20,500 and a maximum of $141,500 per year.

Most of the salaries lie in the category of between $41,000 and $93,000 per year. The top earners can make $122,500 per year in the energy sector. However, there are many factors that contribute to the varying salaries in a sector or field.

These factors are skill level, location, and years of experience. The job market for the energy industry is not very active in some areas, but the average salary in the US is the same as the national average.

What is the energy sector?

You can divide the energy industry into different areas. In the energy sector, workers produce electricity using many sources like solar, wind, coal, nuclear, hydropower, bioenergy, and geothermal sources. In the energy sector, different professionals like engineers, scientists, managers, and technicians work and what energy jobs pay.

One area of the energy industry is the fuel sector. In this sector, you will find petroleum, coal, and bio-based fuels. More than 900,000 people work in this sector as of 2021. Another area is energy efficiency in which there are jobs in traditional HVAC, renewable heating, and renewable cooling. Over 2.1 million people worked in this sector in 2021.

The energy industry also involves motor vehicles like hybrid electric, full-battery electric, and motor vehicles. Transmission distribution and storage are other areas where people work. According to the Department of Energy, Around 1.3 million people worked in these fields in 2021. You may further ask what do energy jobs pay?

Highest-paying Energy Jobs:

Let us go through the details of the salaries of various employees working in the energy sector.

1. Petroleum Engineer:

Petroleum engineers’ duty is to design methods to extract oil and gas at drilling sites. They make an annual salary of $130,850. Reports claim that there will be about 2,100 new jobs for petroleum engineers from 2020-2030. This job growth is average. To become a petroleum engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in the petroleum engineering program.

2. Chemical Engineers:

Chemical engineers who want to work in teaching professions or for research purposes need a master’s or doctorate degree. For other jobs, a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or chemistry is enough. Most chemical engineers working in the energy field work for engineering and services companies. They make an annual salary of $105,550. The number of chemical engineer jobs can increase by 9% from 2020-2030.

Chemical Engineer pay

3. Wind Farm Manager:

Wind farms hire site managers to check operations, equipment maintenance, and safety works. They also train junior workers and communicate with landowners and local governments. The companies can ask for different education and work experience. Some companies require a bachelor’s degree.

There are few companies that ask for vocational training. Wind energy operation managers earn an annual salary of $124,650 in 2021. The job growth rate can increase by 5-10% from 2020-2030.

4. Industrial engineers:

Industrial engineers’ duty is to make work easier and reduce costs. They usually earn $95,300 per year. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from a registered institution. These engineers develop cost estimates for future products and also manage safety programs. This Job growth may increase by 14% from 2020-2030.

5. Solar Project Developers:

Solar project developers estimate costs and work with contractors, investors, and local agencies. They also keep in mind to complete projects under budget. Employers can ask for a bachelor’s degree in engineering or construction management and vocational training. Their annual salary is $72,010 in 2021.

6. Power plant operators:

Power plant operators inspect and adjust equipment and work in utilities or government sectors. A high school diploma and on-the-job training are enough. They have an annual salary of $94,790. These jobs may decrease by 14% from 2020-2030.

7. Civil Engineer:

In 2020, around 310,000 civil engineers worked in the United States. Half of them worked in engineering services. They also work for government agencies and non-residential building construction companies. The annual salary for civil engineers is $88,050. They review drawings and technical terms for civil construction projects. You need a minimum bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from an official institute.

civil Engineers pay

Top 10 Highly Paying Cities in the Energy Sector:

Let us discuss the top 10 cities in the United States where people who work in the energy industry make more money than the national average. After reading it, you can better understand what energy jobs pay in the United States of America.

According to the reports of the Ziprecruiter, The highest-paying city in Sunnyvale, CA. After that, the highest-paying city in the energy sector is Livermore, CA, and Santa Rosa, CA. People who work in Santa Rosa CA make about 20.8% more than the national average. People in Sunnyvale, CA make about 24.7% more.

This means that moving to one of these cities is a good way to make more money if you work in the energy industry. However, it’s important to remember that the cost of living in these cities is also quite high. The average salary for the top 10 cities is only 9% different. It means there are a lot of opportunities for even higher wages. You should also consider the cost of living when deciding where to work in the energy industry.

Cities, StatesAverage Salary per Annum
Sunnyvale, California$89,000
Livermore, California$86,000
Santa Rosa, California$86,000
Dimondale, MI$85,000
Cambridge, MA$83,000
Lake Marcel-Stillwater, WA$82,000
Vacaville, CA$82,000
New York City, NY$81,000
Lynn, MA$81,000
Fairfield, CA$80,000

Top 5 energy sectors with high salaries:

There are five jobs in the Energy sector that pay more than the average Energy Industry salary of $71,376 per year. These jobs are Wholesale Energy, Senior Energy Engineer, and Senior Energy Manager. You can have the answer to the question What do energy jobs pay? They pay between $23,128 and $40,779 more than the average Energy Industry salary. You need to have the qualifications and skills required for these jobs. If you have these skills and study, you can earn more money than the average Energy Industry worker.

Energy Sector Pays

Energy SectorSalary per annum
Wholesale Energy$112,000
Senior Energy Engineer$102,000
Senior Energy Manager$97,000
Energy Management Engineer$95,000
Business Development Energy$94,000


Q. Is energy a good career path?

The answer to this question is that jobs in energy usually pay well, especially those in renewable energy. However, many traditional energy jobs also pay well. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average salary for energy jobs is between $80,000 and $100,000 per year. Now you have a better idea about what do energy jobs pay?

Q. Do renewable energy jobs pay well?

People who mostly work in the Renewable energy sector usually earn a salary of $116,500 per year. If we add up their top 10%, it will make over $166,500 per year. To get a job in the renewable energy sector, you need a bachelor’s degree that includes subjects like chemistry, physics, advanced maths, and computer programming.

Q. Which energy makes the most money?

According to reports, people working in electricity, power generation, and operations in the power plants sector earn a lot of money as compared to people working in other energy sectors. You have found the answer to the question What do energy jobs pay?

Q. What is a career in energy?

The answer is that there are different career specialties like energy engineers and photo-voltaic systems engineers. There are also opportunities for power electronics engineers. Another career option is an Electrical Power-Line Installer and repairr.

Final Verdict:

The energy sector is one of the growing sectors where there is high demand for skilled and technical staff. Therefore, they pay high salaries to competent candidates for the jobs. In the current situation of the world, where inflation is increasing day by day, people are often shifting their careers to meet the needs of daily life.

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