kim kiyosaki net worth: Books, Age and Bio

kim kiyosaki net worth: Books, Age and Bio

A popular Writer, entrepreneur, and true liberal lady Kim Kiyosaki, has revolutionized the modern thinking of women through her writings. She is responsible for a huge change in the women’s approach towards their current living and social stature. Besides being a popular writer, she is a co-founder of huge businesses and companies with her husband which contributes to Kim Kiyosaki net worth. Currently, she has a net worth of around $50 Million, thanks to her business ventures and book sales.

This blog will explore the financial growth, income details, Kim Kiyosaki spending, properties, car collection, companies, Business investments, and much more about her net worth.

Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Other than a renowned writer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Kim Kiyosaki is also known because of his charismatic and wealthy husband Robert Kiyosaki. Kim wrote a book “Rich Woman” to teach women how they can do wonders in the field of business and make their mark. This book became an icon for women who tend to do business and become independent and that led to the popularity of Kim Kiyosaki.

Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Quick Biography:

Full NameKim Meyer Kiyosaki
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 1957
Age66 Years
Place of BirthPhoenix, Arizona, USA
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionAuthor, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

How did Kim Kiyosaki make this fortune?

There is no wonder Kim Kiyosaki net worth is $50 Million because of her multiple business ventures, book sales, properties, and her speech engagement with audiences. Let us dissect her income details and how much is made from different businesses.

Book Sales:

One of the major contributors to Kim’s popularity and significant net worth is her book sales. Kim Kiyosaki saw a huge gap in the field of encouraging women to do businesses and startups. Before this women were not considered suitable for running businesses and holding top management positions in big businesses.

Kim Kiyosaki taught women to smash the discrimination against them and learn how to do business. Therefore, she authored different books to make women capable of doing startups and businesses. That is why she became popular and her books started to sell exponentially. As a general calculation, she is earning around $6 Million a year from which $2 Million comes from her book sales.

Co-Founder of The Rich Dad LLC:

Kim, with her husband Robert Kiyosaki co-founded a financial education company “The Rich Dad LLC.” The major purpose of this company is to educate the upcoming generation regarding their finance management and how they can start their businesses keeping in mind the fluctuations in the market.

Both husband and wife earn through selling their courses of financial education and management in written or video form. This is another source of income for her that contributes to Kim Kiyosaki net worth.

Co-Founder of The Rich Dad LLC:

The couple started their journey together by founding “CashFlow Technologies’ company to start their financial advising campaign back in the 90s. So, they took the risk by selling all their assets to grow this company which is currently Daddy company holding Rich Dad LLC and other companies also.

Motivational speeches and Public Engagements:

Kim Kayosaki charges a handsome amount of money for appearing in public gatherings and sharing her thoughts with the public. Therefore, this is another source of income for her. As a financial institution founder and advisor, she is invited to different seminars to encourage people about business in the 21st century.

However, Kim Kiyosaki has a booking fee of around $30,000 to $50,000 to speak at seminars and public gatherings. This quotation may change depending upon the location of the event, time duration of the presentation, and market values.

Motivational speeches and Public Engagements:

Social Media Earnings:

Besides these income streams, social media especially YouTube and Instagram are the two social platforms from which Kim and her husband make a lot of money. They have a combined YouTube channel named “The Rich Dad” that has over 3.25 Million subscribers as of October 2023.

YouTube Channel Earning:

The channel has garnered over 169 Million views across all its videos and this would have surely made a lot of money for them. Following YouTube’s earning methodology, it gives $5 for every 1000 views on a video. Considering that, the couple would have made around $846,800 from their YouTube Channel just by Views without sponsorship (sponsored videos provide more income).

As the couple co-owns this channel, half of the income would have been credited to Kim Kayosaki account.

Instagram Following and Income:

Besides Youtube, Kim has a huge following on her Instagram account and boasts around 243K followers. So, she charges huge money for a sponsored post from her Instagram handle. According to the Instagram payment model, she might be charging $5000 to $10,000 per post according to her following. Therefore, doing multiple sponsored posts would earn her a good amount of money.

Real Estate Investments:

One of the major and earliest businesses that Kim started was investing in real estate. Currently, she owns multiple hotels, golf courses, and houses that she has rented out and earns money from there. However, she first invested in a 2 room house in Oregon, USA in 1989. She used to get $25 per month as its rental cost.

Currently, with a number of houses, and other properties across the United States of America, Kim Kiyosaki net worth is booming.

Real Estate Investments:

Kim Kiyosaki Cars Collection:

Kim actually co-owns various luxurious cars and the couple often enjoys roaming in those cars. Therefore, the list of cars includes;

  • Rolls Royce Dawn,
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ferrari458
  • Mercedes G63 AMG

Kim Kiyosaki Cars Collection:

Physical Attributes of Kim Kayosaki:

Being a 66 year old lady, Kim still looks so graceful thanks to her slim body size. Furthermore, the couple did not have any children and considered their company as their family.

Body Size32 – 30 – 34 Inches
Height5 Feet 9 Inches or 179 cm
weight60 kgs or 132 Pounds
Hair ColourBlonde and Yellow
Eye ColourBlack
EthnicityAsian American

On a Final Note:

Kim Kiyosaki net worth is almost $50 Million and this is due to various business ventures, investments, and entrepreneurial careers. Furthermore, she is a popular author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and a YouTuber. Her Husband, Robert Kiyosaki is a world-famous financial advisor and author of one of the most selling books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad ” and they co-own most of their businesses and companies.

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