Longhaired Dalmatian History, Facts, Price & FAQS

Longhaired Dalmatian History, Facts, Price & FAQS

The longhaired Dalmatian is a very friendly dog that has different characteristics from the standard Dalmatians. These dogs are more intelligent and trustworthy than other ones. These dogs have some characteristics in them like obedience, quickness, and trainability. The coat of their dogs requires more grooming. Lots of care is necessary to maintain their appearance.

Are you familiar with the dog breed Dalmatian? What is a Dalmatian? What is the physical appearance of the Dalmatian? Which type of diseases do they have? You would like to know if they are rare or not. Such a type of Dalmatian has an interesting feature. All the information about dogs is given in this article.

Longhaired Dalmatian

What is Longhaired Dalmatian?

A Dalmatian which has longhaired property as the dominant gene, variation of the Dalmatian breed of dog that has a longer coat of fur when compared to the standard short-haired coat. They are considering the breed of kennel clubs.

In most places, their nicknames are used like Spotted Dog and Pudding Dog. People called them spotted dogs because they have lots of spots on their bodies which look so beautiful and attractive. Dogs are also famous due to the spots reminding the people of the dessert that is covered with nuts and fruits.

Difference between Longhaired Dalmatian and Standard Dalmatian:

This dog is quite similar to the standard Dalmatian, with the main difference of having their coat.

  • This dog have a longer and softer coat of fur that is usually thicker and more luxurious than the short, smooth coat of a standard Dalmatian.
  • The coat can be any color and is typically white with black or brown spots.
  • These dogs have athletic builds, with long legs, strong muscles, and a muscular torso.
  • They have distinctive black or brown spots on their white fur, which is one of the breed’s most recognizable features.

Feature of Dalmatian:

The feature of the long-haired Dalmatian hair is given as

1. Consider as Pure Breed:

Long-haired Dalmatian is considered the pure breed of dogs due to their personality. Most people do not consider them a pure breed of Dalmatian. They are also considered rare when we compare them with the standard version of the breed of Dalmatian.

Their parents of breed, have the recessive trait of long coats in them as they pass their traits to their offspring. So, their breed of them is very lucky because they have a long coat. Some kennel clubs deny recognizing them due to the presence of their breed. Kennel clubs have no such kind of variations in them so they don’t consider the special in their breed.

2. Long Coat:

Containing long coats makes them unique from the other standard versions of the short-haired breed. Dalmatians contain thicker, softer, and longer coats than the coats of standard Dalmatians. The color of the coat can vary but is usually white with black or brown spots.

The coat may be wavy or curly, with longer fur on the legs, tail, and ears. Keeping the coat in good condition requires much more attention and affection toward the cutest dog. If you do not care about the coat then it may mat or tangle with each other.

3. Coat Colors:

The coat base is white but the spots are of two colours brown and black. The spots should be clearly defined and symmetrical, though they can vary in size and distribution. In the kennel, there is no reorganization of the spots but in the longed-haired Dalmatian colour and pattern variations are present.

Because it is not a breed variety recognized by the major kennel organizations, the longhaired coat may be seen adversely in some conformation events. The dog’s longhaired coat, which just seems different from the conventional short-haired coat, has no bearing on the dog’s health or temperament.

4. Face:

A strong and determinate expression is due to the strong jaw and tight lips. They have strong teeth are evenly arranged and have a big bite. The standard Dalmatian has 42 teeth. They are known for their powerful bite, which is an important attribute for a breed that was originally used for hunting and guarding.

The mouth of a longhaired Dalmatian is functional and serves the dog well in performing its duties, whether it be work or play. These dogs have noses, eyes, nose as well as long rectangular-shaped heads. Their eyes are impressive and friendly.

In a comparison of their body, the fur is too short on their face. Moreover, the face of the Dalmatian is idiosyncratic and identifiable among all the breeds of the Dalmatian.

5. Height:

Like standard Dalmatian the height is specific. According to breed standards set by major kennel clubs, a Dalmatian should be around 19 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder for males and 18 to 22 inches tall for females. This range represents the ideal height for the breed, but individual dogs may be slightly taller or shorter. Despite their height, Dalmatians are athletic and muscular dogs that are known for their speed and endurance.

6. Body:

Muscular and athletic type of body they have. The shape of their body is a rectangular deep chest, and a strong and straight back. Their paws are huge and round, with well-arched toes, and they have long, powerful legs.

When a longhaired Dalmatian is excited or alert, its tail, which is typically long and tapering, may be carried high. The fur on the body can be wavy or curly, especially on the legs, tail, and ears, and is typically longer and thicker than the fur on the face.

A longhaired Dalmatian’s overall body form and structure complement their athletic and active character, enabling them to run, jump, and play with ease.

7. Weight:

The weight of the dogs is 45 to 70 pounds.

8. Life span:

The life span is around about 10 to 13 years. Their span would be increased if proper care and affection were maintained. Genetics, Diet, and exercise also affect the life span of the dogs, such factors also need to be considered which have a larger impact on the body and life of the Dalmatian.

Health Issues: Longhaired Dalmatian.

There are many health issues that occur in longhaired dogs.

  1. Potential Obesity
  2. Hyperuricosuria
  3. Deafness
  4. Allergic problem

1. Potential Obesity:

Most of the time dogs consume more than they burn calories. Potential obesity is due to the weight of the dog. Some other problems also arise like joint pain and respiratory problems. For the prevention of this disease in dogs, it is necessary to use the proper diet and also monitor the body for maintaining weight.

2. Hyperuricosuria:

Hyperuricosuria is a genetic condition that is due to the frequent coming of uric acid in the urine of dogs. Due to this problem, the bladder stone may develop and may cause pain in the dogs as well as in their urinary tract and have the ability to cause serious problems.

In addition to other urinary system problems, Dalmatians with hyperuricosuria are more likely to develop bladder stones frequently over the course of their lifetimes. This disease also occurs due to genetic mutation among dogs.

To reduce the risk of this problem, necessary for us to check the test of genetics before mating. In this regard, the frequency of this problem is much lower in comparison to not checking the genetic tests. Heath is very important for the Dalmatian.

3. Deafness:

Since Dalmatians are predisposed to hearing loss, it is believed that 12% of all Dalmatians are born with hearing loss in one or both with hearing loss in ears. In comparison to their shorthaired dogs, longhaired Dalmatians are not known to have an increased or decreased propensity to deafness.

Genetic testing and breeding procedures that avoid breeding dogs with the deafness gene can, however, minimize the chance of deafness. Before adopting a Dalmatian into their house, prospective owners should carefully consider the fact that deafness can be a big worry for these dogs.

4. Allergic problem:

Some breeds of long-haired Dalmatians have allergic problems. They are allergic to pollen grains, some sort of smell, etc. Keep your dogs in the safest place where dogs do have not many issues such as problems.

Keep in mind while buying Dalmatian:

The fact is people are not aware of these instructions. Before purchasing dogs keep in mind some important points.

1. Necessities of tutoring:

Dalmatians have long coats that require tutoring to prevent matting and tangles, otherwise, their long hairs will create a mess with each other and look ungracious. You just make sure that when you have enough time you will take care of your dog to maintain its good state.

2. Exercise:

Exercise keeps them healthy and happy. Such dogs have a lot of time for physical and mental activities. First, look at your lifestyle and ability to provide daily exercise for your dog. This exercise will keep your dog healthy and fit.

3. Trustworthy Breeder:

Look for a reputable breeder who is able to test their breeding stock for common health problems, like as deafness and hyperuricosuria, and who follows answerable breeding practices.

Longhaired Dalmatian

4. Health Problems:

Before buying a puppy of any dog breed it is necessary to check the proper health issue of the dog. After buying it you will not be able to replace it.

5. Physical Activity and Socialization:

These dogs are strong, determined, and expressive in their emotions. Properly train them for any competition.

6. Charge:

The charge of keeping a Longcoat Dalmatian, including nutrition, veterinarian maintenance, dressing, and exercise, can be considerable. Make sure you have an accurate understanding of the economic promise involved in possessing a dog.

Price of Dalmatian:

The price depends on height, weight, and physical fitness. Commonly the price in the market is 800$ to 1500$.


Q. What is the personality of a long-coated Dalmatian?

The personality of the longhaired Dalmatian is very strong and expressive. Such dogs are very loyal to their family and little children.

Q. Do Dalmatians bark a lot?

No, Dalmatians do not bark a lot.

Q. Are Dalmatians difficult to train?

Yes, they are much more difficult to train due to their stubborn character.

Concluding Remarks:

If you want to purchase the Dalmatian then keep some factors in your mind before taking any other step. They are unique but suited for everyone. They have a lot of nicknames and are also famous due to their breed history. If you have enough time to care then definitely you should have a longhaired Dalmatian. To secure these breeds among the standard ones proper care is required. It is important for us to take guidelines with our physician that help us with the health of the dog.




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