A Complete Guide to Scrabbles Set: How to play this Game?

A Complete Guide to Scrabbles Set: How to play this Game?

Scrabble is a perfect game to play with your friends and family members in your leisure time. It is a healthy and fun activity that enhances the sharpness and vocabulary of the players. Similarly, There are different benefits and challenges of this game.

What are the basic rules and instructions to play this game? In this article, we will provide every necessary detail of the Scrabble game and Scrabble set. This blog will cover different topics like steps to play, tricks to win, rules and challenges, equipment, and many more in a very precise manner.

What is Scrabble?

Scrabble is a game consisting of words in the form of tiles on a square board of each 15×15 cell grid. The board is full of a dark red square for triple words, 17 pale red for double words, 12 dark blue for triple letters, and H8 is the center square represented with a star.

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Two or four players can play this game at a time by placing the tiles of words in rows and a column direction. After placing, it represents some dictionary words.

What is Scrabbles Set?

A Scrabble set is basically a complete set of equipment that the players need to play this game. Moreover, There are different game pieces and other accessories for this game. The following are the main components of the Scrabbles set:

  • Game Board:

The first thing that you need to play this game is a Game board. The board actually comes in a rectangle or square shape. Also, there is a grid of small squares printed on the board. The players place letters on these grids in a certain pattern. The material of the board is quite strong and durable like plastic and wood.

  • Tiles:

The Scrabbles set consists of 100 game tiles. Tiles are basically small pieces of a square shape on which letters are printed. On the other side of the tiles, the points of that particular letter are printed. There are 2 tiles which are blank and there is no letter on them. You can use these tiles as any letter that is missing from your word.

  • Tile Racks:

The Scrabble set also has Tile racks. Players use this tile rack to hold their tiles while playing the game. A tile rack can hold up to 7 tiles at a time. They are usually small in size and their material of construction is wood or plastic.

  • Tile Bag:

There is a bag in the Scrabbles set. This bag is actually a pouch that the players use to put tiles after playing the game. This pouch carries the tiles and players draw tiles from this bag randomly while placing them on the board. You do not have to look into the bag while picking tiles from it.

  • Rules and Instructions Manual:

There is a small manual book on the equipment in which the instructions and rules of playing this game are clearly written. If anyone does not know the rules or tips to play, He can get help from this manual and rule book.

  • Score Pad and Pencil:

There is a pencil and scorepad that players use to record the performance of the game.

  • Dictionary:

The dictionary is also a part of Scrabbles set equipment. Players have to check whether a few words are valid or not. So, it is an important part of the equipment.

Scrabbles Set

The appearance of Scrabbles Set:

The Scrabble set consists of a Scrabble board with a bag of word tiles. Moreover, There are approximately 100 tiles in a box with an uneven arrangement. There are more tiles for vowels and fewer for consonants.

The tiles are distributed with arrangement such as A-9, B-2, C-2, D-4, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6, O-8, P-2, Q-1, R-6, S-4, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1 and Blanks-2. The board is marked as below color scheme:

8 dark redTriple word
17 pale redDouble word
Center H8Star shape representation
12 dark blueTriple letters
24 pale blueDouble letter

Steps to play Scrabbles set:

You have to follow these steps to play Scrabble efficiently:

  • Place the Scrabbles game board on a level surface or on the ground. Place the tiles in the corresponding tile bag, face down.
  • Scrabble is a game that usually 2 or 4 players can play.
  • To build their initial tile rack, each player selects seven tiles from the bag.
  • The first participant is picked at random, and the game proceeds clockwise.
  • The first player begins by arranging tiles on the board to create a word. He should write the word on the board either horizontally or vertically. He must place at least one tile on the “star” square in the middle.
  • The length and difficulty of the words created are used to award points. Longer and more complex words are worth more points.
  • Following a player’s placement of tiles on the board from the Scrabbles Set, the other players draw fresh tiles to replace the previous ones. A player’s rack should always include seven tiles.
  • The game then moves on to the next person. The next player then inserts tiles on the board to make a word, and so on.
  • Special squares on the board can win players extra points. These squares have two-letter scores, three-letter scores, two-word scores, and three-word scores.


  • It is clear at the start of the game that each player has a one-by-one turn.
  • Each player plays with a single letter.
  • The players should play the game in a parallel, upward, downward, and cross manner
  • If the player plays all 7 tiles, Then it is Bingo and the player will get a Bonus.
  • the player cannot replace or change the tile once the other player has scored.


In Scrabbles set, a challenge is that a player can make more than one word in his/her turn. In Addition, This will allow the opponent a chance to win. If one or more words are not correct, the next player loses the chance.


  • Try to focus on magic 8 letters like A, E, I, L, N, R, S, and T.
  • You must arrange your tiles with visual cues.
  • Use the word Q sooner. Learn the words that include Q but do not have U.
  • Try to memorize the two and three letters. In this way, you are able to rack up points.
  • You can try to place the tiles surrounding the bonus tiles.
  • Try to know your prefixes and suffixes of words in such a way you can know the opponent’s score. For the suffix “ER” to jump in the game you can make the word “JUMPER” It will give a 50-point bonus.
  • The letters J, X, and Z are for double and triple points
  • Focus on finding the opportunity for “hooks”. It means you change your opponent’s word with your word.
  • Play the game parallel if you get rid of vowels but points are still racked up.
  • Thoroughly, read the dictionary during the game.

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End of Game

In the end, each player must have played all the tiles. At least six turns are played with scoreless. Also, A player takes 10 minutes more time during a turn. This will lead this game towards the end. After the game, you will realize that it is actually a real test of your word knowledge and vocabulary.


Q. What type of scrabble is skill or luck?

Every game is typically based on both Luck and Skill. The same is the case with Scrabble games. But it is more of a skill-based game.

Q. How can you dominate the game?

You can dominate the other players if you collect the Bonus square points. Bonus square playing allows you to go past your friends.

Q. Is this game IQ-based?

Yes, this is an IQ-based game. It tests your mind skills and vocabulary. You need to pick words instantly. This is a real challenge in the game.

Q. Is Scrabble played with 7 or 8 tiles?

Throughout the game, each player will have 7 tiles. While pulling the tile from the bag, you shouldn’t look inside. The term should remain undiscovered.

Q. What exactly is a Scrabbles set?

A Scrabble set is basically a set of equipment that is required to play the famous Scrabble game.

Q. What exactly is Scrabbles set equipment?

A Scrabble set consists of a board, 100 letter tiles, a bag or container for the tiles, and a rulebook. Also, some Scrabble sets include a scorepad and pencils for recording the players’ scores.

Final Thoughts:

In Conclusion, The Scrabble set is actually the equipment that is required to play this game. It usually contains Tiles, a Game board, a Tiles Rack, and a tiles bag. It is an ideal game to increase your words and vocabulary. Are you interested to know about the Scrabble game? What is the equipment of the Scrabbles set? Read the above article to know all about this game.

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