Boosting Customer Loyalty With Cannabis Loyalty Programs

Boosting Customer Loyalty With Cannabis Loyalty Programs

A well-designed dispensary loyalty program can help you grow your business. A loyalty program can also help you collect and analyze customer data.

Visit-based programs reward customers based on store visits, regardless of the size of their purchases. Refer-a-friend programs leverage word of mouth and tap into a current customer’s inner circle.

Create Advocates

Many dispensaries choose a simple cannabis dispensary software where customers earn points every time they purchase and then trade those points in for discounts. This is a common feature of cannabis loyalty programs, and it’s a great way to engage your customers with your store. You can also offer a variety of other perks to your loyalty members, such as special promotions only available for them, early communication when rare or exclusive strains are in stock, and more.

Another way to boost customer loyalty is by allowing program members to refer friends and family. This increases new business and encourages existing customers to promote your brand. You can offer rewards such as free swag or double points to encourage this behavior. It’s also important to provide your loyalty members with ways to keep track of their points and the status of their rewards. Some systems allow them to do this through a mobile app, and some have integrations with other software like your CRM or point-of-sale.

Whether you implement a visit-based or spend-based loyalty program, it’s critical to be strategic about your rewards. The right mix of benefits will motivate your customers and drive long-term loyalty to your brand. Be sure to monitor the ROI of your program as well and make necessary adjustments.

Create a Unique Customer Experience

Cannabis customers want to feel like they are getting value from their purchases, which is the main goal of dispensary loyalty programs. A good way to do this is by providing exclusive deals and perks unavailable to non-members. These offers can also encourage customers to spend more at your dispensary and create prestige and exclusivity among your loyalty program members.

Consider your priorities and goals when choosing the best loyalty program for your dispensary. For example, a visit-based loyalty program rewards customers based on how many times they shop in your store, regardless of the size of each purchase. This is a great option if your goal is to attract many customers and convert them into frequent shoppers.

Another option is a tier-based loyalty program, which offers customers more rewards as they reach higher membership tiers. This type of program effectively promotes a feeling of achievement amongst your customer base as they work hard to advance through the tiers.

A dispensary loyalty program should make it easy for customers to earn their first rewards and keep them engaged with the brand. A good way to do this is by incorporating consumer-facing apps into your loyalty program that allow customers to view their points balance and redeem rewards from their mobile devices. The app can also help your staff track purchasing patterns and product preferences amongst loyalty program members.

Reward Repeat Customers

Loyalty programs allow dispensaries to offer their best customers exclusive discounts and perks. This makes customers feel appreciated and increases their desire to return to your brand and refer their friends. Loyalty programs that require sign-up with an email or phone number also allow dispensaries to send targeted marketing campaigns to a known audience. These messages tend to get higher response rates than general emails or phone calls because the customers have opted in.

Incentives that are easy to earn are great ways to encourage customers to join your loyalty program. Offer rewards such as discounts on their first purchase or free samples to attract new members. Loyalty programs can offer different tiers, encouraging frequent visitors to earn more points and eventually unlock better rewards.

A free product with every fifth purchase can incentivize loyal customers to return and bring their friends. Offering a free product or merchandise can boost customer loyalty and increase your retail sales.

Another way to reward repeat customers is to offer them the opportunity to become an ambassador for your business. This can be achieved by allowing them to earn rewards for sharing product selfies or videos, social media posts, and other content. In addition, integrating a loyalty program with a feedback platform allows dispensaries to receive valuable customer data and improve operational efficiency.

Attract New Customers

If your dispensary offers a loyalty program, it is an excellent way to attract new customers. These programs can also analyze customer data and determine your customers’ preferred products. The more information you have about your loyal customers, the better you can serve them.

Loyalty programs allow you to reward your customers based on how often they shop at your dispensary. This is a great strategy for creating a long-term relationship with your customers. You can even offer exclusive deals to your loyalty members. Using a dispensary loyalty program can increase your average spending per customer and help you retain your customers for longer.

Another great way to boost customer loyalty is through referral programs. These programs encourage existing customers to refer friends and family to your business. This will not only bring in new business but it will also build loyalty with your current customers.

You can create a loyalty card for your customers to keep track of their rewards. These cards can be stamped or punched when they make purchases in your store, and you can offer special discounts and perks for each visit. In addition, you can use email and SMS marketing to communicate with your customers. Ensure only to send age-appropriate messages for minors, and always have a link to an online age verification tool.


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