Miconex | A Local Community Helping Company

Miconex | A Local Community Helping Company

If you’re a small business holder, you must see people talking about Miconex. But you don’t know what Miconex is. You must have listened to people speaking about Miconex but might not know what it is. You have just heard that it helps the local community. In This article, you will learn completely what Miconex is and exactly how it works.

During the COVID pandemic, when the whole world suffered due to this pandemic. The small business community also suffered. During this time period, most people moved to the virtual world. Such as education systems, shopping, offices, and much more.

Shops and nearest stores, markets, and clothing shops are mostly affected by virtual engagements around the world. In Eastern countries, people do not have enough time to go shopping and groceries they prefer online shopping to buy whatever they want. To solve this problem, Miconex is helping local businesses and small businesses to develop and pull people’s attention to these small companies and businesses.


What is Miconex?

Miconex is an exclusive company that works with downtown businesses to know and discover different ways to raise local costs. It is a unique first business to use both local currency and paying programs to hold local economic activity.

Miconex was established in the UK in 2015

Miconex is growing in fame with prize programs from one place to another in the world. They have 150 plus local plans that make extra earnings in nearby societies. Over these plans, more than 12,000 firms help from the rewards that Miconex deals them. Above 400,000 vouchers sold, raising excessive expanses of money for local businesses.

Miconex Company General Idea:

The company name is Miconex. The head office is located in the United Kingdom. They ran this program for 6 to 10 years ago. It’s a self-based company. They have 10 to 50 workers in the Miconex firm.

Miconex Gift Cards


A gift card scheme was launched in 2015 to invite customers on the way to local businesses, these gift cards are called the town and city gift cards. Gift cards are attached to local companies. Miconex Company offer special discount for small business holders. These gift cards encourage customers to spend their money on local businesses.

You load currency onto the card, and payment methods all up to customers’ choice can load money through an Apple wallet card and another digital payment method. The gift card’s receiver can spend at any location. When buying gift cards some ready-to-use cards charge a little amount of fee.

Through Gift cards, customers can do shopping online or in-store anytime they want. The small companies used these cards as local currency. Customers can purchase anything from anywhere they want. Also, customers can connect their Gift cards with personal bank accounts. It’s an amazing management system.

Gift cards are profitable in 2 methods, firstly when customers purchase more than the actual value, and then secondly, when the card fresh balance left. Miconex Company had great success with a gift card scheme. You can easily connect your Gift card with MasterCard. Gift Card Scheme stores connected up to 8500 and represented 100 plus small downtown in the UK.

As discussed above gift cards were launched in different regions of Europe. We will further keep a detailed look at these countries UK, Ireland, USA, Scotland, Australia, and Canada which types of Miconex Cards operate:

Without a doubt, Miconex’s most popular Gift Card system is their town and City cards. From the time it was introduced, public and private groups have paid for above £850,000 price of downtown and Town Gift cards. Through the United Kingdom also Ireland, above £4 billion was distributed to local groups through Miconex’s Gift card schemes.

Miconex received great achievement in different areas throughout Northern America and Canada with their Township and Town cards. In Canada, through local businesses, $3.7 zillion was announced into the Food Island Gift Card scheme.

They claim some inspiring statuses like:

Webinar Connected business Gift cards
150 + live sessions 12,000+ with local markets400K+ Cards sold

Benefits of Miconex Gift Cards

Technology makes life easier people can use their cards all across the world through Master cards. They also allow connecting Gift cards with Apple Wallet services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Moreover through the newly launched app Love Local.

  1. Independent Choice: In the world of virtual, gift cards give the receiver the choice to select what they want, in-store or online.
  2. Safety: Gift cards work similarly to debit cards and are safe as they can be frozen if missing or stolen without losing the money inside.

Miconex offers online cards and physical cards of customers’ choice.

What are Loyalty MI Rewards?

The MI rewards are a different scheme from the Miconex Company. These are the prizes that the consumers get after buying from these small businesses or local stores. They can also withdraw these rewards to their bank accounts to buy from other local stores. The procedure to win these rewards is too easy. You need to follow the steps to get this rewards scheme.

How Miconex reward cards work



First, you need to log in or sign up for an account with the website. You can register through your email account. After making an account, you must put in your Visa number, Master card, or credit card. There are no restrictions for bank accounts. This Gift Reward system allows every bank account to register.

Buy your lucky prize

After signup successfully on your account, the next step is to spend 10 pounds shopping from any local store. Once that, your account will automatically enter the lucky prize draw. You do not want to display only one loyalty card to come into the lucky draw.

If you spend more than 10 pounds on local stores, the greater prize you will win. This scheme attracts most people to buy from local stores and take part in local businesses.

Win prizes

The lucky prizes are monthly announced. And the winner is rewarded with great prizes. Prizes may be reliant upon the money from shopping that the consumer has done from those stores.

Honors and Merits for Miconex:


The company has won multiple rewards from various platforms due to its great achievements and successes. The Miconex Company comes with the aim of supporting the local economies and they have achieved success in this mission. This company mesmerized the local economy. So, let’s take a look and talk about the prizes that the company has done over the years.

  • In September 2020 Miconex collected the award for Best Custom of Prepaid from the incentive Awards
  • In November 2021, Miconex won the award of High-status Company of the Year from the Incentive awards.
  • In September 2022, Miconex won the town and city awards of the year.

How do people connect with the Gift scheme?

Customers can join the Miconex gift scheme by signing up for the website. Customers can sign up with the website via email and phone numbers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Miconex gift cards

Now, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of it separately.

Pros of Mi Gift Cards

Miconex cards can be very convenient. For example:

  • Gift cards are a great way to pay if you don’t have enough cash and a balance on your credit card
  • Through gift cards, you can win gift prizes on your holidays and other special events.
  • With the use of gift cards, you can control payments and it is also useful for avoiding banks’ over swigs.
  • Cards can be calm and suitable to use.

Cons of Mi Gift Cards

Miconex Gift cards can also have some problems.

  • There could be a little amount of currency left, which if not hand-me-down, then money wasted.
  • Stolen a reward card or losing it can be a problem in a situation if you are unsuccessful in registering it or saving the reward card number.

Final verdict:

Miconex is a well-organized company that operates in various cities to support local stores and small economies to grow. This firm comes with unique strategies such as gift cards and a Mi Rewards scheme to get the attraction of consumers to local businesses.

Due to the COVID incident, Miconex has helped many small businesses get success overnight. If you have a small business and want to grow payments by the individuals in your community, you must study the different gift cards presented by Miconex. It’s good knowledge to fund the local economy.

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