Sky Blue French Tip 1.5 Trend on Tiktok

Sky Blue French Tip 1.5 Trend on Tiktok

On TikTok, a recent trend “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5” captured the attention of users on a global level. It looks like this trend belongs to the beauty but the twist is it talks about a potential relationship. It means when a girl asks her boyfriend about what color she gets for her nails and her boyfriend responds to her with this sky blue nail color and French design.

It clearly means he is cheating on her and also it is a sign of disloyalty. Let’s take a dive into the world of social media and reveal the comedic mystery behind this trend.

What does it mean “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5” on TikTok?

When we first know this word, it looks like we are talking about nail paint color. But it is a viral tiktok trend which is a funny and silly joke. This trend points to making fun of your boyfriend that he didn’t know about nail art.

Like if you ask your boyfriend “What color should I get for my nails” and surprisingly he responds “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5”. Then, according to TikTok trend, there is a chance that he is cheating on you and it’s all in good fun.

Reason Behind this TikTok Trend:

When the video went viral, people started making videos on it to just get oddly, funny, and hilarious responses. On a regular basis, there are a lot of trends that go viral on TikTok and this trend is also one of them.

TikTok is a platform which is known because of its short-form videos. However, this trend spread rapidly and became the reason for many people’s laughter. Along with the laughter it also created curiosity among the viewers that how did nail paint color belongs to a relationship.

Why Girls Start Putting Their Boyfriends in a Nail Art Test?

When this trend went viral, many girls started asking their boyfriends what color they could get for their nails and also asked them what nail design they liked. They did it to get hilarious and silly responses or to confuse them.

Why Girls Start Putting Their Boyfriends in a Nail Art Test?

Boys who know this trend also give them savage replies “You can get a Sky Blue French Tip 1.5 nail paint color” to see the shocking reaction of his girlfriend. Moreover, for boys who don’t know this trend, girls often play them with this joke.

What were the community responses to this TikTok Trend?

The reaction of some people is hilarious, on the other hand, people react that they didn’t ask for specific nail paint or length. Some boys also get confused about why girls are mad when they ask them to get sky blue French tip 1.5 nail paint color.

Then, someone responds in the comment section;

You’re stepping on her sense of style mate, not a strong move. What she hears is “I don’t like what you think looks good, and I want you to do what I think is better.” How would you feel?

Source: Reddit

Why did this trend become a reason for Laughter?

This trend become the reason for many people’s laughter because of this kind of silly and extra specific jokes. When anyone takes the name of this nail paint color and design. Everyone thinks that it relies on beauty things.

But when they come to know that there is a twist in it that relies on relationship they become confused about this silly and funny joke. When they know that this also adds to the idea of cheating, it surprises us and then people know why this trend makes fun.

Does this trend make any sense?

This trend actually doesn’t make any type of sense because girls never ask their boyfriends about what color they get for their nails. However, all of these elements suggest color, measurement, and style.

Sky blue is just a color, French Tips is a classic nail design and 1.5 is a convenient measurement for nail length. However, when this trend went viral, people talked about this in the comments section and they just showed them the length you wanted, they didn’t ask for it.

Does this trend make any sense?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does Sky Blue French tip 1.50 mean?

It means when a girl asks her boyfriend about what color or design she gets for her nails. At that time, her boyfriend replied with a sky blue color with a French tip 1.50 design and measurement. Then, as per the tiktok viral trend, it means he is cheating on her.

Q. What do French nails symbolize?

The French nail design is a symbol of womanhood and external beauty. This is a design that suits every shade and color. Moreover, it is right to say that it is a universal design option for girls.

Q. What are the best base colors for French tips?

When you are going to choose the best base color for your nails, your skin tone is the first and main focus. We will mention some of the shades with its color tones;

  • Fair Skin Tone: Light Beigh and Classic Pink
  • Medium to Olive Skin: Mauve and Rose Gold
  • Light to Medium Skin: Lavender and Soft Peach
  • Deep Skin: Dark Navy and Rich Burgundy

Final Thoughts:

When we first hear “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5”, we think that it is something about beauty or asking about nail paint color. When people know the meaning behind this trend, they come to know that it holds a relationship twist. They also enjoy this silly and funny joke and watch the reactions and responses of other people.

It means when a girl’s boyfriend asks her to get this nail paint color with a specific French tip design, it means he cheats on her. Well, some people respond that when they go for nail art, they don’t tell them the design, color, or measurement. They simply show them. Furthermore, this viral trend become a reason for many people‘s laughter.

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