What happens if you eat insulation? Some Side Effects & Cares

What happens if you eat insulation? Some Side Effects & Cares

Fibreglass is commonly used to insulate different objects like appliances, Water pipes, building walls, etc. It is a typical glass wool material that is very lightweight. However, it can enter your body in various ways and has certain side effects. So, what happens if you eat insulation like fiberglass?

Now, we will find out the possible side effects and health issues that the consumption of this insulation material can cause. Furthermore, how can a person whose job is insulation installation or cutting, can avoid inhaling, contacting, or swallowing this synthetic material?

Possible Side Effects of taking Insulation material inside your body:

The side effects and issues related to taking insulation vary on different factors. They majorly depend on the way these insulation particles enter your body. They directly or indirectly target that particular body organ from which they have entered. This is because they are synthetic in nature, and they tend to have more reactivity.

Let us discuss the possible outcomes when the particles enter your body through different mediums.

Side Effects of insulation enter the body through the Skin:

When the fiberglass insulation particles come in contact with your skin, it can cause allergic reactions and rashes to your skin. However, these rashes may happen for some time or for a longer period of time. Therefore, a person will keep itching his affected skin surface and scary red marks may appear on the skin of a person.

Side Effects of insulation enter the body through the Skin

Side Effects of insulation entering the body through the Mouth:

If you are wondering what happens if you eat insulation material deliberately or unknowingly. You will most probably have your stomach a bit problematic. The synthetic material can react with the surface of your stomach and can cause itching or irritation of mild intensity.

Side Effects of insulation enter the body through the eyes:

Another very easy and most probable way for insulation material to enter your body is through the eyes. If a worker does not wear safety goggles while installing or cutting the insulation material, it can enter through your eye. Certainly, it would affect your eyes causing severe itching and irritation. Your eyes might turn dark red due to the reaction of synthetic material with your eyes.

Side Effects of insulation enters the body while inhalation:

Similarly, the insulation material can enter the body through the nose and will affect your lungs and respiratory canal. This tract is quite sensitive to allergens and fiberglass insulation being a synthetic material can cause infection in your nose, respiratory tract, or even in your lungs.

Emergency Response to consumption of Insulation material:

Here are the basic steps a person should take if he/she notices any of the symptoms that we discussed earlier in this piece of writing.

For Irritation in Eyes:

First of all, in case you feel redness and irritation in your eyes, you must wash your eyes clean. If the water is a bit cold, that will do more good. Do not keep rubbing your eyes due to irritation. Moreover, you can put a soft cloth on your eyes after heating it slightly.

While doing so you should contact your doctor for a complete checkup of your eyes. Do not pour any type of eye drops without the consultation of your eye specialist.

For Rashes or Itching on the Skin:

So, itching or rashes on the skin will leave red spots. You should not rub your affected skin part, rather wash it with an antibacterial soap and keep it dry. Moreover, do not put any ointment or cream on the skin without any suggestion from your doctor. Immediately, make an appointment with your doctor and check your skin rashes.

For Irritation in the Stomach:

Moving on ahead, stomach issues like irritation can occur if you’re eager to know what happens if you eat insulation. In this case, you should not take any tablets or capsules for stomach pain.

Moreover, usually, people try to vomit to take out what has entered their stomachs. This is not a good practice. Just contact your doctor and let me know about the situation. So, take the necessary medication that is prescribed by the doctor.

For Irritation in the Stomach

For Infection or Damages in Respiratory Tract:

In case you start coughing and feel irritation while cutting or installing the insulation material, perhaps you have inhaled the synthetic material. In this case, immediately leave whatever you’re doing. Take a fresh breath and contact the doctor for a check-up. Do not commit any medicine with his prescription in an emergency situation.

Is there any long-term effect of eating or inhaling insulation?

Yes, there can be a long-term effect on your body organs if you are exposed to this fiberglass insulation material for a long time. With the passage of time, you will notice symptoms of rashes, and itching on your body, eyes, respiratory canal, or stomach.

But if you keep ignoring these symptoms, it will definitely lead to permanent damage to your body organs. Proper medication and treatment are necessary even if you feel mild symptoms of exposure to this synthetic insulation material. Otherwise, it can lead to long-term health issues.

Can it lead to internal blockages?

Yes, consumption of insulation material can pose risks of internal blockages. The fibrous and synthetic nature of insulation materials can cause them to join together in the digestive canal of the body. This will then lead to complete blockage or semi-blockages in the canal. So, medical treatment becomes necessary to treat such situations. Therefore, if you notice any such issue at the start, consult your doctor and take the proper medication.

Possible Precautionary Measurements while working:

Here are some of the most common precautions and safety measures that significantly reduce the chances of insulation consumption.

  • Always Personal Protective Equipment while cutting or installing the insulation on any surface.
  • Use Safety Gloves while cutting fiberglass synthetic material to avoid contact with your hand’s skin.
  • Always wear goggles that completely cover your eyes from all sides to prevent this material from entering your body.
  • You should wear safety masks that cover your nose and mouth so that particles of fiberglass material do not enter the body through the nose or mouth.
  • If you are quite allergic to synthetic material, you should wear a complete safety dress that is not fully tight but covers your body from any type of interaction.

Possible Precautionary Measurements while working

Final Thoughts:

If anyone wants to know what happens if you eat insulation material; it will lead to mild rashes or irritation in different organs from where it has entered. However, if the patient shows a careless attitude toward the treatment, it can lead to bigger health issues.

There are certain safety measures and emergency procedures that one should follow. This will help them avoid direct or indirect contact with insulation material. Always consult your doctor in case any mishap happens to you regarding the consumption of Insulation material.

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