Witches Gulch – History & Popularity of this Travel Destination

Witches Gulch – History & Popularity of this Travel Destination

Are you looking for a place where you spend your time on holiday? So Witches Gulch has been attracting visitors to Wisconsin Dells for more time. The beauty of the Gulch is that you can only access it by boat, car, or walk.

It is a unique slot canyon and showcases the almost otherworldly beauty of the area. In this article, I am going to share with you this amazing place’s history and also about this tour facts.

Understanding Witches Gulch:

It is a beautiful area known due to its dark and mystical rock formations. The area is private property and open for the public to tour. Many local officials and private landowners work in partnership to provide access to the public to visit this memorable area.

Canyon Witches Gulch was covered by the wind and water over the years. There are the mossy rocks and narrow passageways. The forest above the sandstone Cliffs enhances the experience and can make you feel small. It is cool to see all of the layers of rock.

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How did Witches Gulch come into a cross?

Gulch scientists state that a cataclysmic event created the features of this region. The massive glacial Lake Wisconsin was created to the north of Wisconsin Dells as the glaciers recorded about 14,000 years ago as the climate continued to warm an ice dam broke creating a huge flood. The massive flood took only weeks to carve out the cliffs along the Wisconsin.

How did Witches Gulch come into a cross?

The man responsible for discovering this Canyon and naming the formations is Henry Bennett or HH. Bennett was a local landscape photographer. The photo of his son Ashley jumping across a nearby stand rock made the DS famous. He told of the possibility of a haunted canyon. The Native Americans told him to stay out but like any good explorer, he went in Bennett named it Witches Gulch.

Where is Witches Gulch situated?

The most amazing area is situated on River Road East of the Wisconsin River and North of Wisconsin Dells along Witches Gulch. It is the upper part of the Wisconsin River state. The area is owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also known as the Wisconsin DNA.

How to visit Witches Gulch?

Are you interested in visiting this amazing area? So, you can do it but you must explore the visited places before you plan your trip. Well, at the time you could get access by boat through consulting any of the companies that offer the services.

However, many years ago visitors could get access to this beautiful area by land and by walking. However, it is also a much nicer place in the water than it once was on land.

Is Witches Gulch open year-round?

You have different options for touring this amazing area year-round through companies with varying trip times. You have the options for evening and night tours to see the canyon at its spookiest.

Why is Witches Gulch popular?

This beautiful area is located in the upper Dells of Wisconsin Dells and is popular due to its uniqueness.

Why is Witches Gulch popular?

  • If you visit then you can watch the upper Dells boat narrow canyon walls, secret rooms with whirlpools, and a big rock called Stand Rock. Where a dog jumps from a cliff to a rock.
  • Well, it’s super pretty with narrow canyon walls, lots of colourful layers in the rocks, and lots of green plants. So, the visitors like to watch them.
  • Moreover, you can see a lot of ferns, wildflowers, vines, berries, moss, mushrooms, and map trees.
  • Also, this part of the Dells is home to the Whitetail Deer, Coyotes, Wood Chucks, Porcupines, Chipmunks, Wild Turkey, Birds of Prey, Song Birds, Squirrels, Snakes, and other Wisconsin Wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you get access to Witches without a boat?

Yes, you can get access by car. The address is 3951 River RD, Dell Prairie, WI. However, Google and GPS show you the North of the actual location.

Q. How long is the tour?

This is a two-hour tour with breathtaking scenery that can only be experienced by boat.

Q. Are witches pet-friendly?

No, be aware and take care of yourself. However, the dogs are friendly.

Final Remarks:

Witches Gulch is part of the Wisconsin River so visitors can visit this area throughout the year with the varying times of the boat tour companies. All kinds of water life are found here, including sturgeon, mudpuppies, snakes, turtles, musky, bass, panfish, clams, catfish, and terrestrial.

Also, wildlife including deer, turkeys, bald eagles, cranes, songbirds, and much more around the mighty Wisconsin River. Witches Gulch is a walk through a passage carved by wind and water.

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