Brandon Fugal Net Worth: How Rich He is? BIO & Lifestyle

Brandon Fugal Net Worth: How Rich He is? BIO & Lifestyle

As per estimation, in 2023, Brandon Fugal Net Worth is $450 Million. Brandon is a well-known businessman and market leader. Brandon Fugal is also the owner of “Skinwalker Ranch’, which is spread over 512 acres of property. Moreover, he is also a chairman of “Colliers International” in Utah. He is also an owner and co-founder of “Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisor”.

On the other hand, Brandon is also a director of many other companies such as Axcend, Cypher, and Texas Growth Fund. He is also actively involved in many other master plans and development projects. In this article, we will explore all the reasons and business that boosts the net worth of Brandon Fugal.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth:

Brandon Fugal net worth estimation is $450 Million. he is an active and dedicated businessman and serves his time in the community. Brandon is a former member of the Governor’s Economic Council, Utah Opera, and Junior Achievement Board. He also works as a partner with Colliers International.

As an owner of Skinwalker, Colliers International chairman, owner, and co-founder of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors, he earns a lot of wealth. Moreover, along with all of these businesses and partnerships, Brandon also works on many noticeable projects.

Net Worth (Estimated)$450 Million
Yearly Income$40+ Million
Monthly Income$3.3 Million

Yearly Brandon Fugal Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

The net worth of Brandon Fugal increases day by day. In the table below, we will tell the estimated yearly net worth growth rate of Brandon Fugal.

Years Net Worth
2023$450 Million
2022$410 Million
2021$380 Million
2020$340 Million
2019$300 Million
2018$260 Million

Now, have a look at the graphical representation of Brandon Fugal net worth that represents his net worth from 2018 to 2023.

Yearly Brandon Fugal Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

How did Brandon Fugal Make his Wealth?

Brandon Fugal made all of his wealth through his hard work and dong partnership with many notable projects. He is also known in the public eye because of his many great works. Now, let’s have a look at the source of income of Brandon Fugal that helps to boost his net worth.

How did Brandon Fugal Make his Wealth?

Chairman at Colliers International – Utah:

As a chairman at Colliers International – Utah, Brandon Fugal earns a lot of wealth. In real estate services, he helps and leads the company with more effective strategies and methods. Colliers International is one of the number one and leading commercial real estate firms. He is also working in “Utah Realty Group as a Senior Vice President”.

In the real estate industry, Brandon contributes to the success and growth of Colliers International through his experience and expertise. His big net worth shows that he earns a lot at what he does for the success of Colliers International which must be 40% of his wealth.

Strategic Advisor:

Brandon earns a huge and substantial amount of income as a strategic advisor. he gives honest guidelines and expertise to the happenings of the company’s strategies. Brandon works as a strategic advisor at “Zenerchi LLC”, “Xenter inc.” and managing partner at “Pomaika’s Partners, LLC”.

It is estimated that he earns 15% of his income as a strategic advisor. Brandon Fugal is also an owner and co-founder of “Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors”. The company is considered a leading international provider with 30 of its branches.

Commercial Real Estate Developer:

Within this dynamic industry, Brandon earns a massive amount of income as a Commercial Real Estate Developer. The specific earnings of Brandon Fugal depend upon the type, scale, and location of the commercial projects. Brandon earns almost 10% of income from it. he posts many property details with their description on his Instagram which is available for sale.

Commercial Real Estate Developer:

On the other hand, the amount of income also depends upon his involvement, ownership, and partnership in the project. However, the income that comes through a commercial real estate developer significantly depends upon the success and size of the project.

Owner of Skinwalker Ranch:

Brandon Fugal is the owner of Skinwalker which is a mysterious and famous property. He bought this property in 2016 from aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow. This property is located in the Uintah Basin in Northeastern Utah, USA which is spread over 512 acres.

Owner of Skinwalker Ranch:

However, this property is famous for UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, strange creatures, and many other supernatural occurrences. Moreover, this ranch has its own “History Channel Show”. It is estimated that Brandon Fugal might earn 20% of his income through Skinwalker Ranch.

Research and Partnerships:

A massive amount of his income comes from research and partnership. Brandon is a former member of the “Junior Achievement Board”, “Governor’s Economic Council”, and “Utah Opera”. Moreover, his leadership for his business was critical for almost 14 consecutive years.

He earns a lot of his income with many of the renowned companies and businesses. It is estimated that Brandon Fugal earns almost 8% of his income via research and partnerships. As a businessman, Brandon earned a great name in the industry.

Other Projects:

Along with all of the above-mentioned businesses and projects, Brandon is also involved in many other projects that boost his net worth. Brandon’s famous and outstanding projects include his master plan on “Oahu’s North Shore” and “1,250 Acres of Development”.

Other Projects:

Moreover, “Evermore Park” in Pleasant, “120-ACRE Lehi Thanksgiving”, and “Grove” Development are included in his notable projects. It is estimated that he also earns a huge amount of wealth through these projects which is around about 7%.

Where did Brandon Fugal Spend all of his wealth?

As the Brandon Fungal Net worth estimation is $450 Million. so, you might want to know where he spent his money. Now, let’s have a look and explore where Brandon spends his money.

Real Estate Properties:

Brandon Fugal spent his wealth in real estate properties. He invested his huge amount of income to establish himself as a prominent figure in the industry of real estate. According to his portfolio, he holds a diverse amount of properties which includes residential and commercial developments.

Real Estate Properties:


The exact information of the House of Brandon Fugal is not yet known, but if we see his net worth, it is indicated that Brandon Fugal lives a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, in his assets, it is mentioned that he is the owner of “Skinwalker Ranch”.

Cars Collections:

Brandon Fugal is very fond of cars and he has luxury and expensive cars in his garage. His car collection shows that he has many models of cars and each model has its own uniqueness.

Cars Collection of Brandon Fugal

Let’s have a look at which cars Brandon Fugal has:

Cars Collections:

Helicopter and Private Jet:

Brandon Fugal has his own private jet and helicopter. On his helicopter and private jet, he has seen various times to enjoy the luxury travel. All of these luxury lifestyle or high-flying assets not only disclose his success but also navigate his busy schedule. Whether for leisure or work, Brandon’s helicopter and Private jet are used to increase his journey and traveling experience.

Helicopter and Private Jet:


The expansive library of Brandon Fungal has diverse testaments and intellectual interests. His library has a remarkable collection that includes “Theological Text” and “LDS Church Biblical”. Moreover, it also holds the “History of Stonehenge” which was acquired by King Charles II in 1655.


Brandon Fugal Identification:

Brandon is known as a market leader and a prominent business leader, he comes into the public eye when he gives his ranch (Skinwalker Ranch) for the “History Channel Show”. Moreover, he is also an active investor, co-founder, and entrepreneur in leading companies. Brandon was born in Pleasant Grove, Utah on April 1, 1973.

Key Points of Brandon Fugal:

Have a look at brief key points of Brandon Fugal that show what he achieves in his life.

  • In 2017, Brandon was nominated by Utah Valley Business Magazine for “Entrepreneur of the Year”.
  • In 2015, he became actively involved in “Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors”.
  • In 2018, Brandon was appointed to the “Utah Governor’s Economic Council”.
  • In 2020, he was appointed as the CEO of the Utah Business Magazine.

Final Thoughts:

Brandon Fugal is involved in many business projects and real estate properties that help him increase his net worth. He is the owner, co-founder, and CEO of many renowned businesses. As per the estimation, Brandon Fugal’s net worth is about $450 Million, which he earns through his hard work.

All of this net worth comes from his business and projects that we mentioned above, through his net worth and a massive amount of income, Brandon Fugal lives a luxury lifestyle. Moreover, he has many luxury assets such as a helicopter, private jet, library, and many more things.

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